Amazing Proof of the Resurrection! | Lance Wallnau

hi I’m Lance wall now I’m gonna talk to you for a second about the evidence that gives you strength in a time of testing when I say evidence I mean the arguments that actually give you strength in a time of testing one of the challenges that I find we have in the community of people that believe in the supernatural is that we have almost hyper-extended the supernatural into a place where we think that we don’t really even need to make a defense for the hope that is in us or be able to articulate a reason for why we believe it would believe or even know the fact that your belief is more rational than an agnostics unbelief and the reason why we don’t even go there is because we are a generation that has been so consumed with the message emphasis on presence and intimacy and signs and wonders and the supernatural that somewhere there’s this global assumption that if we just get close enough to God and get intimate enough with God and get supernatural enough that we’ll be able to demonstrate something and then that’s all we really need because when a person is touched by God or has a miracle they become a believer but it’s that true when Jesus did miracles it did two things the demonstration of the supernatural caused those that were open to him to become enthusiasts and those who didn’t like him to plot his deaths you see the more supernatural you are the more people that don’t like Jesus want to kill you it doesn’t work that the supernatural converts the unbeliever the Pharisees sat on the front row and watched a withered limb extend they were they were able to know firsthand that Lazarus was dead and then raised from the dead four days later and the Bible says that the moment they heard that Lazarus was raised Lazarus was raised from the dead they plotted to kill Lazarus also I don’t think the average American is certainly not the average American Christian is certainly not the young average American Christian can envision a world is cruel and as cunning as it really is because we’ve lived with so much relative peace generation was raised with SpongeBob cannot possibly imagine that there are people that take humans traffic them for their body parts and their organs to sell them to make a profit but this is the world we live in I want you to be supernatural I want to be supernatural but I also want to be able to know why I have a faith and why my faith is not just based in an answered prayer because it’s deeper than whether or not the prayer happens the way I wanted to happen or God shows up the way I wanted to show up see the reason the Bible talks about a great falling away in a time of trouble is I think largely because believers assume that trouble doesn’t touch them and the supernatural always delivers them my friend Mario Murillo and I were talking this weekend he put it so brilliant said we we grew up thinking that that all of life was like in an Avenger movie where in the next episode Thor lost his hammer but finds his hammer and so everything gets wrapped up supernaturally by the end of the story and we’re all happy which is a little bit of my concern about what’s happening in the world right now that Christians need to know that being supernatural is not the only thing we do we actually have to be able to give an articulate intelligent polemic a reason or the Apostle Peter said a reason for the hope or the a low gizmo literally an explanation that makes sense so I want to talk to you briefly about the powerful evidence for the resurrection the reason why it’s on my mind today is in my library and I’ve got a library with all kinds of books I have one book by a particular scholar named dr.

Simon Greenleaf Simon green leaves an Orthodox Jew who actually wrote the Harvard book for the laws of evidence Simon Greenleaf is the classic study of every Supreme Court justice in fact the laws of evidence is what would literally we base our Supreme Court decisions in large part upon the arguments and oral application of dr. Simon Greenleaf the celebrated Harvard researcher professor on the laws of evidence and what he taught but the book I’ve got in my library is actually a book of the Gospels it’s all of the verses of Matthew Mark Luke and John written differently it’s not Matthew Mark Luke and John it’s sequentially it’s every event whether it was in Luke or Matthew it’s all chronological and I looked at the book by Simon Greenleaf I thought why would dr.

