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hello friend this is dr. Francis miles I am the senior pastor of laff-fest Church in Tempe Arizona I’m so excited to be able to share with you my supernatural story and at the end of sharing my supernatural story I want to release a miracle into your life by the power of God because you know what God still works miracles do I have a miracle story I was deathly sick and I mean I was deathly sick I had boils all over my face I saw lost weight that I went down to and a hundred pounds I was looked skinny it was a time when AIDS was becoming a big thing so people thought I had AIDS and me and I knew I did not have it and that I was in constant pain the pain was excruciating out cry myself to sleep sometimes I would drink myself to sleep you know I I just had to find a way to deal with it and the boils kept appearing in on my on my body and at the time nobody around me was connected to the supernatural you know we heard about witchcraft and what the devil can do and that even terrified me even the more but one day I at the high school I was going I there was a young man who who became a radically saved he used to be a difficult young man in high school but daily gonna radically saved and just became a level of Jesus and one day it came to me that Francis you know you need to come to me to an Assemblies of God Church I said to him no I can go to an Assemblies of God Church I’m a Catholic you know I just can do that you know and then he said some to me to me that I would never forget and that what what God used to do to bring me in he said to me France is what good to the world is a dead Catholic I said that you said he got a point he said to me why don’t you come to our church we believe in healing the sick she’s realized that yeah we believe in the healing of the six who the supernatural power of God well I visited his church code but a novice emmys of God and for the first time in my life I hid the gospel of Jesus that I could be saved that could give my life to Christ I don’t know how I got to be torture but they told me I rain to the odor and give my life to Christ was I hear that every day I was not but a month later I would be a month later I was sleeping in the house where I was staying when something supernatural out for ever changed my life happened to me past midnight a brilliant white light the glory of God came to me as the ball of white light and this ball of white light went through my entire physical body when I was lying on the lying on the bed and and all of a sudden something supernatural HAP it’s like my body was like Abba was that a luggage it became unzipped and my spirits jumped out of my body I saw a part of me I was thinking to myself am i dying because I could see my body my physical body lying motionlessly on the bed but I stood by for the first time I I saw myself in my spirit I was I I mean I mean and then all of a sudden the power of God pulls me out and I found myself on the roof of the house where we were staying at the time when I was standing at the roof of the house right in front of me is a demonic being now I this demonic being had force at eyes that were filled with rage and hatred I had a complete knowing that this demonic entity hated me with a passion but the funny thing is I was not afraid of it normally they I would be terrified but I was not afraid my spirit man who was now born-again was not afraid of this demonic presence and was standing in front of me then all of a sudden what we looked at each other the heavens above us opened up like somebody just drew a circle in the heavens and white light began to come through this portal and it covered the entire neighborhood it’s so lit up that I could see I could see little items on in the neighbor’s yard I literally thought the entire neighbourhood was gonna wake up to see this brilliant light that had come to cover the entire neighborhood I said surely everybody must be seeing this but I was the only one later to discover who was experiencing this supernatural event and all of a sudden in the middle of the white light I see the golden hand a majestic hand of Jesus coming down and I knew it was Jesus because he had a big nail imprint on his arm as the arm of the Lord came down and then all of a sudden I had a head out of his out of his hand door opens up this door opens up and a scroll comes out and in it be as it comes down rolling down it becomes into this scroll that as I reach out to touch it it goes into my body it disappears into my body then I heard the audible voice of God for the first time in my life and the law I know and the audible voice that God said to me son used the world at this moment me and this this demonic Bing began to struggle we are fighting the fight was 50/50 but when the Lord said use the word out of my spirit came the only scripture I knew at the time for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16 that’s all I knew at the time and so that scripture comes out of me and I speak it to this I just I speak it to this demonic being and all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning from one end of the heavens to the next and then a thundered it thundered I’ve never had this level of thunder it’s like the best thunder you’ve ever had multiply it a million times I thought the entire neighborhood houses were gonna collapse it found that the work that I felt for the first time in my life the authority of the word of God and the next moment what I saw is the demonic being fell poor straight before me and I it was shaking and for the first time I began to smell fear that the demonic being was afraid of me and then the demonic being