All The Free Filmstocks in Filmora 9

what is up guys welcome back to another filmora tutorial and today i’m going to be showing you how to access uh the free film stocks that you have in filmora it’s a little disclaimer you gotta have you know the legit filmora where you have to log in because this requires you to log in and that is how you’re going to be able to download these effects you have to log in and to log in you gotta have an account and that’s how they verify that you actually purchase the software you can access these film stocks several ways so i’m assuming that you’re logged into a few more and you have a few more open so i want to go ahead and show you this way of doing it because i think this is actually easier and it’s a little more straightforward alright so you want to go ahead and go to the right corner and you’re going to click the little person that’s on here which is account so once you click on that your account is going to pop up so as you can see this is my account obviously i have my email blurred and you can see that i i have the individual plan and it shows you when it expires all right so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go ahead and click where it says my effects so click on that right there it might take a little while to load if it’s your first time using this method but i just give it some time all right so once it loads this is gonna pop up and you’re gonna see that there is one on here which is free and it tells you is from the free library and the status is active so you can actually download this click where it says view more so click on that right there and this is going to open up your browser because it’s actually going to take you to the website for the marketplace and this is where you’re going to have a lot of options to pick and you’re also going to have you know a lot of ways to customize what you’re looking for all right so as you can see we’re now logged into the film stock so i didn’t have to log in it just took me straight to the website as you can see there’s a lot of options here right so you’re gonna go ahead and skip all this and go to where it says library so you want to go ahead and select the free library so click on that right there so you’re just going to go ahead and select the free library everything else doesn’t matter just select that it’s going to show you all the free film stocks that you can get there’s only one page but it’s a good amount they’re free at list let’s go ahead and find out one of these on here to download so i can show you the process we’re gonna get the virus pack just because of corona you know so when i get this so i’m gonna go ahead and click on the little download uh error on here so click on that this little pop-up popped up and it says open effects installer so this is the uh i guess the the thing that installs the different effects into filmora so you want to go ahead and open it you can actually click always allow film stock to open links and that’s if you want to do that but i wouldn’t recommend doing that i don’t i usually don’t do that i want to be able to see when it works and when it doesn’t and i don’t know what this error message is but uh let’s see if it works all right so this is pretty much it so as you can see once you download the effect or once you click the effects installer this little box is going to pop up again and it shows you uh and it’s going to show you uh the actual pack that you’re downloading and it also tells you that it came from the free library it has a little percentage here on the right side it’s about halfway done right now and it also tells you what this pack comes with so it doesn’t have any music it only has titles and there’s ten of them in that there’s also uh element there’s no elements there’s no transitions there’s no overlay there’s no filter and yeah so that’s why it’s pretty much you know downloading pretty fast because it’s only titles and as you can see this is pretty much done so you can actually reinstall if you can find it or if you access the only deleted so i’m going to go ahead and let’s go ahead and close this and go to filmora so i’m gonna go ahead and close this i’m gonna go ahead and go to titles and once you go to titles you’re gonna see that where it says film stocks we actually have at the virus pack which is on here and there you go there’s a lot of titles here that you can use and i think this look pretty awesome we might do a review of video on these tomorrow i don’t know you guys let me know if you want to see that video where i actually reviewed this and you can actually see different ways to use them but that is pretty much it for this video that is how you download uh and access the free um film stocks that they have in filmora and uh thank you so much for watching guys make sure you go ahead and hit the subscribe button below if you haven’t already and i’ll see you on the next one peace

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