Add Looping Video Backgrounds in PowerPoint 2013

Hi i’m ramgopal from presentation process comm in this video you will learn how to add looping video backgrounds in PowerPoint 2013 the beautiful looping video backgrounds you will learn to create today look like this as you can see here you can write whatever that you want to write here on top of a looping video background which keeps looping as the name suggests and you can have any type of video background that you want for example you can have a variation like this in this video I’ll show you where to find good video loops to add to your business presentations and how to add those looping video backgrounds so that your presentation file doesn’t bloat up too much my go-to resource for good quality video loops is this site called there you go to this option and find out videos and click on that and then you search for any kind of video loop if you just were to just say search then you will find all kinds of video loops and the best part about this is all of those video loops are arranged in such a way that you just need to place your cursor on top of a video and it will show you how the video loop plays and all you need to do once you decide on the right video loop you want to use in your business presentation you just need to go there and click on the certain video loop and it will take you to this particular page then you need to click on free download option and here you will see that there are quite a few size options available I would always choose 1 2 8 0 by 720 and not anything more than that because anything more would actually end up bloating your presentations because this is the maximum slide resolution so you don’t need to choose anything beyond 1 – 8 0 by 720 and once done you just click on download and automatically that particular video loop will then get downloaded here you just need to open that particular folder copy it and then you can paste it here or you can always insert go to video and then say video on my PC and then you can insert the video loop onto your slide here on a new presentation and I’m going to paste the video loop that I have copied from my earlier presentation and I’m going to show you how most people approach inserting a video loop onto their presentation if they want to create a presentation with multiple slides what they do is they go here add a new slide they go back to the loop they copy it and then paste it onto subsequent slides and what this does is every time you add a new slide with a video loop you actually are going to add another five point two eight or five point three MB or whatever is the size of your video loop and after a few slides your presentation gets bloated up and your performance really suffers the best way to add a looping slide background is you select the video go to playback option make sure that it starts automatically not on click starts automatically and then you check this particular option called loop until stopped which means this video background is going to play continuously until you stop it once you have this setup done you right-click you cut it and then you go to view you go to slide master go all the way to the theme slide master paste it and then you see the playback everything is automatically retained here as well you can of course do all the setting after you insert the slide in the slide master as well and then you right click and send to back now you close the slide master view and now you see that all the slides automatically have this looped video background now if I go here and add another slide you can see that that video background is automatically inserted and the best part about this is you don’t really have to bother too much about the presentation size because you are only using theme slide master in your additional slides that means your presentation will perform optimally now the best part is whenever you go to the slideshow mode you see that the presentation plays automatically because that is the way we set it up and it also loops continuously once it is finished and that gives us a beautiful nice background for to present our material now another benefit of adding your looped video background in your theme slide master is you can always choose any layout you want for example if I want to change this layout to say something like this title and content layout I can have that and I can write my title here and I can write my points here like say and so on and if you want you can even add animation to these points so you go to animation and let us say we are going to have wipe animation for each of the points on click then if I go to the slideshow mode you can see that my title is there and my bullet points are still not there on the slide because they are going to appear only on my click and instead of clicking here you are going to now press ENTER and that will introduce the point and as soon as the text is introduced you can see that the looked very video background stops automatically and that means your audience will not be distracted by your video presentation and you can keep presenting your slide and when you feel that there is a need for you to have the video background running you just go down and then clay and the video background plays so there are so many benefits to taking a looped video background and then going to view slide master go all the way up to theme slide master and paste it and then close master view so that is the secret to adding looped video backgrounds to your business presentations you like today’s video great just think about this it’s one thing to learn PowerPoint by picking up useful tips and tricks from different places but if you want to truly master PowerPoint and get some meaningful business results you need to go through a structured training program and that is why I created Ram Gopal PowerPoint mastery program it’s arguably the most comprehensive and creative PowerPoint training online whether you are a rank beginner or an advanced user of PowerPoint the lessons inside the program will take your skills to the next level and more importantly every lesson inside the program is laser focused to improve your business presentation skills so please click on the link below in the description area to find out more details about ram gopal powerpoint mastery program and by the way as a thank you gift for watching this video this far I have put together a useful free mini training called learn 25 creative PowerPoint ideas to make your slides slick and interesting if you’re a business owner an executor a trainer or a consultant you will find this 25 creative ideas extremely useful you can sign up for the free mini training by clicking on the button here I’ll also leave a link to the mini training in the description area below this video so please sign up and I’ll see you inside the mini training

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