turned and began to run away from me and as it was running away from me the Lord began to speak to me as a son that that demonic entity that you just encountered and wrestled with is the spirit of death is a spirit of disease that was trying to destroy you it is was it was the one behind all the sufferings you’ve gone you’ve been you’ve gone through but I have held you this day and as soon as the Lord said that I was sucked into this white mist and it drew me back into my body and when I when I got back when my speed but but into my body I immediately woke up do you know that what do you know I was startled when I looked at my body all the boils on my face on my on my hands completely disappeared as though they had never been on my body I knew I had been I’d been healed I knew that night I had encountered the resurrected Yeshua the resurrected Jesus Christ I knew the Pala God was real I was a living testimony of the healing power of God I was completely healed you know I believe that you are not listening to this by accident I believe that the reason why you are watching me right now is because you may be in need of a supernatural encounter with the supernatural God we serve a God of miracles he hasn’t he is not dead you know like you know like the movie says God is not dead he’s truly not dead he’s working miracles signs and wonders today and I believe that today can be the day you get the miracle that I got that completely changed my life and gave me a new lease on life I would have believed that God is a God of signs and wonders you know if you just released your faith for literature faith for what you need God to do I believe God is gonna touch you right now supernaturally you know the Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God that’s why I wanted you to tell my supernatural story you see testimonies are very powerful because what God would do for one one person he is going to do for another person and I believe that today you are that person you are the one that God wants to deliver Jesus died on the cross that you can be healed so I believe that the power of God is going to come through and begin to touch your body you know so right now wherever you are I would just like for you to let your faith ask Jesus to heal it ask Jesus to give you your own miracle because the supernatural power God is present right now to heal you so in the mighty and glorious name of Jesus I’m coming against that demonic presence that that is harassing you that’s afflicting you I declare and declare that you’ve been having if you’ve been having sleepless night I declare that God is going to begin to break through for you and give you a restful night as God delivers you from the speed of operation if you’ve got cancer I’d come against that speed of cancer and I declare and decree that God is healing you from cancer boy have we seen so many people healed from cancer in our ministry and I’m praying to God that you are going to be added by God’s supernatural power to the list of people who have received miracles through this ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I declare and decree that the Lord is touching you in every area where you need the move of God maybe Oh supernatural move that you’re looking from the Lord is in the area of finances do you know God can supply your needs financially supernaturally boy we’ve got Testament where people do receive some financial finances from the Lord when they did not know where the money was going to come from so right now I released the supernatural in the area of finances I declare and decree right now that things are going to begin to share at man who begin to come to you from unexpected sources right now I declare this by the Spirit of God God will provide our needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus so I list the glory for supernatural manifestation of finances into your life in Jesus mighty name you know we had a woman that we recently prayed for whose husband at left track went to a different country but after prayer he called her after one year of not hearing from him he was crying on the phone said I want to come back home and be the husband I was caught to be listen to me I really believe somebody out there your marriage is in trouble you need a supernatural intervention of God right now we list a power of God over your marriage right now we are rest the end of the devil we’ve speak a miracle into your marriage in Jesus name we declare and decree that something supernatural is going to happen in your home in your marriage where you can say look at what the Lord has done I declare this by the power of all-mighty God remember we serve a God of signs and wonders he will serve a God who paid the price for the healing over everybody you know you are not unique to God doesn’t matter what you did as a matter of fact God forgives you you need to forgive yourself and receive the healing power of God just like God did for me you can do it for you you know I sense there’s somebody out there you are dealing with the tumor in the body God is dissolving the tumor right now in the name of Jesus Christ may the God of the supernatural give you your own supernatural testimony because God is not a respecter of persons if you are thirsty for his presence God is going to release his presence into your life God is alive and well and still working miracles thank you again for listening to my supernatural story this is dr.


Francis mouth saying Shalom Shalom thank you again for listening to my supernatural story may God include yours to the chronical miracles in God’s kingdom Shalom Shalom [Music].

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