6 Secret Cities That Prove We Don’t Know What’s Really Going On

Life is filled with secrets and in a world that is constantly a war we’ve all become compartmentalized nowhere is this more evident than in these secret cities whose very existence was kept a mystery in order to achieve clandestine national security goals number one Los Alamos of course Los Alamos is not secret anymore it’s a well-known part of the narrative of how the u.s. constructed the first atomic bomb and used it to end World War two but before it was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki it had to be designed assembled and tested for that the army built a secret city from scratch established in 1943 and the high altitudes of the New Mexico mountains Los Alamos thrived on secrecy but general Leslie groves establishing a paranoid control grid where all phone calls were monitored mail was read for signs of sabotage or spying and the base even attempted to limit fraternization among the scientists and civilian personnel who were secretly stationed there employees were restricted from discussing any aspect of their work and the project was highly compartmentalized J robert Oppenheimer the eccentric physicists in charge of the Manhattan projects nuclear research was appalled by general groves extreme secrecy and tried to minimize the surveillance culture but to no avail in hindsight many believe that groves level of security actually hindered and slowed down the completion of the bomb because everyone was so compartmentalized that very few even had a meaningful idea of what they were trying to accomplish it was referred to by some as the hill and known and military communications as site wide but it was absolutely off-limits for the general public even today Los Alamos maintains an era of quasi secrecy although tourists are invited to visit the city’s Bradbury Science Museum and learn about the atomic bomb the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory just a few blocks over continues its highly classified National security work and signs are everywhere in the city reminding you of the careful watch that is placed over the 12,000 are so inhabitants in all visitors the forties era watchtower and guard shacks remain a visible reminder of the previous era of secrecy while we witnessed modern day extra security stationed in several places on the main roads at gates and bridges we saw a family van pulled over with police searching through every nook and cranny of their car minivan a family and we were pretty sure we were being followed more than once during our short visit to this secret city APB for this and it wasn’t just los alamos the army and the secret science enclaves it also had secret facilities situated in Oak Ridge Tennessee in Hanford Washington to enrich uranium and plutonium number two is ozersk but it was known under a code name city 40 this secret city was founded in 1947 in the Soviet Union just as the Cold War was intensifying its purpose was to house the workforce for the neighboring miok plant and secretly produce weapons-grade plutonium for Soviet Russia considered a closed city source didn’t even appear on maps and families who live there weren’t even allowed to talk about where they lived when they visited friends instead they had to use code names or lie about where they were from the city had a close-knit almost cult-like atmosphere among the 15 thousand or so inhabitants who reinforced this special and patriotic secret mission of they’re off the map town children tested each other’s loyalty and harsh penalties were enacted for perceived traitors who might give away one of mother Russia’s most important secrets historians attribute hastiness to prevail in the Cold War for the total lack of safety precautions apparent inside city 40 the miok plan in the surrounding area which was widely contaminated with nuclear waste materials in 1957 a nuclear waste storage tank exploded releasing more radioactive material than Chernobyl however the incident was covered up and kept secret Ozark remains inhabited today by some 90,000 residents but it still closed off to the rest of the world however the 2016 documentary city 40 was filmed undercover there and revealed its story to the world for the first time number three moon stores a derelict City following the ruin moon store in Zossen Germany some 25 miles from Berlin as once a forbidden secret Soviet city in the largest Red Army camp outside of the USSR borders some 75,000 men smarts down the now decaying streets of what was then called little Moscow where a theater an Olympic sized swimming pool statues of Lenin and murals to the great space race with the United States have frozen the Cold War in time during World War one POWs were held at boon store and the lead-up to World War two the city became the headquarters for the German armed forces Nazis used food store underground bunkers built with metre thick walls for secret communications in years later the city was still generally off-limits and locals had to get permission to enter shut down five years after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 people were in such a hurry to leave families left their pets behind and over 98 thousand rounds of ammo today for a small fee you could take a tour of the Forbidden City if you have enough money you could even buy the place in November 2015 it was put up for sale at 3 million pounds and a promise to restore wounds Dorf to its former glory number 4 is known only as 404 China exploded its first nuclear bomb on October 16th 1964 but only after decades of working and