Simon Greenleaf be writing the book and I found out he became a messianic Christian he became a Christian and you know what happened for six years he applied the rigors of his work on the laws of evidence to the resurrection of Jesus for six years he attempted to destroy the the arguments in the Bible for belief in Jesus and for six years he buried himself deeper in the conviction that Jesus must have been who he said he was and the laws of evidence could prove it in any court I want to talk to you about that for a moment just because sometimes it’s it’s comforting to know that God is a God of presence God is the God of prayer God is the God of signs and wonders but he’s also the God of truth and you’ve got a faith that you can defend and you can defend it without having to look for a miracle to deliver you or rescue you so let’s talk about that what did Simon greenly find one of the things that he pointed out in his research is the fact that Jesus himself claimed to have had a divine origin and part of Greenleaf’s flexin he was this man who is a historic figure we have a record of him during the period of Pontius Pilate Josephus the historian writes about the trial of Jesus during the era of Pontius Pilate who did he claim to be and he claimed to have been a unique figure in history his followers claimed he was the son of God they claimed he was raised from the dead but one of the curious things that Greenleaf stumbled upon is did he really have a divine origin can it be proven that he’s no different than Muhammad or Buddha or any other man and the argument that was most interesting is called the Silence of Mary you see because the only two people that really knew Jesus’s origin would have been himself and his mother see any woman can claim her son was supernaturally born there have been women in history that claimed there sons were supernaturally born so that they could become emperors the reality is Mary would have known how she got pregnant don’t you think and since she was a virgin when she conceived she knew the story and Jesus knew the story but what is interesting is that at no point during his ministry right up to his trial and right up to the moment when he is willing to lay down his life does his mother who loves him ever pull him aside and say don’t son we need to have a conversation I know you think you’re special and you really are but you need to know about your dad Mary never says anything to him Mary is a witness to his crucifixion Mary the Bible says accorded the Gospel of John is standing off at a distance with John watching and she never once interfered to deliver him from the delusion of his messianic identity you know why because she knew the origin of his birth was supernatural Greenleaf’s main focus however was the resurrection he moved immediately to the the evidence about the resurrection certainly there was a historic trial there certainly was a historic death and here’s what Greenleaf had a problem with the enemies of Jesus had a great interest in making sure that this movement would be crushed by securing the grave so that there would be no no resurrection in other words there cannot be a missing body and so the Bible says that they went to Pilate and said to Pilate sir this man this great deceiver claimed that he was going to be raised from the dead and so we we need to make sure that doesn’t happen we need an armed guard lest his disciple should come at night and steal the body well what’s the likelihood of them stealing the body what do you and I know about them well what we know must be true because in the account of the Bible you know as well as I do that if you’re gonna write your own biography you’re going to embellish it a little bit and probably make yourself some more heroic than you are and you might talk about how you fought and how you attempted to save the master but you see all of the disciples are honest about it and they say actually they all fled not the most heroic origins for a great movement is it they fled except for Peter Peter had a little bit more courage he hung out to the point where he went with Jesus to the trial of Caiaphas the high priest and then he when he started to get cross-examined at a charcoal fire he broke and started cursing interesting he goes off worse than any of the other testimonies that are written in history he curses and swears he doesn’t even know the man and then the cock crows and he cries that’s a very humbling piece of information I’m sure that if it was any different Peter would have expunged that from the record but Peter didn’t expunge it because it was true so Jesus goes with trial Jesus is judged and when Jesus is condemned to death after he dies the Pharisees make sure that a guard is set now this is important Romans have a particular discipline about being on watch if you were a Roman soldier on watch and this is part of the history that we read of Caesar and the Gallic campaigns etc if you were a Roman on watch and you slept when you were supposed to be watching you were to be drenched in kerosene with your red Legion robe wrapped around you and lit on fire in the presence of the Legion falling asleep on watch is how your enemies kill a camp now this small group of Roman soldiers it was a sign to that tomb didn’t sleep and they set a seal on the tomb so that it was shut no one could break the seal and then of course the story we have in the Bible is that the angels came down and and somehow the these soldiers encountered the angel and the tomb when they look at it and come to their consciousness is empty now anyone is Pentecostal knows what happens if you’re in an overpowering moment where the voltage is supernatural you get what’s called slain in the spirit this group was slain in the spirit it happened