6M+ votes shifted by big tech: report; 105% voted? Milwaukee election turnout unusually high | NTD

Dec 1, 2020

00:00 Big Tech Shifted 6M Votes Minimum: Report
A senior research psychologist conducted a large scale monitoring project on big tech in the days leading up to the 2020 election. The results revealed that companies like Google and Facebook have enormous power to shift people’s voting preferences through manipulation of their content.

01:31 Milwaukee Election Turnout Unusually High
In Milwaukee and Wisconsin, some neighborhoods reported unusually high election turnout. We break down some of the numbers here.

03:04 Mail Carrier Surprises Birthday Boy
On his sixth birthday, Chip Matthews heard the mail truck pull up to his home and quickly ran outside to greet it.

04:19 Bootlegger’s Secret Revealed 100 Years on
Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker say they found more than 66 bottles of Scottish whisky hidden in the walls and floorboards.

04:54 Anger Erupts As Landlords Across China Drive Out Tenants
Recent reports have emerged about long-term apartment service provider ‘Eggshell Apartment’, and the company’s apparent lack of funding.

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