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everyone loves supercars but if you haven’t checked them out in a while here are seven supercars you may not have known existed competition has always been intense among supercar builders with new companies constantly stepping into the ring now Dutch company vin sir and CEO Robert Colvin has placed Holland squarely in the mix with the venture star now in production after three years of development inspired by the 1980s LeMans race cars and named after the La Sarthe portion of the race this iconic supercar is a blend of past present and future the Czar’s has a genuine GT feel with raw power from its 622 horsepower 6.3 liter supercharged v8 coming in at just three thousand two hundred and forty pounds this Dutch demon is capable of zero to 60 in just 3.6 seconds and top speeds of 210 miles per hour but this supercar isn’t all brute the Czar’s beautiful sleek carbon-fiber body looks absolutely fabulous the futuristic it’s short rolling front end and long rising tail are very reminiscent of the 80s LeMans cars which inspired it this awesome supercar is now available for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and up read all about the Vince Earth adventure NL Canadian champion racecar driver Antoine Bessette knows a few things about racing now CEO of Canadian corporation Foligno he’s putting his knowledge into practice by building awesome supercars take a look at his current project the Foligno cb7 its carbon-fiber body is beautifully crafted with swooping curves flaring wings and vicious looking air intakes easily matching even the most intense supercar lover’s dreams since the cb7 is designed as a track car the interior reflects that for example there’s a removable Racing steering wheel and the seats are made of molded carbon fiber with racing harnesses a four-cylinder 6.2 liter v8 525 horsepower engine backs up the CV 7s racing credentials though performance numbers have yet to be announced experts estimate the CB 7 will be capable of zero to 60 in about 3.5 seconds Polina reportedly has plans for a six cylinder version a street-legal version and an electric model with a relatively low price tag of just $100,000 the CB 7 is currently available for pre-order at folio cars.com it’s time to unleash the beast California car maker res Bonnie has taken a British lightweight racer and transformed it into one of America’s premier supercars the res vani beast res body began with a modified reinforced Ariel Atom carbon steel chassis with a widened wheelbase for better stability next res Bonnie dropped in a 2.4 litre 500 horsepower Roadtrek supercharged engine topped off with an incredibly futuristic carbon-fiber body the beast is as eye catching as any supercar on the road although the Beast is street-legal everything about it says racing the Beast has no top no doors and comes with a removable steering wheel there’s also no power steering or power brakes allowing the driver to really feel the road even though the beast is so light only coming in at 1,650 pounds it’s still very easy to control with all those ponies under its hood and it’s lightweight this beast achieves 0 to 60 in just 2.7 seconds Oana beast in your garage well right now res Bonnie motors calm a $1,000 deposit is all it takes to order one with a total price tag of 165 thousand dollars due upon delivery Croatian manufacturer and Tesla disciple mark remic has been involved with improving electric propulsion for years he’s already in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest quarter-mile time ever in an electric car coming in at just 11.5 seconds in a modified BMW now he’s formed his own company and released the remet concept 1 electric supercar powered by four lithium battery electric motors and gearboxes the total output comes to a ridiculous 871 horsepower rinax ex the concept ones range at 205 miles but since that’s probably driving under normal conditions good luck getting that far we doubt you’d want to drive a car that performs like the concept one normally the concept one is enclosed in a beautifully painted carbon fiber shell shape to look fast and intimidating recently Renick introduced what they call the concept one’s evil twin the concept s this electric monster packs 1384 horsepower for a 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds and top speeds of 226 miles per hour so much for those slow low range electric cars you thought you knew check out the Rimac concept supercars at Rimac – automobile Icom would you rather jet around in a 200 mile-an-hour supercar or a really fast spaceship on wheels well British supercar maker a rash lets you do either or both with the AF 8 or the AF 10 the beautifully shaped AF 8 only comes in yellow but it’s definitely not mellow it’s mid positioned 500 horsepower seven liter v8 engine translates into some serious speed with accelerations from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 200 miles an hour the AF 8 is a full-blown super powered Road Reaper its cat-like headlights low slung body and wide fenders give the AFA a hardcore racing look the lightweight carbon-fiber body sits on a chassis made of high-strength steel aluminum and carbon fiber making the AF 8 one tough customer the interior is carbon-fiber with leather trim and includes a touchscreen infotainment system for the meter price of just 245 thousand dollars this beauty can be yours the af10 which is the flagship of Arash motors is truly a marvel of design and innovation its iconic rear wing plane shaped body and centered teardrop cabin definitely gives the af10 a spaceship like appearance innovation is key in the a of tents power plan which a rash calls the warp drive system for electric motors and one supercharged v8 motor each with its own gearbox provide the af10 with an insane 2080 horsepower at 0 to 60 inches 2.8 seconds and top speeds of over 200 miles an hour this spaceship supercar really flies now as for the price and af10 hybrid will set you back an astronomical 1.6 million dollars while the non hybrid model is expected to start at just around 500,000 find out more to Rash cars.com james glickenhaus famous for such super cars as the ferrari p45 has struck out on his own with the creation of the SC g 0:03 supercar using the ferrari enzo as inspiration the SE g 0:03 pays homage to Glickenhaus ‘as ferrari routes with its f1 style nose and split front fenders with a stabilizing fin running down the back half of the car and high rear wheel arches the SE g 0:03 looks like a sleek feline predator poised to strike the gigantic swooping rear wing is quite impressive especially when viewed from the rear the twin-turbocharged 600 horsepower Honda v6 definitely means business this was recently proven when the scg 0:03 smashed the Nurburgring lap record by a full five seconds on street tires with restricted power the scg isn’t aggressively trying to sell many cars but for around 2.3 million dollars you might get one visit scg 0:03 project.com for more information from the very beginning the world of supercars has been dominated by European companies however california-based company try on supercars has set out to change all of that with the Tryon nemesis according to try on supercars the nemesis which got its name to describe its superiority over European supercars may be one of the most powerful super cars ever made even at a glance its futuristic aerodynamic carbon-fiber body exudes speed of the models available for pre-order the ultimate monster is the 2,000 horsepower nemesis RR with a potential top speed of over 270 miles per hour and clocking in at zero to 60 in just 2.8 seconds the Nemesis RRS twin-turbo v8 engine is engineered to leave the competition behind its 8-speed sequential transmission and all-wheel drive make for smooth acceleration and excellent handling at any speed with actively adjusting aerodynamics and street driving modes available the nemesis is ready for racing or just cruising down the road the nemesis is expected to hit the street in 2017 with prices expected to be between 1.2 and 1.3 got the Tryon emesis at Tryon supercars calm we hope you enjoyed checking out these awesome supercars one question which more did you already know tell us in the comments section below and remember to subscribe for more videos and show us some love with the like button thanks for watching

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