on the night Jesus was arrested most people miss this detail on the night in which Jesus is arrested the guard the the soldiers come up to arrest him and these are going to be the temple guards is the Jewish guards and when they come up to arrest him Jesus says who was it you’re seeking and they say Jesus of Nazareth and he says I that’s me I’m he and this this happens three times but the curious detail that John gives us when he said I am he they fell backwards to the ground to dissipate like that why did that happen well because the anointing that was on him was sufficient to make a demonstration that no one was going to take his life he would lay it down I am he they get up a little disoriented who are you looking for Jesus answers I said I’m hate Pete that happened why did Jesus do that because he had prayed that none of his followers would be taken and so all of those who the father gave him were delivered and this was his way of disorienting them they intended to arrest all 11 remaining disciples with Jesus to crush the woman all right let’s focus on something for a second Greenleaf is going down the data he’s looking at the story he’s seeing the resurrection story and he recognizes that the Romans certainly would not have slept as the story is told they slept the disciples stole the body I think Greenleaf says but the disciples still in the body doesn’t even make sense because the record of history is they were cowards the last thing they want to do is try to overpower a Roman guard now these these particular Jewish guys for three years weren’t gang members they were clergy so Greenleaf says very unlikely that they overpowered the guards and the guards were embarrassed to tell the story is very unlikely that the guards slept the only thing is left is they must have must have happened as it says it happened why do we know it happened here’s Greenleaf’s great perplexity what happened to the body all that the Jewish leaders had to do to kill this movement the moment that these men started deliriously preaching the gospel all they had to do was find the body pull him out of whatever corrosive condition he was in hang him up by his heels in the public square and say there’s your Messiah take a whiff there he is there’s your resurrected God but the Jews can find the body and this was greenies problem the guards wouldn’t have taken it the disciples were too cowardly to take it the Jewish leaders if they had it they would have produced it where’s the body I think Greenlee found something else that was interesting as he researched I want you to look at this in the Bible he goes in to John’s account because John was an eyewitness of these things and John himself has a detail that is most fascinating in John chapter 20 verse 30 38 after Jesus had died Joseph of Arimathea being a disciple of Jesus but secretly for fear of the Jews asked Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus and Pilate gave him permission so he came and took the body of Jesus now remember I’m talking about evidence that is so powerful that even an unbeliever could be shaken if you really start this conversation and they believe Jesus is a historic figure that actually existed and they’re trying to convince you that your beliefs the kind of fantasy well Greenleaf as an intellectual wasn’t into fantasy he just couldn’t figure out what happened to that body and then he reads this Joseph goes and asks for the body so he comes and takes the body of Jesus Joseph has the tomb he puts it in and Nicodemus who at first came to Jesus by night came bringing a mixture of now watch this these little details are crazy bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes and about a hundred pounds of those spices read that again Nicodemus comes with a mixture of myrrh and aloes aloe and it’s a hundred pounds worth of spice and paste and they took the body of Jesus and bound it in strips of linen with the spices what does it mean Jesus had strips of linen wrapped around him limb by limb where did in the world did the Jews learn how to do this they learned it in Egypt they learned this in their 400 some odd years in Egypt Egypt mummifies bodies they didn’t believe in coffins they believed in mummies and so what they would do is they would wrap with gauze kind of like a cast it or break your arm or your leg you get wrapped in the gauze and the purpose of that is that once this operation is complete you don’t smell as bad because when you don’t have embalming fluid the best way to deal with this is to keep the odours trapped inside the linen so that’s the reason for the fragrant spices overpowers the stench of flesh decaying and so they have linen strips you can read right there verse 40 they start weaving this around Jesus and they’re weaving this surround him dipping it in the paste and the spice and wrapping it and wrapping and they’re literally from his hands to his arms they get all the way up to his head they go around this way around the head and then when it’s time for them to do the head itself something happens they run out of time they couldn’t complete the process through the process and so they took the body of Jesus bound in the strips of linen and spices the custom of the Jews is to bury and in the place where he was crucified there was a garden in the garden a new tomb that no one had yet laid in and there they laid Jesus because the Jews preparation day for the tomb was nearby in other words it was time for the Sabbath it was time for their holy day that’s gonna be the Passover and they’re gonna have to stop working just that’s the Jewish rule and so it was still dark and they and they saw that the stone I saw know what happens next they they do that and on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb now