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Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural have you ever heard a stage 4 cancer my guest had stage 5 cancer that means the cancer has spread throughout the whole body days to live nothing can be done for you instantly healed he has such authority he think that’s something he has such authority in the Messiah of Israel that he went to Taiwan to reach people with the good news he was warned not to why there were swarms of killer mosquitos one bite you’re done I mean this guy is hutzpah that’s a people worth his nerve this guy had nerve he said God told me to go I’m going so what happened to the killer mosquitoes they all died is there a supernatural dimension a world beyond the one we know is there life after death do angels exist can our dreams contain messages from heaven can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural our healing miracles real Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural Jay Sid for this edition of it’s supernatural as an 18 year old kid Henry Gruver went on what he calls prayer walks that means he’s walking into what he believes our divine appointments but he’s also clearing out the atmosphere for instance we know when innocent blood is is shed there are curses even for generations you told me you can hear the blood screaming absolutely and when you get when you hear that screams and through prayer you get rid of the source of that what happens to the area cleaned up drive-by shootings murders violence all manner of violence corrupting that area of gang warfare and all cleans up as I understand it it opens the way for God to penetrate these people absolutely the crime rate drops off the charts I know a few cities they’d like you to go prayer walk how about the very first time you did it an 18 year old doing a prayer walk do you remember the first time never forget it tell me about it hundred tracks in my pocket scared to death to be in the area I was in because it was Skid Row wasn’t raised that way afraid Jesus would come back and I’d be left behind because of the Hmong all these sinful people had to get rid of that took the first night to get rid of that second night God said to me Henry start walking I will give you peace and I will give you a song if at any time you lose peace or lose the song you can’t remember the song stop go back and find the piece in the song never go without peace in a song so tell me the person God had in mind for you that night he led me to walk several times numerous times I lost the piece in the song I wound up walking all over Skid Row not handing out one gospel track I had a hundred and ninety seven to handout because I only handed out three the night before so I’m in trouble do the math jihad brought a man out of a nightclub in my face said he didn’t like my face I’m gonna punch your lights out man started screaming at me cursing me a crowd gathered around they emptied out the nightclub he’s swinging at me he can’t hit me then I see a man tight come out of the nightclub against the wall my eyes meet his and when my eyes met him his eyes the Lord said tell that man I love him I didn’t know that man was sitting in that nightclub at that bar so depressed he was going to go out and run in front of a train and kill himself the Lord knew it he cried out at that bar and said Almighty God I don’t want to do this but if you will send somebody to tell me you love me I won’t commit suicide you know in 1984 the devil tried to kill you again he succeeded he didn’t kill him he was in a car accident and you you were with your wife and your eight children children eight children and you literally died for thirty minutes right everyone should have died but you were the only one only one did and what was it like when you awoke when I came back I could see I mean I was blind I could feel my eyes blinking I could hear perfectly but I couldn’t feel things from here down and I could feel blood running I thought my eyes were bleeding I didn’t realize I had no feelings from here down until I heard someone running and I heard a man on a two-way radio and they said shall we dispatch an ambulance and then this man said can you hold on by the woman and the eight children are fine but we don’t know about the man what was here by the way what was your wife and your daughter how were they praying for you when that happened my wife didn’t know I was dead she saw me force the sliding door open of the van and get out when the thing stopped turning upside down flipped in the air and landed on the wheels she was taking care of the four babies out of the back hatch of the van that had blown open windshield was blown open and she thought I was alright because she saw me getting out I don’t remember getting out of the van I was dead I was already dead but the four older children were looking at my body when they gave up trying to do CPR two times each time the hole in my head blood blew in their face they plugged the hole in my head blood blew out of my nose in their face whoa they gave up for strangers they’re trained very well in CPR he said I’m not trying anymore I’m sorry he said to my children that’s when they left me lay there and my four children were looking at me my wife thought I was all right she was taking care of the little ones on the other side of the ban on a blanket praying for them that they didn’t go into shock or whatever and then about a thirty minutes later after they were trying to do CPR on me my 15 year old daughter the oldest of our daughters in that band pointed at my dead body and said devil that’s my dad you can’t have him Jesus I was all the way in the Milky Way at that point and I understand they knew how to plead the blood how did they pray every one of our children we taught them from babies if they had the slightest injury where the first thing we did was prayed for him so their faith was built up and they saw many healings in our children raising children children will teach you a lot of faith you know that but they were I understand they were pleading the blood my wife was pleading the blood when that van went out of control and flipped and I heard her crying the blood of Jesus when I left my body hmm the band was still in motion when I left my body what happened to the hole in your head the hole in my head after the fire came to me and went on out my toes was like what fire well the fire I heard the man say the woman and the eight children are fine but we don’t know about the man the instant I heard that because I couldn’t see all I could do is hear faith exploded down inside of me and I said father in heaven only in my mind couldn’t open my mouth didn’t know where was I said father in heaven whatever’s missing on me you can put it back on I’m not going to the hospital I’m going to my daughter’s wedding and that’s when the fire hit me in each temple and slowly moved down and as it hit me about right here my vision came in I saw a lady holding my face with her hands brown hair long brown hair white