7 – The Seven Trumpets | The Book of Revelation

You it is my privilege that we can continue our study in the book of Revelation the theme of today’s study is the seven trumpets now for this to study we would need a lot of more time than just a few minutes and it is a real challenge because if you look to all those interpretations that are around there and I was curious to see not as an orientation but just to see what is there and then I found different types all try to explain things and what I saw and what was for me most important is do I understand the purpose because if I don’t have a purpose for something I cannot figure out why they are there and usually I see that we do not ask these questions before we study Thanks what’s the purpose and you see that we found in our book of Revelation that the purpose of the book of Revelation is set clear it’s the revelation of Jesus Christ and we will never leave that out of our minds when we study this book it must be fulfilled in a certain time the ultimate goal is the light to the whole world that what must be realized in our time and the church it’s not a book that is to be revealed it’s the church that has to reveal Christ and they must use the resource the blood of Christ his life to be theirs and they will all do this by taking from the source of all things which is our heavenly father who is love and righteousness so let us see that we have seven churches with seven seals and seven trumpets and we look to the same timeline as we have set already before we have the first coming the second and a third coming and from the beginning there we have the Church of God Christ established his church with his 12 apostles and purposes that they should reach the world in order to restore them but the church must of course be restored first so that they can give the message and so Christ gave His disciples and they started in seven periods of time to come until today and we saw that their spiritual state is declining even in the first Church they lost a little bit of their first love there were few that didn’t do that so we had a remnant always in Smyrna we don’t have a remnant because the church is quite clear then in Pergamon it starts the greeting and you have a small remnant always but you see the church goes up and down and in the end God must reach its goal that he started it 2,000 years before and so we saw that the seven seals are those who bring the message and they go forth with the horses went forth conquering and to conquer disease the gospel is this Christ’s message that has to go and went out and it will go to the end then comes the Red Horse and we saw the spiritual faman with the dark horse and a spiritual death as a powerless message souls under the altar who cry for God’s righteousness and then we have the judgment scene in the sixth seal and in the seventh we have that silence in heaven and that is our going up from the earth towards to heaven in those seven days which is half an hour and then of course follows the Millennium for the Saints up in heaven and for Satan not down on earth and then comes the final judgement when Satan is released and all the wicked are resurrected for the final judgement now we want to study the trumpets and this study is I thought for me was most difficult because I know from my childhood the interpretation of the pioneers and somehow if I would have not had that interpretation before if I just would read the Bible and would go by that but I already studied back and forth in the old and the New Testament I would not come up with that explanation and I don’t say that I now I found out the way I believe we must study and must figure things out and I went from understanding the purpose now where do you find the purpose in this text box where is it written it must be somewhere uncovered and so in the seven seals I mean we find this purpose in the seven churches we know they must be restored the seven seals they bring it the they try and social that the someone must finish the work and they are seals that means they must come up with the sealing of God’s people so chapter 7 of Revelation is the purpose of the sealing that is God must have a people that are his and they are his restored on earth we have seen then the difference between the big multitude all the saved which are just sealed to not die the second time but this group must be restored because they must show in their lifetime that Christ is all their character they have his character and they must not die because they have been finished why should they need to die so that’s their privilege so that’s why the ceiling just shows where is the goal of this horses and this cry of the souls and the judgment and now we must find out where do we find the purpose of the trumpets and I could only find it in that thing in between you see we have in between the sixth and the seventh year we have the ceiling and now we have between the sixth and the seventh trumpet we have chapter 10 and parts of chapter 11 and then we will find also in the seven plagues we will have between the sixth and the seventh flag a a a part that doesn’t belong to the flag itself but shows like we must see the model the purpose that’s why I found here in Chapter eleven the purpose of the ceiling because it is in the midst so it must be there and I must figure out why was it written so and here in chapter 11 it says after John saw that John saw Christ’s the angel with the little booklet and we will come back at the end to see that more closely but just start from verse one from chapter eleven from revelation and there was given me a reed like unto a rod and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein but the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles now if we see the beginning of the seven trumpets we find exactly the scene is from verse to chapter eight and I saw the seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censer and there was given unto Him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of All Saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne we speak