Greenleaf is reading these he’s I’m sure what he’s going to do it that’s the only historic records there and nobody knew where the body was so he’s reading him and he’s reading about Mary coming down and Mary’s goes in there and she doesn’t see Jesus and so she comes back and tells Peter and John and therefore Peter and John go running back I got the coolest diagram I wish I could find it it’s a diagram of all of the resurrection accounts and it’s dotted lines like one two in the sequence and it shows the map of Jerusalem and it shows where Peter was and where he runs to the tomb and then he comes back and Mary goes to Arimathea and she goes it shows the track of all the witnesses of the Resurrection so catch this she goes back she tells Simon Peter and John who are hiding out and they’re hiding out for fear of the Jews they don’t want you know they’re afraid that they’re gonna get arrested next and so so what happens is they go running down there they run together and John gives a great detail here but the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first meaning John’s a little competitive he said but then I got there first cuz Peters a little slow and he says I got there first and Peter came to the tomb and stooping down he looks in to catch this he sees the linen cloth lying there yet he did not go in John this is John looks in and then Simon Peter came following him and went into the tomb and look at this he says he saw the linen cloth clothes lying there and the handkerchief that had been around his head not lying with the linen clothes but folded together in a place by itself and notice what it says then the other disciple who came to the tomb first went in and he saw and believed saw him believe one let’s take a look saw and believed what see what I just described to you is the fact that when these two disciples come in to go take a look at what’s happened we have this area where the body of Jesus has been stretched out but what you see is the head itself as I said has been the head has not been covered and so there’s a linen cloth that’s lying by itself and you see the linen strips have been wrapped around why would they look at this and believe think about this why would they look at this and believe only one reason wine if I was to go into the tomb and see nothing there I wouldn’t know that he was resurrected I know that somebody got the body I would assume so what’s up the body I always say it’s just the right place well where is it they believe because they saw the mummified body with the face not completed and they could see there’s no way that silhouette of three days of hardening cast material actually could have a see Houdini couldn’t have gotten out of that so they’re trying to figure out there’s nothing in there that’s how come they believe in addition to that green leaf now says suppose that the disciples overpowered the guard and took off with the body he goes and partially says what did I read earlier it’s over 100 pounds worth of spice plus the weight of Jesus himself 160 70 80 pounds so it’s like 260 or 80 pounds and they’ve got to carry that weight out and nobody’s gonna see them going through the city and they’re going to overpower six Roman guards not likely Greenleaf comes the conclusion this is getting harder all the time to come up with this and then of course there’s the ingenious theory called the Passover plot which is Jesus actually revived in the tomb somehow figured out how to get out of this and show up in front of the disciples somehow refreshed and invigorated after his wrists his feet his back was split open and his heart was pierced that him and that was the best-selling book called the Passover plot how Jesus actually revived and and convinced his followers he was raised from the dead and then took off takes more faith to believe that than to believe agreed so Greenlee you could see why Greenleaf had the challenge and yet so the the next the next thing that we have here this is important you got to catch this is Mary comes back to the tomb verse 11 is weeping and she saw two angels one sitting at the head of the other the feet of where the body had been and she says and then she hears a voice woman why are you weeping and she said because they’ve taken away my Lord and I do not know where they’ve laid them now when she had said this she turned around and saw Jesus standing there but didn’t know it was Jesus and Jesus said to her woman why are you weeping so she’s talking to these angels not quite sure if they look like young men and she’s it she doesn’t know yet they’re angels but they’re men she hears a voice behind her and it’s Jesus himself woman why are you weeping she supposed him to be the gardener and she said sir if you carried him away tell me where you’ve laid him so that I could take him away she’s trying to figure out what’s happened to this Jesus says to her Mary she turns and says to him ratbone I wish to say teacher Jesus said something do not cling to me stop clinging to me for I have not yet ascended to my father but go to my brethren and say to them I am ascending to my father and your father to my god in your gonna this is a remarkable concept what it’s saying is that Jesus is at the point of resurrection she’s distressed he’s resurrected and we’re not quite sure what he was doing in the period that the disciples were there but it says in Corinthians that he appeared to over 400 disciples at one time in his resurrection so Jesus actually was going around appearing to people in fact the pastor of the church in Jerusalem James the just who was James the Justice James was not the Apostle James was one of the twelve that James is killed with a sword one of the first martyrs and after Stephen no that changed was the pastor Jerusalem