blouse and I could see the arms of a man holding my chest down there saying don’t move your neck is probably broken you might die on us again you know when we come back what happens when a doctor tells you the cancer has metastasized throughout your whole body you have 11 days to live but this man this cantankerous man was so sure that God would heal him he refused to believe that but sugar no he had his sanity he had the Bible sanity the knowledge of God I want you to have it we’ll be right back we’ll be right back to it’s supernatural the supernatural of God knows no bounds and now there are no limits to equipping you to receive your supernatural breakthrough anytime any place is in the it’s supernatural online network is now available for your mobile devices and smart TVs with this free iesson app people are astounded at the miracles they’ve seen others receive on our TV programs now viewers are experience that same touch of God and you can too 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someone else we’ve interviewed Heidi Baker yes why’d you go there I was there to speak I had been scheduled a year before to speak to 75 pastor yeah but you’re dying girl you know you’re a walking dead man I mean they drove me to that to the the church if you’re going to go well yeah I wouldn’t get behind a wheel hours my button my spirit was trying to leave my body I would let it service these young kids I assume they laid hands on you or what they do after I preached you preach I preached to those 75 pastors leaning on the podium they brought it down to the ground floor from up on the stage they carried me up there found out later it was angels that carried me out there from down in a pastor’s office in the basement and it was to be kind of in a sense the last sermon I ever preached was what the devil was telling me and I said no way the Word of God cannot lie jesus said by His stripes we were healed I refused to give my life for cancer when Jesus gave his life for me to be here after you preach the students prayed for you and what happened I thought somebody was poking their bony elbows right above my kneecap I had my hands up like this and I said Lord get him off my kneecaps my body is so sensitive and I don’t have the strength for that next thing I know I feel my hands on my face and my bony elbows are right above my kneecap I opened my eyes and I go back and I leaned back because I thought oh no if I lean forward like that I’ll start hemorrhaging I can’t stop it blood will be everywhere blood was flowing out of my bowels my urine like water except when I was prayer walking the anointing was on me I wouldn’t hemorrhage hallelujah that’s how I survived brother then I realized wait a minute there’s no pain there’s no no sensation of hemorrhaging and I just very gently started touching myself down under my ribs which I couldn’t push before at all what would happen if the pain would have been so bad out of passed out my body the trunk of my body was so tender and so sensitive and I realized there’s no pain and I’m pushing further and further all around and I jump up and throw my fist in the air and I said oh yeah it’s over the cancer is gone that doctor that says you’re a walking dead man that doctor is crazy that doctor knows every time I get into the state of Ohio that doctor my phone cellphone rings Henry you’re back in Ohio aren’t you I said how do you know you see it on the website no I feel it you’re back in my state again that doctor has done missions now to India and to Africa revolutionize the doctors life you know that’s why I combined the supernatural with evangelism you know that’s the way Jesus did it wasn’t because everyone wanted to hear him speakers he was the the best speaker in the world which he was but that wasn’t why people came to him that came to him for the miracles okay you know you go to Taiwan how in the world and you’re warned there are these killer mosquitoes how in the world did you go there I was already scheduled there Oh spoke up north the dizziness plague was down south my scheduler said I’ve canceled you for down south I said what for he said the dungeness plague is going on hundreds of people are dying every day one mosquito bites you you’re dead you go into high fever pain they cannot control within four days you’re dead I said what did you cancel me for he says I don’t want you to die and I don’t want to call your family to tell him you’re dead I said I refuse to give my life for a stinking mosquito when Jesus gave his life for me so you when you had a vision and wasn’t what tell me what that vision was that vision we were right at the place where the most people were dying I said take me where the most are dying they charted a bus the night before I spoke to five different churches they charted a bus the next morning we went to the place where the worst plague was got out of that bus looking over that area and I’m crying out to the Lord and I have a vision of one little dragonfly coming across in front of me my daddy taught us from a child do not hurt dragonflies they eat the mosquitoes they’re your friends instantly I knew I knew beyond the shuttle but out that’s it Lord send clouds of dragonflies send them all over the South here and eat up this plague so what happened to all the mosquitoes the killer mosquitoes a lady right behind me of the 53 screamed oh no did she get bit by a mosquito they had so much mosquito spray on them they were almost soaked with it I turn around to touch her on the top of the head to pray for her and come against that bite and she’s shaking her head no she can’t speak English the only Japanese or Chinese and she’s pointed up I look and dark clouds of dragonflies millions of dragonflies you have learned to war and contend God has promised you your son had a prophecy of you’d be a great man of God and he’s born dead how did you war to save him I remembered the prophecy given one year ahead she said from this day next year you will have a son and he will be mightily used of God here I delivered six of our children at home we called him faith baby’s mama tossed him I caught him okay the moment his head is birth I know he’s dead because he’s black and not breathing and I get him turned around because the cord was around his neck four times get the cord from around his neck this little dead body she hadn’t felt any emotion for three days and nights I hold up this little dead body and I look up and I said father my two oldest daughters were right behind me and saw this and my wife I said it’s a boy and you said that you’re gonna give us a boy today and you’d be a mighty ly use of you to do that you’ve got to put the breath of life in him and you got to do it now all four of us heard the sound as his mouth opened breath came in he turned purple then pink he’s six foot four today missionary to Mozambique Africa I have read about people being translated in the Bible from one city to another I have had guests that have been translated but Henry tells me not only was he translated but six