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hello my name is John Ville I’m the author of supernaturally prophetic and supernaturally delivered I’ve just come to share some stories supernatural stories of things that have occurred in my life that were very very life-changing the first one I like to talk about is my experience with a Ouija board now for those that don’t know where the Ouija board is it’s a seemingly harmless game which is not harmless that where you contact dearly departed loved ones or just dead people so my I was living with my grandmother at the time and my mom Beverly and my aunt Helen we’re also living there as well so what happened was they purchased a Ouija board and they started to play this Ouija board so the night that they were playing I was there in fact the planchette the triangular-shaped object is used on a Ouija board which let me describe the Ouija board for you it’s got letters on it symbols you have yes you have no so what happens is that when people participate in this thing they they basically are asking the spirit to speak to them and what they do they place their hands on the planchette and this spirit moves it to different letters like you may ask it how long will I live and then the moods in certain numbers or it just say yes or no to yes or no questions almost like a magic 8-ball so what happens is that they were doing it this particular life night and my mom seemed to receive the most attention so what happened was my mom was asking it questions and in fact even before she really knew the true motives of what was behind the board it was very benign very very innocuous I mean just very very nice very friendly but then it started involved where it started to curse through the board and say all these vulgar things which I can’t repeat but my mom asked it she said how long will I live and the answer came to her it was something that that terrified her accosted read for years the board the thing through the board basically told her that she would be dead in ten years now the time my mom was 26 years old so she was very concerned over the if we jump to the next ten years she throughout those years as it got closer to her 36th birthday she talked about death like no other she would just say well when I’m gone just take care of your brother when when this happens you know you know the brevity of life life is so short and as she’s saying this as we come closer to that birthday I’m praying to God I said lord please don’t let my mom died please don’t don’t let her die and thankfully she did not die she lived another 27 years and which I’m so thankful for and when she did unfortunately passing away she passed away not at her 36th birthday but I had her 63rd birthday and that was pretty weird to me it still kind of bothers me now I know that my mother was saved I was there when she passed away I spoke to God about it and God gave me confirmation that she’s with him so I’m thankful for that but it just shows the dangers of utilizing this board this witch board as you may say this you don’t want to mess with it the last story I want to talk to you about it’s probably one of the most supernatural things that’s ever happened to me personally I was 19 years old I made the decision to get saved I was going to North Carolina century in Durham North Carolina and I was I was just in that that place of being young wanting to do my own thing wanting to have fun but I had this call upon my life I knew God was warming me that was drawing me and so I was very confused it was a very confused time and so I had done some things to the point where I back slid so I come home for college on break I had on shorts gym shoes and a t-shirt and I’m telling you this for a reason I was with a friend of mine and he had a BB gun and the BB gun was very heavy as a hard black metal and he said on several occasions he had been picked up by the police because they thought it was a real gun and so as we were walking on this warm warm summer night we found ourselves in an alley and I talking about it and somehow I got the gun in my hands I don’t know if he just said here you go or if I asked him for the gun but somehow I had it so we saw this dog at the end of the alley being young and kind of dumb you know we decide we’re gonna shoot at this dog I know that’s wrong I would never do anything like that now but we that’s what we decide to do the the dog just instinctively just took off across the busy street and ran into another alley so we began to chase him I think I’m slightly behind my friend and I’m running and I have the gun in my hand so I’m running with this gun just like this just running with the gun in my hand all of a sudden I hear a voice now this is not like like a voice speak like the Holy Spirit speaking your spirit and your spirit translates this is like an actual voice that you hear someone talking to you just just in person so this voice seemed to be like right at my ear and it said take the gun put it in your shorts and put your shirt over and I believe I said what that’s like what you know because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and then I heard the voice again it said take the gun put in your shorts and put your shirt over it and it’ll have more urgency like like I needed to do this and I as I was running I mean as long as it took me to tell you that was not how long it took for it to be said it was like a split second this is all while I’m running across a busy street and so I take the gun put in my shorts and put my shirt over it not knowing why I’m doing this the dog runs into another alley I’m on one side my buddies on the other side and and we’re looking trying to see where this dog is so we can shoot at it right so wrong but but the thing about it is that what happens next is that two motorcycles pull up behind us and I think they either said freeze that turn around and once they said that I turned around and as soon as we both turn around as soon as we turn around the the people on the motorcycle they pulled their guns out they drew their guns and had them pointing right at us soon as I saw the guns drawn I put my hands up and my friend did too and I said you know what’s going on what’s going on they identified themselves as undercover detectives and they saw us running across this busy street they’ve gotten a report of robbery in the area and when they saw his running they thought we had committed the robbery so I said no I’m I’m just home uh you know home on break from school I’m in college you know we’re just we saw Dawg were just trying to chase the dog and just having some fun he says one of them says we’ll be more careful next time and they pull off into the night as we’re walking away I don’t even think I told my friend that I heard a voice because I didn’t want him to think I was crazy and so we just walked on and then later on it didn’t dawn on me at that time because really I didn’t know who was talking to me I don’t know it was God I didn’t know who it was that was talking to him but all I know it saved my life and so later on I was reading in the Bible it talked about angels being ministers to them that shall become the heirs of salvation and so God knew that I would preach his word God knew that I would write books God knew that would do a work for him and he preserved my life and I’m so thankful now what was so amazing about it is God or the angel of the Lord didn’t come to me saying I’m Gabriel this is what you need you know he didn’t come with a lot of formality he just told me what I need to hear to save my life and if I hadn’t listened if he hadn’t repeated it I would not be here today that’s what started helping me to realize that God had a call on my life and it could be the same for you God will cause you you may not even just heard God’s voice audibly but God has probably saved your life many times and you didn’t even know about it but I was just so amazed at how much God cared about me even in my backslidden state God knew my future he knew my purpose and he knows your purpose and your future and that’s why it’s so important to listen to the voice of God listen to what he says listen to when he warned you because there are some places before I go the Lord will speak to my spirit my spirit would speak to me and tell me not to go no don’t go here because every times that I didn’t listen I was very hard-headed I went and did something God didn’t tell me to do and I wound up in trouble that’s why I’m learning as I get older to really listen to the voice of God really listen to what he says and what what he’s telling me in order to know God’s voice you’ve got to listen to it consistently because if you have a friend and you talk to the friend all the time like you friends for years when they call you you don’t have to say who is this you know who’s calling you know who’s calling because you’re accustomed to their voice is the same with God as long as you get accustomed to his voice you start to know and and and hear his voice and know it’s him talking to you and he can keep you out of a lot of trouble but I’ve experienced so many supernatural things in my life what is your gifting what did God call you to do once you find out your purpose you start to start to walk in it and operate in it at that time I didn’t know what my purpose was I didn’t want to be a prophet I don’t want to be a pastor I had no inclination to do any of those things but I had a strong calling of God in my life and a lot of times you’ll you’ll go through supernatural experiences throughout your life because God has his hand upon your life so if you’re going through a supernatural experience even if some of y’all can relate to what I’ve gone through to what has happened to me you want to consider the call of God upon your life you want to really consider that that God is calling you and it is your season it is your time to answer the call of God upon your life because you want to use you in a miraculous way so I encourage you today I encourage you I pray for you I decree over your life that you will find your purpose if you haven’t found it already you will start to walk in godly authority walking godly purpose and I just speak and declared that he will speak to you on a higher level and if you’re in ever in situations where you’re going through that God will speak to you directly and just tell you and warn you to keep you from any adversity in terms of tragedy or accidents I just speak that in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus I really pray that my testimonies have blessed you that you’ve gotten something out of it thank you for this time to share god bless you and hope to see you later you [Music]

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