the Bible says it’s the brother of Jesus Jesus had a baby brother and his baby brother got a personal visit from Jesus after he rose from the dead we know that because Corinthians says that first of all Jesus appeared to James then to the other apostles that means that James suddenly was called to be an apostle and the other apostles were all hiding Jesus shows up with them point is James was an unbeliever he didn’t even believe in Jesus Bible says his own brothers didn’t even believe in him but somehow James ends up becoming the pastor of the Jerusalem church and they dent Lee that must have been a convincing appointment he had with his brother after the resurrection and he realizes this is the Messiah so Jesus was doing some busy work and then he comes back the kiss is amazing he comes back to the tomb area he’s about to ascend he was this was his launching point he would go and ascend the Bible says I haven’t yet ascended but he says don’t touch me interesting statement why do not cling to me do not touch me I have not yet ascended because he is about to complete a very important part of his own process he who who is in the tomb descended and now a sense he’s about to go before the Father now watch this verse this is crazy go to Hebrews chapter 9 he is going to go before his father in third heaven and present himself as a priest and a king and a sacrifice all at the same time he is both the priest who does the sacrifice and a lamb that is sacrificed and so it says right here in Chapter nine of Hebrews Christ came verse 11 as a high priest of the good things to come and he came with the greater and more perfect Tabernacle and it’s not made with hands that is the heavenly tabernacle he came from there and his Redemption watch this it’s not with the blood of goats and calves but with his own blood with his own blood he entered the most holy place once for all having obtained eternal Redemption for if the blood of bulls and goats and ashes of a heifer and he goes on to say if the blood of bulls and goats could have done could have made you clean then how much more shall the blood of Christ here’s an interesting reality Jesus is the Lamb who is slain we got that but now it’s talking about the blood of bulls and goats why not the blood of a lamb because two feasts are being combined together the Passover is when this happens so Jesus is the lamb and the blood will pass over your house they the blood rather will protect you as the death passes over and this is the salvation for you and your house but there’s another day called the day of atonement when the high priest goes in to the holy of Holy’s one time of year and the high priest goes in and he goes in with the blood of the bull and it’s kind of fasting you guys got to write this down you got you got a look at this good Leviticus 16 because what Jesus is doing here is he’s going in on a different on the feast of Passover he’s actually going to fulfill another feast and so Jesus goes in he take a look at Leviticus 16 and watch this it says here that Aaron can only go in one time a year into the holy place chapter 16 verse 3 Aaron shall come into the holy place with the blood of a young bulls of sin offering Aaron’s going to go in with the blood of a bull that’s why it’s been referred to as a blood of Abel and then he goes in and when he goes in he’s going to go in with incense and it’s going to go there but verse to tell Aaron not to come in at anytime with the holy place of the holy place before the mercy seat lest he die if a priest goes at the wrong time into this place they’re killed God kills him so the priest doesn’t just go tripping into the studio anytime they want they have to go in there one time here and this is the time that Jesus is going to fulfill also and so Aaron comes in the holy place with the blood of a young bulls a sin-offering and a ram for a burnt offering and I watch what happens here you go down in verse 12 it says he shall take a sensor full of burning coals of fire from the altar and his hands full of sweet incense beaten fine and bring it inside the veil he’s bringing in this incense and he shall put the incense on the fire before the Lord that the cloud of incense may cover the mercy seat that is on the testimony less than died and he shall take some of the blood of the bull and sprinkle it with his finger on the mercy seat before the mercy seat he sprinkles some of the blood with his finger seven times the number of perfection and then he shall kill the go to the sin offering which is for the people bring it bring its blood inside the bail and do with that blood as he did with the blood of the bull and sprinkling on the mercy seat before the mercy seat so here’s the deal there’s a day of atonement one day when a high priest goes in behind the veil and in that place he sprinkles the blood and as the blood is sprinkled there’s an atonement Jesus is about to go and it says in Hebrews is the part that’s crazy verse 12 with his own blood his own blood so let’s take a look at that Jesus has appeared now to James his brother he’s appeared to the eleven remaining disciples he’s appeared to Mary he’s a bunch of people who were racking up a whole lot of people right now so Jesus has been going around he had four hundred at one time the Paul talked about that he appeared to him but now while he is here at the tomb Mary comes before him and she wants to cling to his feet and he says don’t do it don’t touch me I have not yet ascended and he now this is so cool he goes up and when he goes up he goes up to third heaven and in 3rd heaven he is at the throne of the Father where he presents his blood catch this is so crazy his blood is up there but the basin there of the blood so the blood that He shed over here on the cross actually