of his friends at the same time to another place be right back we’ll be right back to it’s supernatural call now and get Henry groovers highly anointed five part audio CD teaching set keys to power authority and the coming glory you cannot get this anywhere else it’s exclusive for our it’s supernatural audience yours for a donation of $35 shipping and handling is included ask for offer number 3 233 in Henry groovers 5 part audio CD series through testimony and anointed teaching you will be mentored in the following how to operate in your authority as a believer this teaching will build and energize your faith to believe God for the impossible how to apply the power of the blood of Jesus you will understand how powerful the blood of Jesus truly is learn how to call on the blood to be delivered from harm healed and rescued from emergency situations how to prepare for the coming glory Henry Gruver shares what 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strike force holy ghost commandos alright two of them were former Green Berets in Vietnam very disciplined men and God would tell us specific strikes all over the earth at different strategic places and one morning in Portland Oregon there in 19 1988 October 1988 the Lord woke me up for 13 more to get out of bed on your knees I’m in my pajamas the moment the instant my knees hit the floor I was walking the streets of Rome fully dressed and I come to the old fan I have to ask you a question too sis joy it hasn’t really happened to me that I’m aware of did you have any feeling from in the morning to being walking the streets of Rome did you feel yourself going somewhere didn’t feel myself passing through the atmosphere it was like boom boom I’m there okay go ahead fully dressed not in pajamas thank you lord and I come to this place where in the 50s they had the big iron doors in the streets sidewalks that they load the merchandise into the stores mm-hmm and I reached down and grabbed these big iron doors lift them up and a chain comes across to hold them kind of angled and I turned back and this is when I know the six commandos are with me that’s the first I saw them we were all previous mayor were they in different countries or they’re from they were from Vienna Austria Bangkok Thailand North Pole Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Sacramento Calif doesn’t make it easy on him different time frames from all over the world could put me on put us on the streets of Rome okay why did he do that he did it because to go down there he put us down there because he told me this is where the Apostle Paul died and where they they killed him this is where the apostille akan own teen was bound for centuries I want it loosed now how was it how what did you do to loose it as we’re going down this ancient stairs stone staircase under the streets of Rome their prayers in the commandos whoever had the leading of the Spirit led the other six stayed back backing them in everything they did in agreement the power of oneness the power of agreement this is this is key this is secret secret to power being released they were in agreement where they prayed I felt like a giant funnel was on my head and their prayers were pouring into my head like liquid power and when I got to the bottom and looked realized there’s a I’m in the entrance to a massive catacomb and as I step into it I look to the left and here is a massive angel sitting with his elbows on his knees blackish gray just like this eyes blinking and the second I stepped into that room he come up and said you shouldn’t be here and then I hear the same thing on the right and I turn and there’s another one and I said we are here by divine command of the Lord Jesus Christ the apostolate mantle that you have found these many centuries is now loose to the church saith the Lord Jesus Christ and they stood up and said we’ll be going then and there being spread they had to been thirty feet tall they could have taken my head like the bottle cap of a water bottle and popped my head off but the boldness and the power was on me and I said and you will not for the word of God says in Jude verse 6 you ought to be bound with chains until the everlasting day of the Lord great chains and massive chains come through that catacomb coming down spiraling the links I couldn’t reach to touch the end of one length spiraling knocking their arms and their wings down wrapping around their ankles clear up under their necks till all they could do is stand looking up and then instantly I was back on my knees in pajamas I was going to ask and pray again for my door again you were you told me you were in Japan at in the morning you had an encounter regarding the glory of God yes God told me that I’m going to bring the glory down today we were scheduled in a big duel Colosseum in Sioux Japan TSU at the edge of Kobe in Osaka and the day before we had walked the biggest Shinto shrine of the world in a typhoon so we paid a price that day before I won’t go through all what we went through with that but as every day you could spend out you could spend the whole day telling us what happened why does all this happen to you and not most people because I have an addiction there’s a lot of people that have an addiction what’s your uggs alcohol smoking you name it sex what’s your rebellion my addiction is I’ve got to see God move in my life all right so I’m excited I tell my interpreter the glory is gonna come down he’s oh I’ve always wanted to see the glory so I’m up on this big stage preaching to a Colosseum full of people when all of a sudden I look up in these giant mercury lights up above I see smoke coming through the ceiling I’m just getting ready to give the altar call and I thought no way lord have your angels put that fire out I’m gonna get this altar call taken we got people that need Jesus and they’re ready and I continue giving the invitation I look up again that smoke wasn’t smoke it was a white glowing cloud it came past the big bright lights as it enveloped or covered those big bright blue blue mercury vapor lights the mercury vapor lights turned black as coal and a voice spoke to me and said loosed the shoes off your feet the ground you’re standing on is holy ground call the keyboardist over to play Holi and get on your face I did that got on my face we were singing holy holy holy people were screaming and crying and the Lord said now I don’t know how long I didn’t look up my watch I want you to pray over the people in the far-right section only here they were all over it on their faces I had jumped off the stage and leave your shoes off I left come on I wanted the first lady I touch he come up singing in the spirit singing in the most beautiful song wasn’t Japanese wasn’t English every person I touch either was singing or praising God in a different language I got all the way to the top we estimated there are 75 people in that smallest piece of the pie of that Coliseum I’m up there a man taps me on the shoulder I said what is it I want what you have I said lift your