4 Keys to a Compelling Value Proposition

I’m gonna ask a question that every marketer must ask themselves every time they asked anyone to do anything if I am that presence ethical means whatever you put in that blank let’s say the ideal customer why should I take this action rather than these other actions this question has lots of applications but I’m going to focus for the most of this course now especially until the final session on its commercial application because it’s going to build your value proposition in the workplace it’s going to impact your career and make you more valuable as you know what it is and how to use it so let’s begin with a breakdown of the statement the first question is if I now the reason that’s so important is it changes something dramatically it’s a complete and opposite shift I’m going to explain to you what I mean can you’re the customer ok and I’m the marketer the first thing that formulation requires me to do is not answer in the form of what would kin want but I have to do this if I can get you to stand up if I I have to come over here getting kin getting kin seat it feels good I’m gonna stay here for a little while I have to get in Ken’s seat because I have to get in his shoes in his place now let’s go back let’s apply it to my presentation I just used the value proposition with you two minutes ago I’m asking for something your attention in the last few minutes knowing that you’re probably tired and I’ve been where you’re at and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate after a long session so what did I offer you in exchange for something that would help your career remember what we said and help build your own value proposition what am i doing I’m getting inside of I’m trying to get out of my skin into Kin skin and get him to you know once I’m in his skin I start to feel what he needs to hear from me because I’m trying to buy 10 more minutes of his attention and I don’t say that in any manipulative way it’s honest what I said I truly meant and what it can do for you it truly can I’ve seen this but if you’re not careful I just shove this content down your throat and that doesn’t work it only hurts it only works if you receive it it’s like sort of turning over soil before you plant you have to turn it over and get it fresh and then when you plant you get a harvest so that if I is exactly that process every single person that asked this question has to get out of their skin and into the skin out of their place and into the place of the other person and this is the hardest thing for any human being to do this is where our blind spot come from and and so the first move is a profound move and easily to miss but we’re moving from third person to first person I’ve seen marketers sit around the table and talking the third person they never get it right you know I I use the word never in a general sense until you can feel until you can feel what it’s like to be the other person you don’t get the copy right all right so if I am your ideal prospect wow this is important because one of the reasons we fail is we don’t focus we try to be everything to everyone and you can’t be everything to everyone and you won’t be the competitor doing that because the competitor or the company that focuses on the people they can serve the best will produce the best result men labs cool this course is not for everyone it might help everyone but everybody’s not ready for it everybody’s not gonna you know give it their attention or the time in their life I know that if we were marketing discourse we’re not going to market to the whole world first of all even though it might have application to other areas in life your I’m not gonna take this course in the beginning if you’re not a marketer or somehow involved in marketing because you don’t even know about the other things you don’t learn that till after you sign up so one of the most important things a marketer has to ask and this is where we start to intensify the value that we can deliver is who can I serve the best and we don’t do that we we sort of general about it but let me take you to writing the only way to be an effective writer is to truly understand who your reader is and to ask which kind of reader can I serve the best and then concentrate on improving that the writer who doesn’t do that will never have the impact of the writer who does and when I write I often take three or four profiles and even pictures with the kind of person I’m trying to reach and I’ll put them on the desk in front of me and I look at them and to take this one step further the reason you’re here today as I teach this instead of me speaking to a studio camera for 12 sessions is because I need to see you and feel you to draw out of me what we need to deliver to the thousands of other people who will take this course it’s the same thing you’re helping me get out of my skin and into yours does that make sense you’re just like those pictures I put on my desk except far more interesting and three-dimensional all right except for Kim he’s a cartoon alright so by the way when you’re a leader one of your most important jobs is to help your team say no to all the other profiles so they can say yes to the profile you serve the best can’t sell everything and you can’t sell to everybody and sometimes we don’t have the discipline at the top of our organization to make those hard choices and the more authority you have the more you need to exercise it to make it easier for your people to do their best job let me move on a value proposition is an ultimate reason I want you to notice that it says why frankly a value proposition and sometimes we have a negative connotation for this word it’s an argument but I mean it in the way academics create an argument or scientists create a proposition and a set of arguments it is the argument from the company’s perspective for why you should be their customer