was retrieved and taken before the mercy seat why is that important this is neat because the Bible says verse 14 chapter 9 of Hebrews how much more shall the blood of Christ through the Eternal Spirit who offered himself without spot to God cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God so what is it telling us it’s telling us that the blood of Jesus Christ is was presented before the throne of God the blood of Jesus Christ is there and we now may have boldness to enter into the holy place because of the blood see the blood is actually there speaking on your behalf and the blood is calling you to come up the blood actually is calling you to to come to the throne of grace where you can receive so the blood is there why do we know the blood is there because in Revelation the Bible says that when Jesus returns when he comes back he comes back remember this when Jesus returns back in his second coming he comes back with a vestment dipped in blood where in the world would that blood come from flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God flesh and blood there is no flesh and blood in heaven except for the blood of Jesus when Jesus comes back the high priest is going to come rap the rap the blood in a belt and wear the champion’s belt and come back with the blood that he spilt for our Redemption and when he comes back to the earth he’s actually got the vestment dipped in blood upon him and so we have this amazing story so Jesus ascends the ascension is the great UNCHR each part of the gospel because in doing the Ascension the Apostle Paul said when Jesus ascended on high he took captivity captive which means there’s a whole realm called second heaven of Satan’s powers principalities in heavenly places Jesus the Bible says burst through this realm and somehow presented them as vanquished before the throne and then he then he comes back and proceeds to instruct the disciples for a period of 40 days and year again back to Simon Greenleaf before his final ascension into heaven Simon Greenleaf says if Jesus body wasn’t found we don’t know where his body went we don’t know who could have taken it but what we do know is he must have made a resurrection appearance to those 11 Jews why do we know that because someone who’s delusional may think someone rose from the dead but the likelihood of five men having an apparition that someone rose from the dead even of the most traumatic circumstances eleven of them well we have the testimony of the Thomas himself didn’t believe it but greenling said suppose 10 of them all were deluded not likely the ten in history ever believed somebody was alive that they talked to if it didn’t happen suppose they conspired together to create the Miss Greenleaf said they could have they could have agreed now they don’t know what happened to the body they surely didn’t have it or maybe they did maybe somehow they did overpower the guards maybe they had it maybe they hid it and then Greenlee said this I could see their zeal for their fallen leader blasting the year two three four his messianic cause but at the end of the day Thomas will be skinned alive in India they’ll be boiled alive Peter will be flipped upside down and crucified in the persecutions of Nero and Greenleaf said you know what the delusion is not sensible and allied could be possible but nobody is martyred beaten and pays a price for 40 years for what they know to be a lie they retire they take off and go to Spain or something but they wouldn’t suffer for 40 years with a message they knew wasn’t true and then get killed for it Greenleaf you see had to surrender I say let us draw near right now to the throne room of grace because the blood of Jesus has a voice the Bible says the blood has a voice and that blood is speaking right now that blood is speaking Satan has already had his realm broken through broken into he knows his time is up he knows if there’s a limited time period for him and the Lord is right now speaking prophetically to his people even at this moment in history we’re in a period of time of where everything has been shut down and this is later on and you listen to this message once you know that I’m recording this during a period of time when people can’t even be out of their house we’re actually going to Passover of our own because the whole world isn’t shut down right now and it’s because of viruses and plagues but the Bible says that that in the Passover what did the Lord tell them said that in Exodus 12 that if you’ll go inside your house and take the blood of a lamb and apply it go to Exodus chapter 12 right now take a look at it take the blood of that lamb and apply it to the door post and lintels of your home pick out the lamb kill the Passover lamb chapter 12 verse 21 of X’s and then take the hyssop dip it in the blood and strike the doorpost and none of you go outside and then at midnight now the midnight hour when the curse comes where it sees the blood now or it sees nice people good people praying people people that love each other but where it sees the blood it’ll pass over here you have the this destroyer it says will not be able to strike you what is that what is this talking about it’s saying that the hyssop is your confession the hid stuff is your tongue and you have a tongue that can confess the word of the Lord you have the tongue that can apply the blood of Jesus Christ to the doorpost and lentils of your house you can apply it to your property you can apply it to this is an Old Testament promise imagine the Bible says that you that are in the New Testament have a better problems of a better covenant how much more so does the blood of Christ applied by faith create a kind of a barrier so that in the midnight hour of history the devil cannot come in to the