50 Bixby Voice Commands (Galaxy S9/Note 8)

What’s up Guys David Here and Over The Years we’ve done a series of Videos here on the Channel Where We take a look at 50 Different Voice Commands a virtual Assistant Can do We did A Video for Google for siri for Alexa and We even Did One for Cortana But Today it’s Bixby’s Turn So big Thanks to Samsung for Sponsoring this Video it’s a video that i have been wanting to do for a while now so i’m excited we Can Finally bring it to you because Bixby is A Lot Different Compared to the other Assistants, I mean it can answer your typical Questions like what’s the weather but really what Makes Bixby unique is it gives you more Control Over The Phone Itself You’ll See More of what I’m Talking About as, We go through the list so well with that Said hi Bixby Are you Ready Let’s do This 50 Voice Commands Coming right Up alright so the first set of Commands We’ll go Over are The Ones That Help you manage your Phone Calls and your messages Directly so hi Bixby Add Michael Jordan to my contacts With his Phone Number being 312-555-9177 Okay, it’s Been Added Call Michael Jordan on Speakerphone Block The last Number who called me you Can Tap or Say Block what’s Pizza hut’s Phone Number Done I found 21 Such Contacts Let’s Choose One Now,Read me my last Text Message Here You Go it’s from Jasmin got Stuck in Construction Traffic be Home soon Deletes All Text messages With the word Password Do you want to Delete A message yes? All Right it’s Deleted hi, Bixby Take a Screenshot and send it to John with Messages Would you like to send a message now what’s cool is that this type of In-App Control isn’t just Limited to system Apps, or like Samsung’s Own Apps it Also works With some Third-Party Apps like Instagram for example I don’t actually Have, instagram Installed right now so hi Bixby Download Instagram From the App Store All Right I’m downloading it Post the Last Photo I took to instagram with the Caption Best Meal ever Let’s Check First then Tap the Button to Share Open Facebook and Post happy Birthday on Jasmin’s Wall you Can Tap or say Post, open YouTube and search Phone Buff Sure Let’s Check out what I found, open Google Play Music and Set A 20 Minute Timer Got it I set the Timer, Look for Asian Grocery Stores on Yelp Got it Here’s what I found ,get me an uber from Here to 88 Ranch Let’s pick A Destination give the uber driver five Stars and Comment Thank you You Can Check First then Tap the Button to submit, okay so as you can See We picked Up a couple of Things and that is because Bixby, also has Vision We’re using the Camera it Can Help you identify what you’re looking at so for example Tell me more About this wine And There You go using Vivino it gives you all the information and Reviews that you need Which can Definitely Make your Purchasing Decision at the Store A lot Easier but Maybe Even More impressive With Bixie Vision Is this Ability to translate Text so Scan this Text and Translate and Boom Just like that it Automatically Detected What Language was in and They Translate it for us so really Impressive and uh in Addition to Bixby Vision Bixbie can also use your Camera and your Photos to do other things like Hi Bixbie! Open The Camera and Take a Panorama Photo Delete The last Three Photos I took Let’s See I found Three Photos you Can Check first then Tap Or say Delete, Show me the Gallery Trash Folder Sure Let’s Take a look at the trash Folder here, Show me Photos from san Diego Looks Like I found seven Pictures,Create an Animation from my last Burst Shot You Can Edit First then Tap or say save, so it Automatically made a gif for us which you know Is pretty cool of course Bixbie can Also do your more typical things that you want an assistant to do like Reminding you of Stuff so hi Bixby Remind Me to get gas When I leave the Office Got it I’ll remind you about that, start Recording A voice Memo Taking Notes and Say “don’t do That again” Got it Take A look and We’ll save it ,Pin my most recent Reminder to the Always-on Display Sure Let’s Check Before Setting This as your Always-on Display So you can See that that Reminder Is right There on the Screen when the Screen is locked and your other reminders and Things like your calendar events will Also Show Up in Bixby Home so you Can, Access that by Swiping Over to the Left Or Pressing on that dedicated Button and Basically you get Content that’s Featured from your Apps Things That Bixbie thinks that you’re Gonna Want like Sometimes I’ll show you a Uber ride that it thinks you’re Gonna Take and all sorts of other Stuff but Going back to the Commands We have one More Reminder Which I thought, was Pretty cool in Hi Bixby? Remember Where I parked my car For sure I’ve Memorized Where you Parked for Later Now for Certain Commands you might find Yourself using them more often Than Others and for Those Commands Bixby Actually Lets you create Quick Commands That Can Help you Make things Just a little bit Easier so for that remember Where I parked my car command that We just used, we Can Actually Change it to something a little bit Easier Something a little bit Shorter Like Parking Spot so now when you Say hi Bixby Parking Spot Okay, i memorized Where you Park and Boom Just like that with a shorter Command You get the Same exact Result that you Would have With the longer Command so it’s something that’s Really Useful and you can use it for any Single Command that you want Anyway that We went Over and Any of the Ones that, we’re Going to go over in Just A bit so Speaking of that hi Bixby! How Long will my Battery last All Right Looks Like the estimated Battery Life Is 10 Hours 23 Minutes how Long until my Phone is Fully charged All Right It’ll be charged in 1 Hour 24 Minutes, Keep my Screen on for 10 Minutes Ok, I’ve Set it to 10 minutes, Optimize my Phone’s Performance Okay, Optimizing now, awesome your Phone Rating Is excellent, Turn on the Flashlight Okay I turned it on, Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot Got it Hotspot is turned on Pair a bluetooth Device Got it Let’s Choose A Device To connect you here open my files App and Show me my download Folder Done That Category, Is right here Show me my most recent App and Split Screen view All Right Here’s The App, Delete my Browsing History Let’s select the Ones You want to Delete, open A private Tab in the Browser Okay I turned on secret Mode, hide Tinder Sure Thing I hid Tinder you May be Thinking like Those are great but What about the more Basic Commands that are Still Really Useful Well Bixby can do Those too so hi Bixby? Start A 25 Minute Timer Okay it Started, what Time will the sun set The Current Time for Sunset in Temecula IS 619 p.m..

What IS 25 Centimeters in inches The answer Is nine Point eight four Two five one nine Six eight five, start the Stopwatch Sure I’ve Started it, Change my a.m. Alarm to a.m. You got it I edited your alarm, find the nearest Coffee Shop Okay, let’s Take a look at the search results, what’s the traffic like to irvine All Right Here’s The Routes Adjusted by Google Maps, you know while it’s nice that Bixby can do These things Again what Really Makes Bixby Unique is its Ability to Control your Phone and your Apps so we’ll go ahead and Finish off With Those so hi Bixby Search for all Unread Emails and Mark Them as Read Okay, i marked that email as Read, Measure my heart Rate Okay, let’s Measure your heart rate, how Many Steps have i taken Today All Right you Walked 57 Steps, all right so There you go those are Fifty Bixby Voice Commands I obviously need to get my steps in so That is it for Me in This Video if You Guys want to learn more About bixby hit that Link Down Below in The Description Thank You Guys for Watching and as always I’ll see you in The very next Episode!

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