3000 Years in a Nutshell – Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration: Jonathan Cahn (Part 9)

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Zechariah 12 a prophecy the word of the lord concerning israel the lord who stretches out the heavens who lays the foundation of the earth and who forms the human spirit or the spirit of man within a person declares i’m going to make jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling judah will be with siege as well as jerusalem on that day when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her i will make jerusalem and a movable rock for all the nations all who tried to move it will injure themselves this past wednesday if you missed it December 6 2017 was an event of colossal magnitude gigantic politically historically biblically and prophetic ly this past Wednesday America through President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the nation of Israel this had never taken place in all the years of Israel’s existence and all of its 70 years not only had America and never recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel no nation had it was the first nation or major power to do it what does this mean politically historically biblically prophetically enter your life let’s begin by looking at the context how do we get here history of Jerusalem in a nutshell about three and a half thousand years in a nutshell originally called Salem or Shalem a king one of the first things we see about him or see in the Bible about it is Melchizedek is the king of Salem that’s Jerusalem he blesses Abraham God says I will do all these things in the place I will show you you will gather together that’s Jerusalem it was as old there were pagans late when the by the time that the armies of Israel got there it was a pagan place the Jebusites God gave it to the through David Israel wanted and and David purchased the Temple Mount for Israel actually it’s the one time that that place has been purchased and nobody else has ever purchased it that’s the legal right it goes back from David who purchased it for Israel just by that it tells you something outside of that Jerusalem has only been taken by conquest like other lands except Jerusalem is the most fought over city in on planet Earth when you look at the rights of nations their claims are based on basically we took it from someone else or from another tribe or something like that one way that’s how man generally works but when you look at that but Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel the holy city you look at Psalm 122 I was glad when they said let us go up to the house of the Lord Jerusalem our feet are standing within your gates pray for the Peace of Jerusalem they will prosper who love you this is what this is that where the temple was the capital of the United Kingdom of David and Solomon then then it breaks into two and the bottom part is Judah has Jerusalem the Babylonians come in to destroy it in 586 BC and the Jewish people sing by the waters of Babylon the psalm we we sat down and wept as we remembered Zion Jerusalem if I forget you Jerusalem may my right hand lose its cunning God then brings them back and tells them to rebuild the city rebuild the temple zerubabbel Ezra Nehemiah they rebuild the temple they rebuild the city they rebuild the walls it is again the capital of Israel and then come the Greeks the Syrian Greeks Antiochus Epiphanes who takes over Jerusalem this is what we are going to next week Hanukkah Jerusalem is in the hands of enemies it becomes a pagan city for a moment captive the temple of pagan captive and then God raises up the Maccabees there’s a there’s a miracle of a victory and it is Hanukkah the rededication Jerusalem is Reese again that is next week and then the Maccabees rule they become the kings of Israel Jerusalem is again the place where the the people of Israel come up every year three times a year to worship the Lord together the temple but then the Romans come and they take over Herod Messiah rides into Jerusalem on a donkey Messiah weeps over Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem how much he loves Jerusalem and he weeps when he sees what’s gonna happen to Jerusalem and his people he will be crucified in Jerusalem he will rise from the dead in Jerusalem our Redemption takes place in Jerusalem our faith begins in Jerusalem he ascends from Jerusalem to God and he is asked as he as he’s about to ascend is it at this time you will restore the kingdom to Israel he doesn’t say no no I’m not gonna do that he says it’s not for you to know when in other words he will restore the kingdom to Israel and you can’t restore the kingdom to Israel without restoring the city of the Kingdom of Israel Jerusalem and just as he was there in Jerusalem and he ascended until that time the angel said do you not know that he will come back the same way which means what he will come back to Jerusalem what happened but what happened to Jerusalem after that after the Bible until now he said Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles or the nation’s until the time of the Gentiles are fulfilled in 70 AD what he wept over comes to pass what he prophesied comes to pass the Romans surround the city and they lay siege to it and they destroy it not leaving not one stone of the