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well here’s five things you can do to keep in mind as you weather the storm with grace and prayerfully the glory of God resting on you number one don’t overreact to media hype and spin they learned a long time ago the sensationalism sells and they will play it for all it’s worth in the midst of the media flurry this is going to be a great time to listen to God and see what he might reveal or the secrets that he might reveal even to you nothing catches God by surprise he knew this day was coming he knew you would be alive here and has prepared you to be a champion in the midst of it you will not fail number two simplify and streamline your life selectively start looking to cutting back in areas that don’t really reflect your life’s mission are calling they aren’t making a positive difference in the lives of others check your life out do things that count this is going to be an opportune time to follow the discipline of the disciples and their footsteps it says this so continuing daily with one Accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart x246 we need more of that simplicity of heart in our lives number three connect with friends and family God is your source not your bank account not your 401k not your gold not just stock portfolio your friendships and other relationships of what feeds your emotional health and they stabilize you you need them research shows that friendships play a dramatic role in getting people through difficult times so reconnect today number four rethink your focus you have a choice you can live your life by principles or by pressure those who fail in life usually keep their eyes fixed on the current problems and lose sight of the life principles the difficulties we’re facing now maybe God’s wake-up call to remind you and us of our original vision your original purpose and why God made you the way he made you number I be an influencer wherever you are are you an influencer in your culture for many this will be a time of innovation and invention for others it will be a time of study in preparation for the promotion that will come when this season eventually passes and it will don’t chase the trends but study them to see where the culture is going you should always be looking for original and innovative ways to engage the needs of others these are going to abound in this time so ask God for solution to those needs and you’ll succeed when your secular peers are failing take more time to listen prayer is great but if all we do is make our needs known to God it will be very difficult to listen there’s a lot we don’t know about this coming timeframe God just might have something he would like to say to you you and I are living in a turbulent time the perfect storm continues to swirl and won’t dissipate for a number of years.

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