5 Examples of Value Proposition You Wish You Had

– So there’s a lot of confusion about what a value proposition is. In this instance, we’re really talking about a single statement that explains the value of a business or even just of a page. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. (upbeat techno music) So what are we learning about today? (pop) Hey guys, it’s Ramona from Impact again, and basically a good value proposition does three things: it tells people what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it differently. Here are five of our favorites. (upbeat techno background music and swoosh) So number one, “Light. Years ahead.”. This value proposition’s by MacBook Air, and we love it because it’s super clever, but also really concise. It highlights the product’s biggest differentiator, which is being lightweight, and also the advanced technology of being ahead of its time.

(swoosh) Number two, “Bring everything you need, “without checking a bag.” This one’s from Tortuga Backpacks, and basically their goal is to let you know that this is not your kid brother’s backpack. This one really works because it taps into a common pain point of travelers of not wanting to check a bag, and then also insuring that you have everything you need as you travel. I’m sure everyone’s experienced that before.

(swoosh) Number three, “Move up in your career.”. So this value proposition’s from the Ladders, that’s a job search site that focuses on six-figure salaries. I really like this one because it not only captures the value of the site, which is advancing your career and helping you get a bigger paycheck, but really touching upon that emotional goal of the visitor as well. (swoosh) Number four, “The easiest way to communicate with images.”.

So this one is from Awesome Screenshot, a tool that I use pretty frequently. I like it because it not only tells you why people use the tool, which is to communicate with images, but also how easy it is to use the tool to do so. (swoosh) And number five, “Music for everyone.”. Now this one’s for Spotify and I love it because it’s simple but really powerful. It tells you not only what they do, which is provide music, but who they do it for, everyone. It’s a really bold and unifying statement, and who doesn’t like that? So there you have it, my favorite five value propositions. If you like them, I have 26 more examples for you in the link below.

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