about the same outer than the souls were there under it’s the altar of incense and the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the Saints ascended up before God out of the Angels hand and the angel took the censer and filled it with fire of the altar and cast it into the earth and there was were voices and thunderings and lightnings and an earthquake and the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound so the introduction of the scene makes sense with that what we find in this thing in between that the seventh ears which is there was given a rod and it is very clear what is a rod to measure for what what purpose is the measurement of that rod there must be something and when we looked at the whole Bible when it comes to measure it’s always judgment so there must be a judgment that takes place and who is judged it’s not the Ethan it’s not those that are the enemies like somehow it’s explained here the trumpets are a a intervention of God against his enemies which I cannot follow exactly because here it says it’s the people of God that needs to be examined and judged and so my purpose that I found in the trumpets is it is the measurement of the tempo that means it’s the judgment of God’s people and we will see if that all fits together and of course there is here and the Holy City shall they tread under foot forty and two months and I give this the power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days clothed in sackcloth now when did the two witnesses start their witness did they start it when John saw the vision of course they started it before now we have the Old Testament the New Testament the scripture and it started in Ephesus the two witnesses started to bring their message and by some circumstance as we will see later on when we come to see what it means the messengers who had this straight message of the gospel the two it’s words the 2x word that either heels or saves or destroys that means if all are born in darkness then if the gospel is rejected you remain there but the difference is that now you have responsibility because by irrationality someone was rejecting light and reason and so God says well I gave you all the means to become different you wanted to stay like this so now you’re responsible so the gospel the two witnesses are powerful witnesses and when you read there we have not the time to read but you can study and you see how they are described which what the power they have to save or to kill so it is they are those two as we we can read it these are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the god of the earth and here it’s sites from zechariah where we have this picture of the two olive trees and the candlesticks standing and what do they represent of coure they represent the power D all of the oil the Holy Spirit and of course the the light yes that brings to – in goes into the darkness so God sends all his power through his spirit and brings light to the world so these two messengers are there and of course they they are not just the books that’s not just the Bible the Old and New Testament someone needs to bear the message and we know who bears the message it’s the Church of God and in the white horse we also see what the message is but now in this dark time of church history then the message is from 538 to the end of the days in 798 they have to bring their witness in sackless like they are not in that power that was given to them and it even comes to the point where they I killed and we know that from history I right after this time of the end between 538 in 1798 we’re in the French Revolution the Bible was burned on the streets and it was forbidden them for three and a half years like the prophecy says it is so but then they rise from the dead that’s how it’s described and they go with the same power yes even with a greater power and why are they called witness because they are the witnesses in the judgement you see the language is used if it’s about judgment we have to speak about witness and our laude seer is the judge Church as that’s why Jesus says themselves I am the true witness because it’s a judgment setting that’s why the trumpet are a judgment and I cannot see that they are a judgment of the evil one first because all judgment when we go through the Bible cannot start with the heathen it must start with the people of God and so of course we could go and put all the the things here in this time period of the trumpets in in this industry are bad there is a few things that will come and disturb me if I do that so I put the trumpets in the judgment setting and since the judgement is starting from 1844 the trumpets must come beyond that now I understand when the Pioneers studied prophecy in the 1800s when they came across all those things they put and had to put the seven trumpets in the past since they were awaiting Jesus to come in a few months and of course they’re waiting Jesus to come in their lifetime so they could not bring anything in their interpretation that go beyond 1844 so first was 1843 and then it was 22 October 1844 and so and somehow it fits and it might be some people believe in double interpretation me personally I’m not inclined to that but it might be I’m not the measurement in this place but I would like to share the meaning that I think they have for us today the trumpets so we look to the picture the measurement of the temple we see it is measured we see the measurement up here and it is only measured the people of God because only they entered into the temple they were allowed to enter the temple it was not allowed that Gentiles should enter beyond that certain place in the court yard of the sanctuary or the temple I put here the century but the same thing we just must know something is out there for the day tiles and the people of God are the one that are measured in the temple and do they really need to be measured I mean if the people of God who ever once confessed Christ and I will say this none not a denominational thing it’s everyone that comes to Christ even those who are born again but we will see that