hands he look three times I pray for him finally it’s not happening he says you don’t understand I said yes I do understand the power of God no no you don’t understand he says I their pastor I said who’s all of these you just pray for I said okay so you need the power no no you don’t understand he’s kidding this mile be quiet he says either pastor they all deaf and dumb I never hear them speak or sing I mean this is never revealed information even on the Gloria that’ll shock you but we have to continue this show how many hours were you in heaven six I want to find out about heaven all you have to do to see the rest of this program is log on to yes i dro th dot o-r-g do it right away Henry Gruver has spent over five decades experiencing a lifestyle of supernatural power glory and presence of God in his life Henry wants to mentor you on how you can see the same results in your life call now and get Henry 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showed Henry is now available to the believer regarding supernatural transportation how to commune with God Henry shares the keys to a powerful and effective prayer life and how to not only seek but find God in the place of Prayer included is the key on hearing and recognizing God’s voice keys to being victorious in spiritual warfare Henry Gruver shares about dealing with strongholds of a cult and your authority in a region – overcoming the invisible harassment from the demonic realm this teaching unpacks all the protocols and strategies for navigating the invisible battles included on these audio CDs are Henry Gruver powerful prayers that God would watch over you and seal the teaching in your heart prayers for you to develop a hunger for the impartation of God’s glory prayers for blessing power and communion with God to be powerfully real in your life we’re so glad we got this on CD now because you don’t have to take 60 years to learn these truths you can do it in a short period of time and start walking in the same power authority and you’re going to learn about the coming glory because this is a man that does not just teach he teaches through his hands-on experience whole different realm don’t miss out on getting Henry groovers highly anointed five part audio CD teaching set keys to power authority and the coming glory you cannot get this anywhere else it is exclusive for our rich supernatural audience yours for a donation of $35 shipping and handling is included ask for offer number three two three three call or you can send your check to sid roth it’s supernatural p o– box 39222 charlotte north carolina 28278 please specify offer number three 233 or log on to call or write today many experiences with the glory of god but at lunch you told me something that everyone has to hear you were in a church and god with whether the glory was about to come and God spoke to you what did he say oh you want me to tell that please there were thousands in that church one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever ever ministered in but I had ministered yet six pastors at my left they had pastor right at my left and their others on down the line they’re singing the song Lord we need your glory shunts and your glory and they kept singing it over and over in my hands were raised I was worshiping in total agreement yes Lord we need your glory and the Lord I heard a voice behind me and it said tell them to stop and I looked around behind me there’s nothing but fake trees and foliage and I couldn’t see anybody I thought where did that voice come from why did I hear that they’re going on praising so I went back to worship II the next time I’m into worshipping again and the voice says are you going to tell them to stop in that time I I’m looking around under the trees thinking the technicians trying to find a disconnection or something there’s no one there and so I look up and I said father was that you and he said yes they’re wooing my glory and there’s sin in the camp if my glory comes down what they’re calling for half of them will be dead tell them to stop I said Lord I haven’t been introduced yet you know protocol and the Lord said if you don’t get up there and tell them to stop and my glory comes much further down the death their blood will be on your hands I felt weak as a newborn kitten hobbling up to that crystal podium I thought it would come out of my mouth like a squeak you know I’ve never felt so weak in all my life walking I got up behind that podium and the words come out of mouth started you’re always safe the Lord there’s sin in the camp repent or half of you will be dead total silence music singing stops I hear the pastor start well what’s he doing up there what did he ask you did he Adam they’re having a conversation and all of a sudden that is totally drowned out by thousands of people screaming falling down repenting hitting the aisles running down so many didn’t make it all the way to the front that was at about to in the morning that afternoon I’m still praying for people 245 I look at my watch again people are still crying I’m going around pray and I went down off the stage and the Lord says to me you’ve delivered your soul get in your van and leave you know there’s a lesson in this the glory will be the greatest thing that ever happened to a true believer I don’t care what’s happening in the world if you’re surrounded with the tan of it tangible manifest presence that the Living God nothing can harm you that’s right nothing can harm you but if you’re involved in sin it’ll be the worst thing that ever happened and here’s what I know that glory is about ready to happen you should be praying after you repent of your sins you should be praying the same thing Moses prayed Moses prayed show me Lord come on all together studio audience and you at home show me now in Jesus name I must do this I want you to make sure that you’re born from above and I want you to make sure you’re right with God in every area of your life because if you’re not right with God that glory is coming and you heard what would happen repeat out loud dear God I’m a sinner against you and you alone have I sinned and I’m so sorry I believe the blood of Jesus has washed away all of my sins and I’m clean give me the grace to overcome these areas of sin I want anything to do with them anymore in Jesus name thank you lord thank you I’m gonna spend eternity telling Allah thank you thank you thank you hey man amen well Henry six hours in heaven I haven’t spent six seconds in heaven one fair no tell me about how’d it happen well the first half-hour was dead on my way to the Milky Way I call that 1/2 hour approximately they said I was dead a minimum of 1/2 hour with no vital signs because they gave up trying to do CPR that was a night on Father’s Day June 20 verse 1984 i think was father’s day and then october 22nd he seems to love to visit me in October October 22nd 1988 he says get out of bed get on your knees I got out of bed I’m sorry no that’s it the experience I just told you I my wife is singing a new song