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There are many people who wonder is Jesus truly the Messiah many ask is there evidence that shows that he is really the Son of God what you are about to see will show how the Old Testament which was written hundreds of years before Christ came to the world described his life in detail and today you will see a great mystery revealed because in this video re revealed from the Old Testament the exact year that Jesus was to arrive into the world and die for us and we will see how history confirms the whole thing today we reveal the 70 week prophecy of Daniel before we can look at the prophecy of Daniel we need to first look at who Daniel is so after the kingdom of Babylon attacked Jerusalem it took many Israelites into captivity and the Israelites who were found to have certain gifts were given special treatment one of them was Daniel and he became known as a prophet of God in the beginning of the book of Daniel we see his journey to become an instrument of God in this foreign land and towards the middle and end of the book we are shown many of the visions that God gave him one of those visions reveals the exact year that the Messiah would come so this is gonna be a good video and you may have to break out your calculator for this one so when you look at the Book of Daniel by chapter 9 God has already given Daniel many visions about the future and Daniel wants to know when are these things going to start happening so the angel Gabriel comes into the picture and he lets Daniel know when the Messiah will arrive on the scene and this is huge because we can see from the Old Testament when the Messiah was to come well then it should settle all arguments about if Jesus was the Messiah or not I mean if you can look and see from the Old Testament where it says the Messiah should come at this date well we can look and see what happened in the future and if Jesus fulfilled it so what you are about to see in this video is so important and let’s go ahead and get into it so the angel comes to Daniel and he gives him a time frame of 70 weeks until the Messiah comes and the visions are fulfilled in a chapter 9 verse 24 this is what the angel tells Daniel seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your seed to finish transgression and put an end to sin to atone for wickedness and to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal both vision and profit and to anoint the most holy so the angel comes to Daniel and he gives him a 70 week time frame until these visions that he’s been seeing start happening and in verse 25 he is going to let Daniel know when the Messiah will come first 25 know and understand this from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One the ruler comes there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks so he says that after there has been a decree to rebuild Jerusalem there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks until the Anointed One the ruler comes so basically he says there be seven plus 62 which is a total of 69 weeks after the decree is made that the Anointed One will come on the scene so first of all who is the Anointed One the ruler here that it says is going to come well most commentaries agree that the anointed ruler that Daniel mentions here is the same person he was referring to in his previous vision in Chapter 7 in the earlier vision Daniel refers to this individual called the son of man who will be given the greatest kingdom of all and so it makes sense here that this anointed ruler who will come and is the same person that Daniel was referring to in his previous vision the Son of Man the Messiah and so let’s look and see who is this anointed one says rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One the ruler comes well if you click or says tools and look at the original hebrew word you will find he says rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah the Prince so the word that was translated from Hebrew into the word Anointed One is actually from the Hebrew word mashiac or Messiah and as you can see here the word mashiac often refers to anointed or messiah is often translated as the Anointed One the Messiah the Messianic prints the king of Israel the high priests of Israel so it’s pretty clear here that when it says the Anointed One is referring to the original hebrew word the mashiac or the messiah so when he says that this anointed ruler is going to come he says this is when the Messiah is gonna come and arrive into the picture on the scene and so let’s look at the timeframe that Daniel is given until the arrival of the Messiah so the angel said from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah comes there will be a time frame of seven weeks and sixty-two weeks which is a total of 69 weeks so after that decree is may 69 weeks later the Messiah should be on the scene so if we’re going to see if Daniel was accurate about the coming of the Messiah the first thing we have to do here is find out when there was a decree that was made to restore and rebuild Jerusalem because if we can find out that then we have a starting point well thank God for a documented history because from commentaries and archeological findings we know that there were four decrees that were made by three different kings to rebuild the temple and from the books of Ezra and Nehemiah we find that the decree that Daniel is referring to here most fits the timeframe of the third king our tax receives the first of Persia and the date that he made a decree to rebuild their temple was in 457 BC so the prophecy said that after the King issues a decree which happened in 457 BC there would be 69 weeks until the Messiah comes well break out your calculator do the math 69 weeks how many days of 69 weeks 483 days so according to this Old Testament prophecy if we start from 457 BC and AD 483 days to that we should arrive at when the Messiah was here on the scene mm-hmm well and there’s anything that we’ve seen from the last two videos it’s that whenever the Old Testament deals with prophecy and numbers like this if you want to see how it was fulfilled you have to use the prophetic code in the Book of Jonah we saw how the code was one day equals one year and that showed us how the Jonah prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD when Jerusalem fell in the last video about the Hosea prophecy we