even if someone is born again he might not make it because the new birth is no guarantee that you grow and we have here in in when we will see a little bit later how Jesus describes those things that there must be bearing fruit but if we look today to those professed people of God are they in the right shape today to do and fulfill God’s purpose that he describes the revelation are they there that when he says to them now let’s start do the job are they ready to do it or are they in a terrible dark place in a terrible apostasy believing things are ignorant of reality if I look around myself I see the same darkness the same knowledge that we can find at the beginning when Jesus came on the earth when he found his people in total yes they were totally departed from God they were searching the scripture Jesus says in John 5 but they were not receiving him so how could that be he was the fulfilling of the scripture because their minds were darkened they had narrowed down their minds and religion and all ideologies go not a way to open up our minds we just get narrowed down and this is not the purpose of God God’s people needs to grow they get to get wide minded and in that widening there is no contradiction to that what you want learned if it’s a contradiction and something is wrong so the people of God today are not ready to fulfill the job and so God must measure them and the only way to measure them is through judgments you see loud Asiya we have seen is poor miserable and naked and all those five things and Jesus comes and says I offer you to buy from me gold tried in the fire white clothes and I felt that you see but if you see everything you don’t need if you have your own righteousness you don’t need the righteousness of Christ or you just misunderstand it and so how can he intervene and we find that in the 7th church that he says him whom I love I rebuke and chasten this is judgment this is sifting this is sealing this is this is preparing a people who is able to give the message God was again and again in the history of this earth so to say in human language disappointed because his people didn’t do the job why he was called them to do they got a pasta sized they went away so if God wants to finish what he has in his mind to finish then he must make a work of separation in his people and so we find that the work of separation was in the past and I believe it will be also in the future according to a pattern that God used so we find in Zechariah I read first zechariah chapter 13 and there we find an interesting thing on the beginning on the chapter it says in that day and we know that’s the Judgment Day there shall be a fountain open to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness so there is a remedy there to make them clean so that’s the introduction of the chapter and I just go to the to do the verse seven awake o sword against my shepherd and against the man that is my fellow says the Lord of Hosts smite the Shepherd and the Sheep shall be scattered and I will turn my hand upon the little one so we know this is a prophecy that Jesus uses about himself is that this word will come and kill me and if you smite a shepherd what will happen with the Sheep but it is a continuing in this promise says what and the Sheep shall be scattered and I will turn my hand upon the little ones that is I go toward those who have remained over from the coming of the Swart you see when when Jesus was crucified his disciples had to be trained to not be sifted through and that’s why he trained them and a year and half before he he brought judgment while saying there in John 6 if you don’t eat my flesh and drink my blood you are going to not eat the manna and then they said come and eat and he invited them and said if you eat my flesh and drink my blood you will not live for you any more but you’ve lived for me like I live for the father’s sake and they separated he separated through the message the 70 disciples they went away now I imagine the 70 disciples would have been with this with this twelve disciples when Jesus was crucified and when in that sudden situation they went off so God must before he brings that final suffering which I believe is only then when his people is ready he must prepare them Jesus knew even though they would be disappointed like the one was disappointed in the and the first Advent movement they will not give up that remnant those few people will see how a big difference was it when they started and how many remains so Jesus prepared his disciples so that they should not fall when the shepherd is smitten with this world and he will turn to that little my hand upon the little ones that is those little people who have remained into the flock so the disciples overcame that sifting that judgment because Jesus prepared them and he he shifted out the 70 disciples who were in their heart not really bound to Jesus even though they he accepted them as disciples they went and did miracles they healed but when they left him they left him forever so in Zechariah we read further on and it shall come to pass that in all the land and the all the land is Israel is the church or the people of God says the Lord two parts therein shall be cut off and dies so two parts fall right away they even come into the closer sifter and we will see that it always was in the past that’s why I take the past the pattern for me God is working in patterns so that we can understand so that’s what the Bible says that what was will come again and there is nothing new under heaven so we just want to learn the pattern for that’s for our time so 2/3 fall away so right away and if we take just the disciples the twelve and the 70 and you made a ratio you see that how many I’ll just cut off right away right away but the third shall be left there in and I will bring the third part through the fire and we’ll refine them as silver is refined and we’ll try them as gold is tried and they shall call on my name and we will hear them I will say it is my people and they shall say the Lord is my god so is that interesting the third is not