4 Creative Tricks To Reverse Videos in Filmora9!

by the end of this video you’re going to learn four unique and practical ways to use a reverse tool in filmora 9. keep watching [Music] hey everyone it’s jj from filmora here to empower your inner video creator before we get started don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t done so already and hit that notification bell so you’re always updated on our next video releases do you want an easy way to pull off a professional shot or a fun trick that adds excitement to your videos well filmora9 has a tool that you can use to reverse clips and it’s good for more than just making your friends walk backwards in case you didn’t know let me show you how you could reverse clips in filmora9 just select the clip on your timeline click on the speed gauge icon and choose reverse that’s it here are four interesting ways that you can use a reverse tool in femora 9 let’s go if you use physical title cards like the ones written out on paper you can film yourself destroying them and then play them in reverse so they look like they’re magically appearing in this example we filmed the title cards being crumpled and then reversed the footage so it looks like the paper is miraculously repairing itself you could also try dripping paint on them shredding it or even lighting it on fire but make sure you use the right safety precautions because you don’t want to get in trouble [Music] in the next tip we’re going to talk about perfecting your dolly shot having the camera move towards an object or subject that’s blurred and having it come into focus as you stop is a cool effect but it can be hard to pull off when you’re manly moving the camera or using a diy gear the tricky part is making sure to stop your camera fully so there isn’t any stutter slow or shake so why don’t you just start at the end where your camera’s already stopped place the camera where you want it to be at the end of your shot and make sure your subject is in focus film for as long as you want the end of your shot to last then pull the camera away until the subject is out of focus you’ll have to use a lens with a shallow depth of field so everything doesn’t stay in focus regardless of distance when you reverse this clip and film warrior 9 you get this really cool effect where you start off far back and it’s all blurry and then it zooms right in for the object being crisp and in focus [Music] have you ever wanted to have a character punch at your camera it’s a great way to showing the point of view of the person that they’re fighting however you run the risk of someone actually hitting your camera and damaging it if you start filming with the character’s fist already in front of the camera and have the actor pull it back you can reverse the footage in filmora9 to make it look like the fist is coming at the camera this way you’re not putting your gear at risk this technique is actually used with a lot of movies with cars having a car crash into a hollywood camera is probably super expensive so what they do is they have a car in front of the camera and then have the car drive backwards [Music] lastly i’m going to show you how you can summon things into your hands like you have telekinetic powers start with a shot of yourself holding whatever it is you want to summon like this coffee cup and then pose like you’ve already caught it this may mean holding your hand or arm a bit farther back keep filming as you throw the cup away you’ll want to set up something soft nearby like pillows blankets or even a sofa to protect what you throw when you toss the object try to keep your head and eyes facing forward instead of following the object and then move so you’re using the item you summoned in this case i took a sip of coffee and there you go some really cool ways that you can use the reverse tool in foreign are you guys gonna give this trick a try let us know in the comment section below or even better send us your videos so that we can see what you create don’t forget to like this video subscribe to our channel and i’ll see you guys next time [Music] you



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