A Webpage is a Conversation: How to improve the thought-sequence of your value prop

Welcome another edition of the quick link Linnet at marketing experiments calm this page was submitted by Prashant if you’re new to this sort of session we’re going to do a few minutes of analysis and try and help this leader and at the same time learn some sort of transferable principle that you can apply in your own context first thing I’d like to do is focus just on the top of the page and I want you to bear sort of your focus on the others notice it just changed and as you start to think about it for a moment you’re going to watch and it changes again and this is common we see this on sites everywhere and frankly the number one thing I would do if I were trying to improve this site is I would stop that motion people don’t start watching this at the beginning it changes just at the moment of interest we get frustrated trying to find out what it’s saying and in this case most of the images don’t even convey any clear message you have to work all the way down now look clean in fact I’ll just I’ll mark it up where you can see it all the way here before you start to see really any sort of communication let’s let’s measure that for just a moment we’re down past half of the page and yet you spent nothing to engage me in a dialogue now the key word for today’s dialogue because the point of a web page is that it is dynamic and communicating and the person who engages with this page is also engaging in the mental dialogue and you have to get into that conversation and speak to them you have to guide their thinking if you’re not guiding their thinking then you’re leaving them to make sense of what’s taking place now I applaud you on the idea you’re trying to help me understand why perhaps this is the right company but don’t ask a question I came with a question I’m not interested in your questions I’m interested in an answer so change that to an emphatic statement that has a subject in a predicate or at least an understood subject it needs to make sense it needs to make meaning use that line to save life and then what you say with what you have beneath the difference is I’m not stuck trying to make sense of changing images and then I’m presented not with a forceful statement but a question still no meaning and then I I get into this established in 2009 that’s not very powerful 2009 seems like yesterday and establishes an awful big word to use before I get any real context so now I have waited through four or five images I have a question instead of an answer I’m hearing a why instead of the reason I start to read text established in to that let’s count it one two three four five I’m five words in half way in the sentence and still I haven’t had any meaning I know nothing now I start to see it offers workplace and portfolio services to the world’s leading companies helping them create dynamic workplaces which just use that word one line above and mission-critical facilities this is a complex sentence that doesn’t do the hard work that a good opening signature to do and it’s not being supported by a strong headline or sub header and so I have to work very hard to get any sort of meaning and then underneath here I see conflict free solutions I assume that some sort of drop-down and transparent engagements but I see these four points but at present they don’t make any sense I don’t understand how they connect to the paragraph above they should be supporting evidential z’ that prove the main statement that you’re giving me it should represent the answer to this question if I am the ideal prospect why should I work with this organization rather than the other and if you’re not using this space to communicate that you’re hoping that I’m going to somehow presume it and that’s dangerous so the transferable principle the key to making this page better but the key to making everyone who watches this page better is a step back and say within the first few inches of my page am I clearly giving people an ultimate reason as to why they should stop and engage with the context of the page below get into the mental dialogue and speak with me in my communicating value proposition my communicating an ultimate reason am i getting inside of their thinking

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