territory that is your space but that’s the Passover oh they’ll be martyrs there’ll be those that that will that will suffer there’ll be those that will will have to brave the enemy’s rage but understand something that the enemy cannot touch you he only can have permission to glorify God through the the blood you have access to the throne of grace Jesus said come boldly to the throne of grace that you might receive grace to help in a time of need why because the blood is at the throne the blood is actually at the throne the blood has made a pathway through second heaven the blood it’s made a pathway through Satan’s resistance whatever powers of darkness are trying to stop your prayers the blood has actually already made a pathway and then the Lord comes back and be coming back with a vestment dipped in blood let’s take a moment now to to position ourselves before the Lord and let me add something which has to do with the prophetic mumble were in I said earlier I am a believer in a supernatural everything I’m talking about it’s supernatural but you see I’m not relying on the supernatural to be the power that sustains me because I actually know something else the Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free and and but we know whom we have believed and we know what we have believed we’re not easily shaken in our mind in circumstances falling away can only happen if you’re not prepared for the shaking and if you don’t know why it is you believe what you believe so I mean Greenleaf was right the evidence is all here and the repentance that is necessary for the blood to apply itself correctly so you can have a beginning of the blood applied verbally you can of the blood applied physically but the blood has to be applied by faith and that faith has to be rooted and grounded in truth and so here’s what I want to say all of us need to take an inventory is what communion is it’s the plant location of the blood to the door post and lintels of your mind your heart in your body so in communion we take communion and we are literally remembering or putting back together the members of his body the sacrifice that he made we’re drinking the cup of the blood we’re taking part of the bread his body and what is happening then is we’re judging ourselves the Bible says if you judge yourself you should not be judged this is a very important moment for Christians to reprioritize the issue now is in praying for God to send a revival the issue now is repenting for for the purpose of understanding why would God allow such challenges to come into the earth I would suggest to you that the Bible says that if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways evidently God’s people have times of repentance in fact in the Passover its refers to the death angel that was out on the streets as a plague and so when the plague comes and it starts to get it wants to hit property of God’s people God’s people if they repent they positioned themselves in a way that the play cannot touch because of the blood father I thank you in Jesus name right now we’ll pray I thank you that the blood literally is opening up a pathway for us into your presence I thank you that they have ins are opened for us right now and that there’s a access into the throne of grace by the blood and that Lord your blood is sufficient to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and there are people that are watching now that are just hearing the Word of God maybe in a different way and realizing you have not been diligently seeking the word the Bible says man shall not live by preaching alone or by worship alone by TV or Internet alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God many of you have just neglected to feed your spirit you’re not in this word what they died for in some countries we have all over our house and five translations and we’re bored looking for something to do on Netflix and there’s the Word of God calling you Father forgive us for not seeking your face and not looking for you to speak because this is the open mouth of the Lord the Word of God proceeds from his lips and this is where the words come out father we ask you as we seek your face and seek your words but as we call upon you forgive us for our distractions ah we’ve just been distracted with so many things we’ve been seeking so many things other than the face of God other than the words of God other than the calling of God and then suddenly the Lord stops all the distraction and we find new ways to distract ourselves but the Lord says come to me come to me and come before me and come before my presence for the blood of Jesus is able to cleanse and willing to cleanse and wanting to cleanse you from not only all the uncleanness that would try to attach itself to you but all accusation that there would be no voice that could stand your head and follow you around and stalk you on the earth call upon the Lord Psalm 18 says and so shall I be saved for my enemies and your distress call upon the Lord cry out to God and lift up your voice and when we cry out we lift up our voice we call out to the Lord the ascended Lord where the blood is located here’s our cry brings us before his throne and gives us strength to help in the time of need and as the days get darker and the shaking gets stronger we’ll find the Lord more intimate and his power more real because he’s risen from the dead I look forward to talking to you more about these things in the future I’m going to be looking at a series on the Apostles Creed because I really believe it’s time for the church to find out the truths that our forefathers died for and to be convinced of them so that we can give a defense for the hope that is in us god bless you

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