that God gave her to our intercessors elderly people that have been interceding for me while I’m walking and praying Europe and as she’s singing the new song I’m worshiping the Lord’s first I had heard the song since I come home because she wasn’t with me walking and all of a sudden it was like somebody turned spotlights on in my face and I knew in that home there were no spotlights I opened my eyes and saw the golden cloud coming through the ceiling instantly I hit the floor with my knees this instant my float in life my knees touched the floor I was on the street of gold I was taking a step and I looked up and realized I’m on the street of gold I looked down the gold is a cherry hue of color transparent it’s so pure and I pulled my foot back and realize my right foot was on solid gold thought I’d just disappear through it because they looked transparent and so I started walking and that’s when I began to experience the atmosphere of heaven what’s the average serve heaven like the first thing I noticed was that the fragrance of flowers I’ve always loved flowers I look at the flowers on each side of the street of gold and I just thought you’re so beautiful you’re so beautiful and the instant I said you’re so beautiful the leaves on the stems were clapping their faces turned toward this golden glow that was coming and they were singing the most beautiful song all praise glory honor and Thanksgiving to the Father for creating us and making us worthy to serve the redeemed every living thing I found in that journey in heaven that God had created it lives to serve the redeemed and when the redeemed notice it and give thanks or utilize like the fruit of the tree the whole tree goes into a spasm of clapping and that song comes out of the trees out of the flowers out of the grass as you step on it and step off of it and all of that song from creation goes back to the throne in prismatic light like rainbows the words turn in to light and go back to the throne why God is light and the author of light so everything comes from light it goes back to him as light when it’s praised the other thing I noticed as I got behind a person they went to the tree that had many different kinds of fruit went to pick that fruit but didn’t pick it just put his hand under it and the tree let go of the fruit into his hand you don’t need to pick fruit in heaven the creation knows it’s to serve you and the instant that fruit was in his hand the trees went into that clapping rejoicing that it was made worthy to serve the redeemed I watched the person come back to the street of gold with the grass singing because there every blade of grass that’s been stepped on is singing so it’s building into a beaut full chrysanthemum of singing and just going to the throne he’s eating all he wants I’m following him he gets as much as he wants he just drops the rest no no don’t let her on the street of gold before it hit the street of gold a to vaporized disappeared you can pick flowers every day in heaven and put them in your in your your beautiful white marble walls they never fade they look as fresh as the day you picked them you get tired you want different ones you go pick new ones you pull those out drop them before they hit the floor they disappear there’s no garbage collectors no compost piles in heaven nothing waste in heaven hallelujah I have to tell you I find this life very exciting but very challenging all in the same time at varium having seen what you’ve seen in heaven how do you stay here my poor wife for several days after that it was October so in Oregon all the leaves were beautiful colors it was the full color of autumn and you know and my wife loved that’s her favorite time spring is mine autumn is her and I keep saying honey there’s no color everything is gray there’s no color here and one day as we’re going up the street there lombard in Portland she says honey please stop it’s the most beautiful autumn I think I’ve ever seen you’re ruining it for me I haven’t been to heaven in heaven there have got to be eighty-eight more spectrums of aid colors in heaven than there are on earth when I went through the Milky Way and past all of those planets four years before into the Milky Way I made the statement every single planet is a distinctively different color every planet has a distinctively different song or sound in job God asked Joe where were you when the morning stars sang together he didn’t know he’d never heard him I’ve heard him the number one specialist of the Milky Way that man asked me where I got my doctorate in astronomy he said you answered questions for me that I have had for 16 years I’m the world’s leading specialist on the Milky Way and you’re up there tonight talking about the Milky why like it’s all common knowledge you made revelation after revelation to me you answered question after question where did you learn this what periodical do you read I held up the Bible is that the Bible is that all I said all come on brother that’s everything that God of this word is that God of the universe let me take you back to age 17 you’re working you go by a meeting with someone I’ve only heard of and I’ve seen videotape of a a alan yeah and you decide to go in oh yeah this is when he got his original gifting I like to trace these things yes about it I had been in his meetings with dad since I was 12 years old oh what a great hair yeah I saw the 1910 polls fire around them fire trucks were all around it they rolled up the flaps the fire marshal said we’re evacuating immediately okay that was 12 years old 1954 columns the Holy Spirit yeah that’s why I just come from night school that started my my first year of university and I see his big top and I thought wow I haven’t been in his meeting for years I pull in all these cars they’re everywhere I park way out I’m making my way and I come in the main entrance of the the tent and Alan is up there and he’s just I guess finished preaching and he says now if you want to experience the power of God like you’ve never experienced it before get up here I was a runner in high school I took off and I beat everybody I got the first run up on that ramp his hands come down on me like two electrodes and he released a capacitor a full charge people said I spun in the air over the ramp was robbed became a Holy Roller that night I was rolling back and forth till they emptied the tent out except for just a little till twelve fifteen people still sitting on the front row watching me I heard people say he’s coming to ice it up I’m full of ska sawdust I had more hair then my hair was full of sawdust my sweater was full of sawdust and I said wow what happened and they said they told me what happened after he hit me I went out to my car after that got in the car shut the door my 1949 Oldsmobile first car ok but I thought the dome light stayed on and I looked up at the dome light it wasn’t on but when I looked up in my periphery I saw my face in the rearview mirror it was glowing like a light bulb every traffic light I stopped out people look