America Stands: Election Coverage (Nov. 30, 2020)

Dec 1, 2020

Welcome to America Stands 2020 Election Coverage in a spirit of faith! In this episode of America Stands, hosts Greg Stephens and Tim Fox discuss the current state of affairs.

During this broadcast, the hosts discuss the Virginia Project election integrity audit, Georgia judge’s barring of wiping Dominion machines, Wisconsins recount results, and the Moderna vaccine request for emergency FDA approval.

They’re joined by the president of Wallbuilders, Tim Barton, to discuss post-election events and share the importance of our vote regardless of the outcome. Tim is also an ordained minister. He spends countless hours in the Wallbuilders’ library, researching the truth of America’s founding and exposing the lies regarding our history that are currently permeating our society.

America Stands continues to look at current issues affecting America through a spiritual lens. And as always, it promises election coverage in the spirit of faith.

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