saw how the code was one day equals one millennium and that revealed exactly when the nation of Israel will be revived and so since Daniel here yeah I mean this prophecy is also dealing with days and numbers we already know that there’s going to be a code involved so the question is which code do you use well just like the other codes you can’t just plug in some unknown random multiplication and hope that you land on something that happened in history you have to use the codes that the Bible provides and what we see is that the code that fits here is the same one for the Jonah prophecy that day two-year code so here are a few scriptures that refer to this code Ezekiel it says I have assigned to you forty days a day for each year and also in numbers it reads for forty years one year for each of the forty days you explore the land you will suffer for your sins and so here we have a couple of examples of how often with prophecy the number of days that it mentions really points to the number of years that something will happen in the future so all we have to do here is apply the day to year code in this prophecy just like we did with the Jonah prophecy and so if we start at 457 BC instead of adding 483 days into the future if we change that to 483 years that brings us to 27 a.d now if you do the counting you would land on 26 but here’s the thing with BC and AD zero isn’t actually a year so you don’t count zero so if you count from 457 483 calendar years into the future we’ll bring it to 27 ad so let’s see what happened in 27 ad and so I’m using here the Bible hub chronology site and I love this site because it has gathered the chronology and dates from many of the top historians and academic sources and they have placed them all here for us to have and see and so this is a an amazing resource and so when we scroll down to 27 ad well look at where we land Wow that’s when he began his ministry in between the six ad we have him being baptized and after he was baptized it says that he was full of the Holy Spirit which led him into the wilderness and he was tempted in 27 ad and then right after that he called his first disciples in 27 ad that’s why Daniel was told that it would be 483 years until the coming of the Messiah when he would be on the scene doing the work of the children this is amazing because here from the Old Testament we are given the exact timeframe for when Jesus would arrive on the scene in 27 ad now the reason this is such a big deal is because this was this is in the Old Testament and archaeological evidence the Dead Sea Scrolls and many others proves that this was written hundreds of years before Jesus came to the world before the Incarnation took place and so this is pivotal because it means that now we have something here that clearly shows the world that Jesus is the Messiah and guess what else history shows that if 408 BC Jerusalem was finally rebuilt which is another fulfillment of prophecy because 408 BC is exactly forty nine years after 457 BC which would be seven prophetic weeks seven times seven seven days 49 years just as the angel said and then after that you have Jesus coming into the scene around 22 7 ad now here’s the thing when Jesus came onto the scene around 27 ad he didn’t arrive the way many expected the Messiah to come you see just like how you and I study prophecy today there were many Jewish sects and groups at the time that study prophecy in detail and so they knew about the Daniel prophecy and they were expecting around 27 ad that the Messiah would come however they thought that the I would come in his kingly glory they thought that his first coming would be when he would overthrow every human government and set up his throne in Jerusalem and so as you could imagine many groups who were expecting the Messiah to come or her disappointed one of those groups were the S Eames they figured hey if the Messiah is gonna be here around 27 ad we might as well get far away from the Roman Empire because the Messiah is gonna come here he’s gonna destroy it he’s gonna destroy every government and he’s gonna be ruling from his throne so we might as well just camp out here in the middle of nowhere and form our own community and just wait until the Messiah comes and that’s what they did they went into the mountains and they took all of their Scrolls with them and they waited he waited and sadly the Messiah didn’t come the way they expected but you see while they were near the Dead Sea in caves are waiting for the Messiah to come to bring this physical Kingdom the Messiah Jesus was here but he was bringing the kingdom not not physically but spiritually through the Holy Spirit oh man now when Jesus returns at the second coming he will bring the kingdom physically he will set up his throne in Jerusalem just like the Messianic prophecies foretold I mean all the all the things the Old Testament spoke about in science they have to be fulfilled and so at the second coming you will see all of that he will reign on the earth in his kingly glory it’s gonna be amazing the great thing is that we will be there and be a part of it and so we will do a video explaining why didn’t Jesus physically set up his throne the first time he came why did he have to come here and die first and then he is gonna come again to do all that why didn’t he just do it the first time well there’s an important answer to that and so that video it will come and it’s going to be a goal so this Daniel prophecy it’s not over yet because remember the angel gave Daniel a 70 week time frame until this prophecy is complete and so what we’ve been looking at here it’s just the 69 weaken of the prophecy and we saw how during this part of it the Messiah Jesus came onto the scene and he began his ministry so what happened is in the final week of the prophecy what was foretold well let’s see what the angel says about the final seven days or seven years of the prophecy Daniel chapter 9 verse 26 we’ve been looking at so far is 25 which is this first 69 weeks of the prophecy in verses 26 and 27 explained the final week after sixty-two sevens or weeks so this right here is going to talk about the final week after the sixty-two weeks have been completed you know this is moving into the last week he says The Anointed One the Messiah will be put to death and will have nothing now this is amazing because before it talked about how the Anointed One would