you told me a story that fascinated me about the rabbi’s and the gold dust oh I love that I had finished walking Jerusalem every Street of the old city in the new city of Jerusalem for 13 days and nights and preen over Jerusalem the Lord sent me to do that 1989 I finished out on Bethlehem Road and I ran out of water Liberty Bell Park is out there and so I went to the fountain home man yeah you know what the Lord says about lukewarm water lukewarm and so here was an Arab he had a little on wheels stand and it had a beautiful picture of coca-cola this is no commercial coca-cola okay but I / of coca-cola haha that’s what I want to throw my circles down you know and I pointed the picture I can’t speak his language and he pushes me a warm can of 7up and I I get it in this warm and I push it back and I said no no coca-cola ice cold ice pushes that back and turns his back on me I am so dry I’ve got to have some liquid so I walk away pop that thing open and take a mouthful I shouldn’t have done that I think it came out of my ears my nose it exploded in my dry mouth because I was spittin cotton and so I took the rest of that camel and I got done coughing and where he saw me I dumped it out I didn’t ask God to forgive that Arab I’m sorry I went over and stretched out on the on the park bench trying to cool off I was hot and all of a sudden I’m just sitting there with my eyes closed somebody sits down on the end of the bench and hits my my fingers I look and it’s a it’s a rabbi with a long gray beard and they didn’t want to speak to me I was a Gentile I’d learned that in those 13 days and so I didn’t try to strike up a conversation I noticed a young lady with about a four year old was swinging I figured it was her his granddaughter and daughter and so I just pulled my arm away and listened and then he says he’s he’s got his back to me he’s sitting on the edge that’s here with his arm up on the back of it with his back to me and finally he says are you here on tour and I says no I’m here on business he said would I be knows if I asked your business and he still got his back to me I says no sir you wouldn’t I said I have just finished walking every street of the old city and the new city praying for the Peace of Jerusalem he spins around he looks at me and he says but you’re a Gentile why would you pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and I said not only am i Gentile sir but I said I am a Christian and I believe Jesus Christ is my Messiah I’m sorry you don’t he says yeah yeah I know I know it all about that I was rabbi in New York there I was trying to convert me he says you have any family and I told him how many children he says what are you doing here I said I told you praying for the Peace of Jerusalem and he says you know how many children you got you know what that means and the ancient Hebrew says no I says well it means that I got a baker’s dozen I got thirteen I got a baker’s dozen and my Quivers full he says you know what that means in the ancient Hebrew says no I’m interested now he’s talking to me he says in the ancient Hebrew you have twelve arrows in the quiver you have one in your bowl you’re ready for war young man I said yeah I’ll take it you know and the daughter looked over at me I thought maybe we were getting into a fight I guess and and I I says hey there’s something going on in America now here in 1989 I’ve heard of it and I’ve only been in one church where it’s happening gold is falling from heaven while we’re worshiping Jesus and it was the first he stuttered he starts stuttering I mean I mean youyou mean real real gold where’s it coming from just falling through the ceiling calming down a church in West Virginia they told me so much fell they they swept it up paid off the mortgage he says gold real gold I says that’s that gold they said was ninety-nine nine-tenths percent pure gold and he just goes Connie and Shaka gold is falling on the Gentiles gold is falling on the Gentiles I said wow that must really mean something to you oh-ho yes yes yes yes he says in the ancient Hebrew before the bridegroom comes to take his bride he always sends her a gift of gold by midnight he said it means the Messiah is coming the Messiah is coming daughter daughter come come come come she comes grabs her daughter off the swing what is it papa I must get back to Nazareth I must get back to Nazareth I must let my people know Gold is falling on the Gentile the Messiah is coming and he walking away thank you thank you thank you I must get back to Nazareth boy I was a critic of this gold up till then because I didn’t know I’d seen a lot of manifestations that took the criticism right out of me I’ve never been critical since well wait a second now you told me when Donald Trump was running for president you were not a Trump fan no I was Ben Carter Carson Carson I wanted a brain doctor I figured we needed a good brain in Washington what changed your mind I was in Asia and woke up after a dream or a vision woke up was praying and I was half asleep I don’t know if I was in the body out of the body or what but all of a sudden one of my children come running into the house and said dad there’s a big black car and other black cars outside and this man and woman are coming up to the house the man is dressed like a king from the shoulders down but he doesn’t have a crown I run to the door here comes Donald Trump and his wife up to the house I opened the door and I said well mr.

Trump so what do I give the honor that you’d come to my house and oh Henry he says never mind this is a family visit I said well we’ll come on in and I said him in the nice chair his wife is carrying a shawl a gold braided shawl with royal jewels in it I don’t know how she’d have the strength to carry that thing I but she stands at his left hand doesn’t sit down at the chair I prepared he’s in the big stuff chair he leans forward she puts the shawl over his shoulders and then he leans back on it and he’s saying well how is this child how’s that when he’s naming my children and it’s a family visit and then he just throws the shawl back leaning against it stands up which pins it over the chair and the back of it in the top of it and he says well I’ve got a lot to do I’ll be back I gotta go and so I show them to the door and they’re heading just about to the limo and I look back and there’s that shawl and I run and grab it that’s when I realized it’s gold and it’s real jewels I go running to the door out the door and the limos pulling away in all the cars and they don’t see me and I’m yelling but they don’t see me and I hear a voice behind me and said hold on to it he’ll be back and that was the end of the vision changed I started listening to his speeches and what he what America needs and I could get by his language and his Terry and everybody up with criticism and I could say that’s what we need in America I’m voting for him but I have to tell you one of the wildest things I’ve ever heard in my life it’s what I’m gonna ask him the next next week tune in it no I’m just