complete secrecy in order to accomplish this feat China didn’t just build a top-secret city but declared an entire swath of desert and national security secret in the 1950s and the remote reaches of far west china the Gobi Desert was the chosen location where the People’s Republic of China successfully assembled its first atomic bomb three generations of Chinese people were sent to live and work in the city which did not even have a name that has come to be known as 404 coincidentally the same as the error code that tells an Internet user when a requested web page is not found not found on any Chinese map the city’s built from scratch on the desert floor now apartment buildings of vinegar factory a rundown restaurant known as the old granny hot pot two identical kindergartens designed by the Russians a central city square with a statue of Chairman Mao and nuclear city park with its rusty rides mountain billion all sit decaying in silence photographer Lee Jung grew up in 404 in return last year to document the city he said you could walk from one side of town to the other in just 15 minutes thus the town had no buses taxis or even traffic lights all residents of 404 relocated in 2005 and today the empty city slowly rots in solitude 404 his only remaining residents appear to be sheep who have taken over the old nuclear park zoo number 5 camp century this is the story of camp century a secret city under the ice and Greenland in 1960 the United States officially launched camp century with cooperation from the Denmark government and NATO it was a highly publicized effort to build a nuclear-powered Arctic research station some 28 feet underground camp century is buried below the surface of this ice camp in this remote setting less than 800 miles from the North Pole camp century as a symbol of man’s unceasing struggle to conquer his environment inside the uninhabitable 6,000 foot deep ice cap of Greenland it was an expensive and unprecedented effort that involved carving out a massive system of tunnels and the ice and then constructing an underground city meant to house men and equipment officially in an effort to better understand the challenges of living in such an extreme cold environment but what the US Army never told Denmark was that its real mission under the clandestine project iceworm was to build an underground network of mobile nuclear missile launch sites designed to span a vast area of more than 52,000 square miles approximately the size of Arkansas with potential launch sites every four miles there would be thousands of mobile nuclear launch sites putting Moscow and direct range while the Soviets would be theoretically incapable of guessing which of the thousands of weapons sites an attack could be launched from two surprise disaster some of our aircraft must always be in the sky or on the alert carrying nuclear weapons we the American people understand and accept this necessity for our survival but the project was officially closed down just five years later after a scientific study found that the icecap was shifting so rapidly that it threatened to collapse their expansive system of tunnels in just two years today the melting ice core is again threatening to unleash one of camp centuries other secrets a huge cache a a buried nuclear and toxic waste that could soon be exposed to above camp century was officially abandoned completely by 1966 and Project iceworm was suspended but considering that the US Army kept its real mission secret from Denmark as well as the rest of the world who’s to say that the project ever really ended or that there aren’t similar sites and secret installations all across the world number six is located in India or not depending on who you ask secret nuclear cities are not just a relic of the past word is India’s in the process of building a top-secret nuclear city in that chalky region where large-scale excavation for something began in 2012 although the Indian government has officially denied these claims as a quote figment of Pakistani imagination two senior scientists involved with India’s atomic energy sector have acknowledged the new complexes existence with retired chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission our case Sinha recently quoted saying we should be proud that we have the technology for uranium enrichment there are countries like Iran who have been blamed for clandestinely acquiring the technology and the Pakistanis have been accused of stealing from somewhere we have done it ourselves let us be proud of it nothing else matters according to foreign policy India has already received roughly 4914 tons of uranium from France Russia and Kazakhstan and the nation has agreements with Canada Mongolia Argentina and Namibia for additional shipments a new study published by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad concluded India now has sufficient material capabilities to build somewhere between 356 and 492 nuclear bombs in the past 2 to 3 months alone India has signed more than 50 arms deals totaling a whopping three billion dollars including emergency defense deals with Russia France and Israel kind of makes you wonder does the country know something we don’t these are just a few examples on a very long list of facts that are kept from a compartmentalized public in a world seemingly a permanent war so just consider this the next time somebody tells you there can’t be any big conspiracies because how could they get that many people to be in on it and lie about it obviously it happens all the time.

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