and the argument may have several propositions but when you put them all together and summarize them they become the ultimate reason that’s what a value proposition truly is now as I’m giving you this definition I want you to understand something academics and this is part of my other worl academics argue and quibble about definitions sometimes for thousands of years I mean Aristotle was one of the first to talk about the importance of a definition to signal what he calls essence very good it’s a beautiful passage in Greek and he’s right and he he identified how hard it is to give something a name he sees that a name and a definition come closely together and help you understand essence no I’m I’m telling you that because the definition of a value proposition which is more like a framework for us is not being judged in terms of its effectiveness by whether or not a group of academics compromise someone said a camel is a horse put together by a committee I don’t want a camel here so what is the way we determine if this framework is right I’ll tell you the way its functionality how well does it help me get to the desired outcome that’s the standard that we weigh against it and every single person who takes this course has an opportunity to help us improve that functionality and that definition but we’re giving you something that we have tested and seems to be the best way to epitomize what we’ve learned does that make sense for all of you there is no exact answer to that question I mean somebody else could say well I mean a value proposition point two or I mean a value proposition and they capitalize three letters well you know you anybody can win if you define the words right I can say that he’s wearing a red shirt and you can say that’s not red and I can say oh yes it is this is what I call red and show me that color who says that re d stands for that color nobody but the guys who frame the English language and there isn’t you know the problem is if you use the different differences as I do when I say red you say get two different things and that’s happening all day long when it comes to many propositions so you have to choose as an organization what you mean and you should choose that which is most effective for you and that’s how we arrived at this and it leads me to this next point the way we understand a value proposition is that it’s not a slogan at the top of your page underneath your logo it’s not a description of your business I’ve seen people use that it’s not your unique selling proposition it involves it it includes it it’s part of your reason but it’s not the whole reason you follow me it is the ultimate reason why a customer should buy from you now having said that a value proposition must differentiate you from your competitors in at least one way you have to have an only factor let me explain to you I if you sell a product that’s just as good as the product you sell that’s just as good as the project that Regina sells so Kayla Wayne and Regina all three sell a product three different products but they’re just as good as each other why should I buy from Wayne instead of Kayla if all three of you are selling a product that is the same in its overall effectiveness the only way one of you gonna win is see if you figure out a way to innovate remember Drucker you got to innovate a better product and or I’m often a part of innovation is you need to focus on a segment you can serve better meeting that if all three of you are marketing to this big and each of you are sharing a percentage of market share you know where you have a among your companies if one of you says we’re gonna focus on accountants only you can now be dominant in that particular niche and if that meat is big enough you may build a healthier company even if you’re number three then number two because you focused on the ideal customer every organization needs to figure out first of all the customer set they can serve the best then they continue to innovate value into that equation until they’re continually delivering the best service and by the way do you see how this definition keeps us from being hipsters and huxter’s because you don’t win in this game by yelling louder or lying you can lie but the minute they feel your value propositions truth you’re done and eventually guess what it does we’ll learn this later kills your brand kills your brand because the experience of your value proposition becomes disappointing and eventually that will catch up the beautiful thing about this framework is it forces an integrity between the claim and the reality and it focuses the attention of the company not on how persuasive their words can be but how right their value can be when you get this right your biggest problem is not going to be talking people into anything it’s going to be communicating clearly what you have clarity Trump’s persuasion clarity Trump’s persuasion clarity Trump’s persuasion and I got news for you you may feel deep down inside that you don’t have those magical words that you’ve heard copywriters have and you wish you could have them you know that power to persuade somebody to do anything I’ve heard people say that guy’s amazing he can sell ice to an Eskimo you know I think only once he won’t sell it a second time that’s nonsense you don’t need to be persuasive you need to be clear and frankly it’s very hard to be clear remember the most thing ad was it very clear no and if you’ll just look around tonight when you walk out the door at billboards as you ride home and anytime you encounter an offer you’re gonna find something the number one problem with the stuff we look at is it’s not clear and there’s no reason why anyone in this room can’t learn to be clear that’s obtainable by everyone you don’t need to have the magic birthright of the expert copywriter you need to find value and represent it clearly

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