yet ready it must be cleansed and it is divided into lost and righteous one and so the righteous ones are also two parts leaders and helpers but since this is not only with Zechariah and is not written for our time I mean it’s written for our time at the end we go back and read Ezekiel chapter 5 now in cql is very very similar to revelation and they will find a lot of things there Ezekiel 5 and in Ezekiel 5 it’s the same thing the Church of God the people of God are fallen apart and now judgment comes over them and I read here from verse 1 chapter 5 and those son of man take the a sharp knife take the ax barbers razor and cause it to pass upon thine head and upon thy beard then take the balances to weigh and divide the hair so you must have had some hair to cut it down and then divide it though shalt burn with fire a third part in the midst of the city when the days of the siege are fulfilled so he had to burn the first part right away and thou shalt take his third part and smite about it with a knife and the third part shalt scattered in the wind and I will draw out a swart after them so we have three parts and you go also that one part dies away the second and then the third and look how God makes it though shalt also take there off a few in numbers so that’s from the third part he takes a few number and binds them into the skirts and also from this few numbers then take of them again and cast them into the midst of the fire and burn them in the fire for there of shallow fire come forth into all the house of Israel now this is different than he by he he burns the other one so we must understand the symbols and for me it’s it’s beautiful that remnant this dad which is sifted out that which is found good but among them there are the leaders and I think the leaders are them that I put in the midst of the fire for their off shell of fire come forth into all the houses this is a a fire off of life of bringing the light because they are tried in the fire and they just now shrine so I would say this are the hundred and forty four thousand these are the sealed from those who remain from that that sifting of that third part to three parts to third are left it’s gone and even if we look to the parable of Jesus he’s first parable about the semen the sore when forced to to saw the grain and we find there are four grounds the first ground is the the the the way where it’s hard and the birds come and pick away so this is not God’s people but we find that the third ground that’s the second ground with the stony ground and and the with the tares and then we find a good ground so if we take this three as a whole we have three times 1/3 these are the whole who are so to say they get and they become born-again and they grow but they don’t finish the growth 2/3 of them fall right away apart only one third brings fruit so you see that’s why I was wondering why in the trumpets it’s always speaking about 1/3 now some people say well it’s just a part of it but now the whole church to all the people of God must be judged but you see 2/3 I’ve just sifted out they did don’t even come into the the the thing to think that they will be find faithful so here for me the trumpets are the cleansing of the third of the people and I go through them just very fast because we are the time is all run away the first trumpet is the tribulation persecution that comes upon that third of the people and the people of the grass and the people are the trees and they come down the hailstone and they put them under tribulation and persecution and those who are cleansed are cleansed and those who are not cleansed are left out and then there is this big mountain that is put into the the ocean and some people believe that’s a real material that comes and kills a third part of the ships and fishes and the third part becomes blood no when we see again in Ezekiel where it says say lift up thy sword against a mountain so a mountain is the place where the people brought their their their idols that was idol worship and been shot God says I go against mountain it was not a mountain that’s the problem so he put that mountain into a war and says it must be cleansed the people that are somehow worshiping somewhere they must through war and bloodshed get away from it or not and then the one that comes – that makes the water bitter or poisoned whose Alice’s as the false teachings and the false teaching God is sifting people who go after false teaching somewhere they don’t have the ground said well and so that’s why God uses even the false teachings to cleanse his church because he who picks up the false teachings will die and that happens in this third trumpet and then of course Sun Moon and stars what are they we find again in the dream of Joseph they are the leaders as his father mother and the brothers so here we find that the leaders are in total ignorance in spiritual darkness and they must be also cleansed and it is just a third that is there because the other already fall apart so here it comes that Christ wants to cleanse leaders and the people those are the two groups that enter into this cleansing process that’s why I believe it’s always said a third part a third part if not I I could not figure out anything else better baby some people know it better but for these four things they are very simplistic and they come across and it’s clear it’s not a big thing but now we come to the fifth and there it becomes a little bit more difficult now there comes that angel and that ego that flies in the midst of evidence says there are two or three woes that come upon the earth woes are terrible things and so in we find that and that was bringing me I couldn’t go over that this fifth seal which just says something that was making me bring me a lot of of thought issues comparing it with the the the pioneers understanding so we know the fifth I don’t read everyone everything them but from verse 5 chapter 9 and to them it was given that they should not kill them but that they should be tormented five months and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion when his