teasing Henry you went to Korea to be able to talk to the leader of North Korea tell me absolutely I was in Sheridan Wyoming on my way up into Broza man Montana to speak that night and it was in the spring late it was early April rather and I’m heading up out of Sheridan up over the mountains I get into a total whiteout snowstorm all I can see is down my hood the tracks of an 18-wheeler I’m following those tracks slowing down to between 25 and 30 mile an hour maximum because I can’t see and I have a vision what a time to have a vision I can’t see anything but tracks where I’m going now I can’t see anything but the vision give the vision God has a real sense of humor you know he really wants to show us he can really drive a car too so instantly I’m standing and the vision at the foot of Kim Jong Un’s bed I’m looking at him laying there sleeping and all of a sudden his head is doing this on the pillow his eyes get big and he sits right up and the perspiration is just pouring down his face and the Lord speaks to me and says he has just had a dream that has been reassuring again and again I’m going to show you the dream instantly he’s in the middle of a hundred thousand people with his bodyguards all around him very tight making his way through a hundred thousand people and all men up front two women bodyguards behind him and I’m focused all of a sudden in division on this right-hand bodyguard woman right behind him on the right she’s watching the man on the right and the woman on the Left bodyguard as soon as they’re both looking two different directions she reached down unstraps her revolver her pistol keeps her hand on the pistol she’s watching the two bodyguards like this the instant they’re both looking different directions she draws that quick and puts it three inches behind his head boom and he drops dead that was the end of the vision Here I am the the visions over her head lights are flashing in front of me I’m about to rear-end an 18-wheeler fortunately he hadn’t didn’t have his brakes on and he was going a little slower than me and I just barely touched my brakes and I I come so close to going under him and then he puts his blinker on where he goes I’m going because I don’t know where I am he may know this road I go right with him he stops I know I don’t know where I am I don’t want to be behind him in another 18-wheeler Ram me under him so I slowly go around him and I noticed there’s another truck in front because I’m watching where I can just see it close enough without my mirror hitting this truck nothing up ahead I pull in front of the second truck and burst into tears and God gives me such a love for Kim Jong Un’s soul I am weeping I look at my watch it’s it is 221 in the afternoon I am broken I am weeping for his soul crying out his soul but I have to tell you I have read of some of the atrocities and that’s the only word I can I could use it’s me how how could you have a burden for him how could God have a burden for him it was supernatural but my working working cities with gangs so many years he give me such love for the guys that have gotten knives and throwing my throat and guns at my head he gives me loves for them why can’t he give me love for qingchun kim jeong-hoon I see see what I mean so every day from to to 3 o’clock I would get alone and seek the Lord expecting to be translated to North Korea to the foot of his bed because that’d be the middle of the morning for him nothing happens in little over two weeks I’m scheduled to be in Seoul Korea so I had been I had been invited by the Chinese government to represent the United States as the ambassador of America under the Obama administration and so I had spent days in China with the leaders of China I had all my official documents in my passport so I get to Seoul I’m going to the Chinese embassy tomorrow and get them to get me in to see kim jeong-hoon they can take check with any of the leaders except the premier of China I’ve been with them all so they’ll verify my authenticity they’ll get me in with kim jeong-hoon i get this suit on I got my my leather briefcase I’m looking official and I’m heading out my door my hotel and the Lord says where are you going and I said I’m going to see kim jeong-hoon the Lord said I didn’t tell you that I said but Lord you gave me a vision you gave me a word for him you gave kings you gave prophets words for kings why would you give it to me you’ve had me crying for a soul I love the man’s soul I can witness to him then the Lord said I didn’t give it to you for that reason I’m opening doors all across South Korea I want you to go to the pastor’s of South Korea I want you to tell them the vision and tell them every day they are praying that I will kill Kong Kim jong-eun then having their people prevail and pray for his death if I kill him because that I will have to bring judgment on South Korea because they should be praying for his soul because I gave my life that even Kim Seung Hoon should be saved I ministered the first week there I had two weeks there I was invited to Poisson 21 pastors from all across South Korea spoke to them shared this they melted down repenting on their knees come up to me saying I never thought of it that way I didn’t know we would be in judgment that that we were allowed not allowed to have this kind of hatred for a man no matter how wicked he is you’re right you’re right I was still convicted when you said that and all across South Korea I have spoken now and the pastors have repented and repented and called out is that does that mean he’s going to be safe what does that mean I don’t know I still love the man’s soul I’m willing to go to North Korea if it’s my last mission in life I’ll go you told me about his great-grandmother actually it was his great-grandfather I just found you you gave me the documentation and the pastor had said it was this great grandmother he might have said grandfather as we get older sometimes if there’s noise in the room we get the wrong name I never checked it out but you checked it out and documented it he was one of the main leading patriarchs at the end of the 1800s unto 1910 of the mighty move of God that went across all across Korea so I know that he and his family had to have been concerned and praying for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren of course and God hears those prayers God wants to save Kim Chung he doesn’t want to kill him well you know I don’t know what’s gonna happen but what would be a greater witness for him to be assassinated or for him to stand before the world and say I repent to Almighty God my Savior I’m like that’s Troy yes schizoid but the thought crossed my mind Henry and I mentioned this to you also so many Christians have observed certain ungodly things that President Trump has done in the past and they they can’t stand him they hate him they want him there praying for his death what position does that put them in I hope they’ve listened to what the Lord gave me for Kim seung-youn and they’ll realize they’re in the same boat