come and then it says right here that the denoise when the Messiah would be put to death so I don’t know how anyone can be surprised that Jesus had to die when it says right here the Messiah will be put to death but notice this it says that he would have nothing now the original Hebrew language actually can be translated another way as well look at the footnote or it can read The Anointed One will be put to death but not for himself Wow so if you read it that way from the original Hebrew that’s saying the Anointed One will be put to death but not for himself why would it say that because Jesus didn’t die for himself he died for you and that’s why if you look at the King James version of this it just and translates it from the original Hebrew this way just says the Messiah will be cut off but not for himself so it just says not for himself and so you know again this is just amazing because it shows here that after 27 ad the Messiah will come and then he will die hmm all right so let’s keep reading the people of the ruler who will come well who is the ruler but we’ve already established that that anointed ruler is the Messiah the people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city in the sanctuary so who are the people of the ruler who are the Messiah’s people well he’s called the king of the Jews the the the Jewish people the Israelites now of course you know we know that through Christ we are all his people no matter what you know with your Jew or Gentile no matter your race anything like that but in this context the people of the ruler who will come is referring to the Israelites with the Jewish people and so it says that the Jewish people will destroy the city and the sanctuary well how are they going to do that how could the Israelite or Jewish people who have destroyed their own city in the sanctuary well let’s keep reading the end will come like a flood war will continuing to the end and desolations have been decreed now let me just say this before we can answer the question of how did the Jewish people the people of the Messiah destroy the city in the sanctuary we have to first just cover something it’s a verse 26 here this is all a summary of what takes place in the final week of the 70 week prophecy okay verse 27 is going to break down when the Messiah will be killed and how his people destroyed the city so let’s read he will confirm a covenant with many for one seven or as you can see seven here also is translated as a week so who is he we’re still talking about the Messiah The Anointed One the ruler so the Messiah will confirm a covenant with many for one week in the middle of the week he will putting in two sacrifice and offering and at the temple or the wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation until the end that is decreed is poured out on him now this is critical it says until the end that is decreed is poured out on and what can this also be translated from Hebrew ass it so if that is the case it can be translated as this upon the wing of the abominable temple until the end that is decreed is poured out on the city and so this can read and the Messiah is coming and there will be this abomination that is set up that causes desolation until the end is poured out on the city the city so here’s the thing verse 26 says that the people of the ruler who will come who are his people the Jewish people it says that they will destroy the city and how will they destroy the city who as it says right here there will be an abomination that is set up until destruction is poured out on what the city and when that is set up their city will become desolate so what they do how do they do it by setting up the abomination so now the question becomes what is the abomination that was set up what is the abomination that caused the destruction of their city and the desolation of it well look at this Deuteronomy you must not leave the body hanging on the pole overnight but be sure to bury it the same day because anyone who is hung on a pole is under God’s curse you must not desecrate the land the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance here it says that if a person’s body is left hanging on a pole it is a curse and if that curse happens the land will be desecrated you see the people of God were given Israel they were given Jerusalem as an inheritance as a as a land and so if they committed this curse what would happen they would lose it so did they commit the curse look what it says in Galatians Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us for it is written cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole he says that when Christ was hung on that cross that became a curse and what did Deuteronomy say what happened if the people of God committed that curse their land would be defiled my friends when they crucified Jesus on that pole on that cross they committed the abomination their calls desolation and that’s what happened we saw from Hosea and Zechariah in the last video and Jonah that if the people of God killed the Messiah they would be scattered and that their land would become desolate and that’s exactly what happened in 70 AD after the crucifixion when the Romans came and destroyed their temple and scattered them to all nations and so that’s why here and verse 26 it says that the people of the ruler his own people will destroy the city in the sanctuary how would they do that by setting up the abomination which will cause the desolation and what is the greatest abomination you could commit to crucify the Son of God but also notice what it says here in verse 27 it says that he the Messiah will also set up the abomination of desolation so it says that the Messiah not only his people but also he himself was set up this abomination destination well why because like Paul said he willfully became the curse his life wasn’t taken he gave his life he decided to become the curse for us so that we could live now we’re not done yet because this prophecy it gets even deeper it actually will tell you the exact timing of when the Messiah would be crucified so so remember verse 26 to 27 are all about the last final week or the final seven days of the prophecy and look what it says here it says that in the middle of the week the Messiah were putting in two sacrifice and offering in the middle of that last week he will put an end secre Feist and offering so he came on the