Amazing Free PowerPoint Add-in for Motion Path Animations

Hi everyone again in this video I’m going to show you a really cool animation tool that I wish I learned about years ago the cool tool is basically a free PowerPoint added that you can download there’s already a great tutorial listed in the video description for how to download and install it so I won’t fully recreate that here but I did want to show you a couple of application ideas after you’ve already installed it the add-in does two cool things first it lets you copy an object to the end state of a motion path and second it allows you to combine several motion paths together to form complex patterns the first piece is what I’m most excited about because it helps tremendously with complex animations for example say you want to have these words come together here then have them leave as one group later like this simple example but it’s a little tricky to do first you have to make sure that the how and the are are even with each other and you can sort of guess this by previewing one motion path than the other which is a feature that you have starting in version 2013 but the Adhan makes this much easier once you install it you’ll get a Tools menu like this then you go to the left and select the end position option select the two objects that have a motion path and boom it copies them to the place where they’ll land you can now double check that they’re fully lined up what’s also very cool about these copies here is I can now select all three words copy them and paste them onto a separate slide now I can group them and animate them as one object and then have them exit the slide together without this add-in I would have had to do all this through time-consuming trial and error adjustments so it’s a huge time and life saver this tool would have been super useful actually for the complex animations that I did for my kinetic typography video which took me forever to do using the old method now the second thing this add-in does as I mentioned is it allows you to connect your motion paths together for example if you wanted this how to move down and then take a turn you can add an animation and then add a curve then you go to tools again and then go to the second option make make sure the object you’re working with is selected and then it puts together the motion pads for you so if you do a lot of complex animations you can see how this cool atom can be a total game changer for you and again for instructions on where to get the add-in how to install it check out the video description and hopefully this will really help you with your animations going forward so thanks for watching and see you for my next video

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