they’re in the same boat God put that man there he put him there for a purpose for the sake of Israel we know already he put him in office and he’s not going to take him out until he is finished with him he gave me any time I get a vision I asked God for scriptures and the Lord told me I think was Hosea chapter 3 verse 22 or 21 or 22 about Jezreel and I thought what is just real what’s that got to do with Trump and so I start reading forgetting Jezebel and Ahab were in Jezreel I look up the scriptures and how Elijah prophesied about in Jezebel and Ahab and then how Elijah told them to anoint the young man of the child of the prophets go and anoint a captain right pour this box of oil over it pointing the box of oil over Jay Hughes head anointed him to be king and Jehu goes and cleans up the house of Jezebel and the Lord said I have anointed him as i anointed Ju in the house of Jezebel I will clean of this house I’ve got you a couple more questions this these are said questions I want to understand you told me when you receive that great anointing under a a Allen that things started like you will have a vision or a word how does that operate in you I I can only say an impartation but what do you see that’s what I want to understand what do you know now the Lord has allowed me to see visions of where my feet are standing of what happened there where the enemy was given license to set up an Occupational Center or a command center because of the innocent blood flowing into the ground he showed me how to break that license for Satan to operate there and evict him he shown me how to how to break the curse off of families I walk beside my home’s I hear crying out the homes I hear the conflict I hear and he tells me how to pray and how to cry out for that home I’ve walked into businesses and said could I pray for you you’re about to file bankruptcy what how do you know I don’t tell anybody that they’re looking around see if any of them any of the employees here at it and I said because the Lord told me well come on into my office and shut the door tell me more and I’ve had men give their hearts to the Lord and because they’re in distress I my spirit became so sensitive of that practicing of the walking and peace and a song I have lost count of the number of suicides I have interrupted driving walking getting up in the middle of the night getting in my car going across the city knocking on doors in the middle of the night interrupting people I interrupted a man in Dallas Texas that three times put the noose around his neck he was he from the banister up above upstairs five times the Lord had been knocking his door and nobody to answer so I’d walk away think I must have missed it the fifth time the Lord said keep knocking keep knocking keep knocking until that door opens my knuckles are hurting almost bleeding and I’m knocking and I’m looking is there anybody looking through the peephole hello hello anybody I’m desperate when the door flies open almost hit the guy on the head in the face and he grabs me and he says what are you here for can’t you leave me alone can a man die in peace and I said you don’t have to take your life Jesus gave it so you can have life and he grabs me by the collar pulls me into the house points up and he said you see that Isis yeah that’s a rope with a noose yeah it’s a rope with a noose four times I’ve got it around my neck I’m ready to jump over the fifth time I’m figuring you’re gone I watched you till you were down the street then you come back when I’m ready to jump now what do you mean I don’t have to give my life Jesus who’s this Jesus gave his heart till the Lord I have found that when God heals them of specific conditions it’s like you have elevated faith for anyone else with that condition there are people that are being ravaged by cancer on them I would like you to pray for healing of people with cancer into the camera in a second and then whatever God shows you pray father father in heaven father I just speak into those that are in this room and those that are in that room wherever they’re watching this my God healed me when my spirit was leaving my body and I kept rebuking it to come back and saying you will not leave my body for what Jesus paid for and I would cling to the Word of God and I would read the word until all fear was gone until my mind was clear my spirit was clear and my faith was fully operative you must trust I love the amplified in this you must trust rely and cling to the Lord and in that that’s the way you get results from God this cancer in me was so powerful and all but it is not more powerful than my god it was not more powerful than those wicked mosquitoes that were killing people over in Taiwan it was the power of God to set them free but we just needed to believe and set that power free to do it and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I just say to you wherever you are whatever whatever that has been diagnosed with I say to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ through the stripes of Jesus be healed if you have any bitterness if you have any thought whatsoever of anything against anybody bitterness feeds cancer bitterness is the food of cancer ask God to forgive you if anything came to your mind when I just said that repent of it don’t cling to it Jesus can take it all he’ll carry it cast it on him 1st Peter 5 verse 6 and 7 humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and then he will exalt you in due season the second thing you do is verse 7 casting all of your cares upon him cancer has so many cares it is coupled in with so many fears read the word till the fears are all gone praise the Lord I would read the word I would hug the word I would cry and I would thank him for his word and saying Lord it’s true it’s true it’s mine I receive it I thank you for it I love you I thank you for suffering it get a hold of God and don’t let go no matter what and God’s healing is available for you for in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I curse every cell of cancer in your body every production of it every of the slightest cell beginning just that you don’t even know about I curse it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because it is a curse it’s a curse from the devil I rebuke it in the name of Jesus and I release in its place the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to begin the work and to do what his word promises that he will finish that which he has started in Jesus mighty name be blessed be healed and testified to everybody even if you haven’t seemed to have experienced the fullness of it I had to tell people again and again I’m not sick I’m healed and they’d look at me and laugh they try to give me all these remedies and I said sorry I have this one I have the word let God be the truth in your life and the truth will set you free god bless you hallelujah next week on it’s supernatural hello I’m dr.

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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