track of a man but I want to read verse four and it was commanded them this this locusts that look like cones and so on and it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth neither any green thing neither any tree so now here this cannot be the people because people are counted here as being the people and so it’s justice because locust usually go and eat from the grass and eat from those green things but here they are not for that there because they have to hurt only but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads now supposedly we could say this means that the people that were sealed and have the seal of God must be present because why should there be a division why should they only Turman those humans that have not the seal so obviously in the fifth thing in the fifth trumpet there is a clear separation between the cleanse the sealed and the lost so we find that here and I put this after the end of probation I just from how I would understand it because we find certain patterns again that we have here people that are in deep remorse they want to die but they cannot but they do not convert and now that needle in the sixth they do not convert so the second and third woe comes upon people even though it’s the hardest thing they get the remorse they understand that they did wrong but is not converted when you go through this fifth you see that’s a a a total different type of a trumpet like what if the ones before and it looks it is just a spiritual thing that goes on in the minds of this way because the scorpions and that the the the the tails that they have we find also in the Bible and in the in the revelation we find that the power of the devil by deception to work and no they were deceived and they find themselves as deceived they see that they are deceived and they see that they followed the wrong preachers and so on but I still do not convert now some people might come and say well how do you know that’s about the seal of God in their foreheads now would you ever think it’s not about those sealed in chapter 7 would I just try to find another group that is sealed here in this context for me then the 5th trumpet must come when we have the sealed already sealed so it must be in that last part of world’s history and of course when I see this trumpet I would love to believe they have already passed and we are between the 6th and the 7th but according to the text we find here that there is a division between the sealed people and not sealed and I cannot think on other sealed people here than those 144,000 now this is why they cannot even they have in deep remorse they search for to die but they cannot die because they are in this great distress and since it’s very literal here I find even the 5-month might be very literal it’s there a deep remorse it’s a fight that you have in your mind and then it cannot be a hundred for fifty years at taking there yeah because the sealed one won’t live 150 years that’s just a very short period of time the end of probation comes very very close time and then we come to the sixth trumpet which is releasing the four winds from your front and I cannot understand something else then that happens in the seven plaques and then a third of the Lost died the the seal don’t die and the other ones under this great plaque which is a war which is which is really there a fighting and we saw there is big big rumors of big war going on there with was horseless men and then all this and he heard a number of them so there is a big war going on in those days and a third of them are dying it’s not all but a third of people from the earth will be a very great number and then of course comes the seventh trumpet which is the completion of the just why and adjust only then completed because we find in chapter 10 and we’ll soon read ad but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets so what’s that mystery it’s the mystery of Christ in you the hope of glory Paul declares it clear this people have went not only till the end of probation they have not been found worthy they were sealed but they now went through that fire to that time of trouble that no one could ever go except he would seal and he would not be killed and they are completed in the seventh trumpet God opens up heaven and we will see the ark is seen the law is seen in heaven and God makes his covenant with his safe people which are the hundred and forty-four thousand so that’s the completion the the perfection of the Saints they were perfect before they enter that the end before they entered the time of probation the seven aspects but they were not yet complete they were sinless but they have to go to be able to sing that song of Moses and the lamb they have to go through that terrible proof that they are worthy that they have cleansed their robes in the blood of Christ perfectly and not even that their faith is stronger than that faith that Adam had in Eden it’s that faith of Jesus that conquered the evil one and this is the completion of his people that’s why we look forward the judgment shows on the completion of the judge but the just but at the same time it bring judgment of the wicked how many people died all people on earth died except the hundred forty-four thousand and those that those Saints that God raises just when he makes the hundred forty four thousand three and they come up out in a glorified body never to have any stress and some people believe they will then be stressed because there are still a little bit of a few days until Jesus comes but no they come up glorified and 144,000 are are in and Charlotte with the with the rainbow no one can touch them it day even the heath and fallen people worship on them so that’s the end but and at the same time Jesus had to treat to tread the the the task of the winepress he that’s the judgment of the wicked when he returns he must do that strange terrible work at the end of the time so the seventh seventh seal reveals the judgment of God that’s why you see the Ark of the Covenant you see there is the law in it by it everyone is judged so let’s look to this