scene between 7 ad and in the middle of 7 years with what is that why does it say that in the middle he were putting in to sacrifice an offering well what happened when Jesus was killed world in Hebrews chapter 10 it explains that when Jesus offered his life for this world his body became the final sacrifice and this is why when he died with his body being the final sacrifice for our sins that put an end to sacrifices and offerings and the thing is it says that in the middle of the week now why does it say that well there’s a seven-year period after 27 ad 7/2 so in the middle of set of that seven-year period we should see when his crucifixion took place when there is an end to sacrifices and offerings so I remember he came on the scene at the very beginning of 27 ad and so if you count three and a half years past that puts you right in the middle on 30a d so the question becomes what happened in 30 ad the crucifixion of Jesus Jesus was crucified exactly three and a half years after the Old Testament said he would come on the scene at the beginning of 27 ad he was crucified in 30 ad the exact timeframe that they said he would die be cut off – in sacrifice and offering it’s all there it’s I mean hey that’s it I can’t make this stuff up I’m not that smart um but God’s Word is oh my gosh so I’m gonna say it again this shows that the Messiah The Anointed One would arrive on the scene and in the middle of the last week or seven-year period he would die which would cause the desolation of the city of his people that would be the abomination that would cause the desolation now here’s the thing history shows us that exactly 40 years after 30 ad their temple Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD and after that their temple became desolate Jerusalem became desolate and they were scattered to the nations and if you want to see how the Bible actually also predicted that it would be exactly 40 years between when Jesus was crucified – whenever be destroyed be sure to see our video evidence that Jesus is the Messiah and so this is really groundbreaking here because the old testament said not only would jesus come on the scene at a certain year and it said that he would die at a certain year but then the old testament said that after that happens their city would be destroyed and history shows that after the time period which was set in the old testament their city was destroyed in 70 AD how could anybody say that prophecy is not real anybody who gets this anybody who with an open mind is sitting down to learn just understand and gets it this has got to be a life-changing thing because now you have something in your arsenal you have a tool I would say the ultimate apologetic tool to show the world that the Bible is too deep for just a couple of random people to have written its prophecy so if Jesus knew that his death would be the abomination that would one day cost Jerusalem to fall wouldn’t he warn the people wouldn’t he let them know well look at what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24 so here Jesus was talking to his followers about the fall of Jerusalem and the approaching destruction of its temple and he’s going to give them a warning here in verse 15 watch this and so when you see standing in the Holy Place the abomination that causes desolation spoken of through the prophet Daniel let the reader understand then those who are in Judea should flee to the mountains let no one on the housetop go down take anything out of the house let no one in the field go back to get their coke how dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers he’s telling them when this abomination happens when you see standing in the Holy Place that abomination my death you better get out of Jerusalem you better flee Judea because its destruction it’s all the way and that’s exactly what happened because of 70 AD after his death on the cross many of those who were still left in Jerusalem many Jews were killed taken into captivity their temple destroyed just as jesus warned them now Matthew chapter 24 is interesting because within that chapter Jesus also talks about the second coming and so some prophecy teachers mention how what Jesus was referring to here was not only about 70 AD and the abomination of his crucifixion but also might be a prophetic parallel of what will happen in the future when the Antichrist comes and sets up an abomination you see in Daniel chapter 11 it mentions that there will be an abomination that is also set up by a king and Paul also alludes to this in second Thessalonians when he talks about how the Anti Christ or the man of lawlessness will come and proclaim himself to be God and so this is why many people believe that the final week or final seven-year period of the Daniel prophecy is not only about what happened in the past with Jesus but is also a parallel of a future seven-year period of tribulation to come so there is more to this prophecy and we will have a video on that and we’ll see what God reveals but from this alone we’ve seen so much Daniel chapter 9 reveals when the Messiah will come when he will be killed and what would happen to the city of his people after he was killed it’s truly amazing my friends this is so big because if anyone Christian or not with an open mind sits down and hears this and gets it I don’t see how they could not conclude that Jesus is exactly who he is and at the very least they could at least conclude that this is some supernatural stuff here the Old Testament foretold his entire life so I’m asking you to help share this video we are all am as of Crace we all work for the king if you’re a part of a Facebook group share share the video there copy the link and share it with a friend in text messages share it with someone in your church and if there is someone that you know who still isn’t sold on Jesus let them see this let them see the Book of Daniel in chapter 12 verse 4 says that the meaning of his prophecies would not be truly understood until the end times and God is allowing us to see and understand things like this why because he wants us to be ready he wants us to have full confidence in who he is because there is something coming into the world that will greatly test the faith of people and God wants for the faith of his children to be rock solid and nothing builds faith like prophecy.

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