last part and finish the open book and you know this is a very nice intervention because it shows here and it fits very well to the time of judgment and the time of sifting so what is the open book we all know it’s the discovering of Daniel and the gospel that time of the millerite movement and before when they all came and studied the book and saw that Jesus is coming yes they bore a message there is no time anymore that was their message and that’s the message the time of the end was come Jesus said it because he is the one that has his open book and he says there is no time anymore that means the Commission must be fulfilled now that’s what it says there is no time and here he says go and eat that book so it’s for sure that things must happen and the things which are therein should be time no longer and the voice which I heard verse 8 from heaven speak unto me again and said go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which stands upon the sea and upon the earth and I went unto the angel and said unto him give me the little book and he said unto me take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey and I took the little book out of the Angels hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I had eaten it my belly was bitter and he said unto me thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings so here comes that vision that this is the end time yes when Daniel was discovered they found a wonderful message a sweet message it was a message of repentance a message that their dreams of the coming of Jesus would be fulfilled but it was also difficult condition to proclaim it we know how the the things didn’t go smooth in those days as well but even though they went through that process when a lot of people were sifted out they also had to be sifted before G would come so here what is the bitterness because we find that even Ezekiel had to eat the book and Jeremiah had to eat and we find this picture again again that to eat the book is to make it your own message we must eat the Bible it must be our food but not for us but in order to be able to give it to to share the message and they shared it and there were about fifty thousand that were waiting in America on that 22 second 22 of October 1844 and when they were disappointed that Jesus did not come 50 remained you see the disciples were disappointed but none of them Judas already was never disciple but those eleven they all remained so is that the you see fifty thousand and only fifty remains that serious thing now this were the ones that brought the message forward I would say these are the five foolish virgins there are many and when they are tried they lack the oil they lack that and we know that Jesus said is parable exactly for this midnight cry exactly for this time only 50 remained faithful they said yes we did not see things the right way and they were able to correct themselves and so they were picking up and they did just that what John here in in their state makes they was preaching most continue to the end of probation and so now we are here very close to the end of probation and the gospel must be preached and there are many preachers today but they must be sifted the deans they must be cleansed we cannot call today people into our midst or just imagine you call a person to you at home and he should live with you and see how you live would he give you death size is your ready for heaven because I saw on your home the love of God I saw in your home the beauty of patience I saw in your home the nice words of a man of God friends that must be shown by us by his children in the most difficult time not when you are in leisure or when all things go smooth then everyone will proclaim everyone will look like being on Christ site but then when tribulation comes and it will come when we are really shaken when everything is moved and we are in this time in this time where God prepares a people that they made smite stand and you so without affliction you cannot be cleansed without getting into trouble you cannot be cleansed without having enemies you cannot be cleansed you must have all those parts there that you should see what is in you so we want to be ready for Jesus not only to come but to be ready to fulfill the the job because that’s why we are called not for Jesus to wait to come and just save us no no we are ready to proclaim the message and go through that terrible time because we must preach and continue the work so this is what I thought with the trumpets present to us it is just what I came across by all taking that but of course I’m open I’m still not a hundred percent that it is so I’m I’m a student and I never studied so much like in the last five days I woke up in the ninth that’s four o’clock and I could not sleep again because I had to figure out how things work and this is what I understood I hope that we understand the message of the trumpets God needs a clean people before he can judge the heathen because before the out court comes the outer court comes he must have a people that are pure that he can put in front of everyone and they will sign and say this our people these are ready for heaven because we see the love of God the patience of the saints and we see that they have the faith of Jesus so let’s go to work and be ready and cooperate today with Christ in everything so that when that real shaking comes when that third part will be put to the utmost stress we might be found worthy we might be found totally committed we might be found and nothing is in our heart except Christ we might be found that we do not search earthly things we have not anything on this earth that makes us happy we are searching our home place and we are searching to fulfill that great desire of our Father to see the world saved to see the light shine through humanity may God help us to be among those who are sealed and proclaimed the message of this last time amen ….

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If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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