temple upon another they take the Jewish people and and take them captive into the nation’s Jerusalem is burning in ruins as this the Land of Israel the next century the the emperor of Rome bans all Jews from being in the city except on one day the ninth of all the day they destroyed the temple he renames Jerusalem makes it a pagan city puts up pagan temples Rome renames the land to erase any connection to the Jewish people calls it Palestina or Palestine that’s where we get that from named after the Philistines Palestine means the land of the Philistines and so it is known for that for 2,000 years the world the word actually Palestinian literally means Philistine some churches and maps have that on there they say Palestine in the time of Jesus there was no such thing but there was a Jerusalem now it has taken over so a way to say now a pagan city but then Rome splits into two Jerusalem falls under the eastern part the Byzantine Kingdom Byzantium it is quote Christianized becomes a holy city of that but Byzantium ends up persecuting the Jews then a new force arises Islam Mohammad in the desert he sweeps across the desert and his armies sweep across ultimately they take the Land of Israel and Jerusalem they are shown the holy sites the Temple Mount and the policy they have is to build mosque on the holy sites and make them the highest in whatever city they are so on the Temple Mount they build the Dome of the rock the mosque of Omar and the al-aqsa mosque they declare at the third holiest site in Islam Jerusalem is called by them alkyds or the holy did Muhammad ever go to Jerusalem never later there was a tale added that he was he went in a vision to Jerusalem how many times since the Quran mentioned Jerusalem zero but what they did is Muhammad expected the Jews to follow the new faith but they didn’t and so he he turned against them and he instead of Jerusalem II replaced it with Mecca Mecca is based on Jerusalem the new center Emma the Muslims ruled Jerusalem Christian holy sites are converted into mosques Jews and Christians are treated as oppressed people then come the Crusades they call for the Crusades to save the Holy Land from the Muslims though the Crusaders come and they kill Muslims and kill Jews and kill Christians and they wipe out populations they take Jerusalem called the Crusader Kingdom lasts just a little bit until Saladin defeats them in Galilee and again it becomes Muslim again Jerusalem and there are several Muslim dynasties that come and go then comes the rise of a new Empire the Ottoman Turkish Empire the Ottoman Empire takes over Jerusalem in an Israel and the Arab world the Ottomans are Muslim but they’re not Arab they’re Turkish they’re seen by the Arabs as an occupying force the Ottoman Empire will rule the Middle East Israel and Jerusalem for four hundred years into the 20th century the Ottoman Empire becomes increasingly anti-jewish and they persecute the Jews then comes World War one and in that war the Ottoman Empire comes against the British Empire the British Empire comes into the Middle East and wins the Land of Israel and the City of Jerusalem and for the first time in ages Israel and Jerusalem there it is not under Muslim control but it’s under the sovereignty of a power that is actually it is a quote Christian nation it Britain and actually Britain had a revival before this and a love for the Jewish people at that time so God set it all up there actually for the first time in two thousand years since Rome they are the first power favorable to the Jewish people and they open up the land for the Jewish people and they begin returning in greater numbers Jewish people coming home and England will later turn against the Jewish people or against the policy and then comes World War two when the Jewish people need to get out of Europe because of Hitler but now Britton kind of closes the door and finally at the end of the war and the Britain the British Empire when they turned against Israel they collapse but now Britain Britain has enough of it and gives the issue over to the newly formed United Nations not far from here it was in Queens New York the UN votes to defy divide the Land of Israel into two an arab land and in jewish land and for jerusalem as for Jerusalem the United Nations says no one will get it it will be a corpus separate um a separate body under international or UN control the Jewish people say this is not really what we were looking for but it’s a lot better than what we have so yes the Arab nations say no we want all of it on May 14th 15th into the next day the British Mandate ends 1948 Israel declares its nationhood America first nation to recognize it the Arab nations move in to destroy it the reborn nation at its birth but miraculously Israel survives and in the conflict Jordan seizes Jerusalem now the United Nations has condemned Israel for having Jerusalem again and again and again and again it is condemned for other things too the United Nations if you didn’t know it has condemned Israel not only more than any other nation on earth but has condemned it more than it has condemned any other nation on earth put together yet when Jordan sees Jerusalem there wasn’t one United Nations resolution against it but not only do they take Jerusalem they ban the Jewish people they destroy the Jewish quarter they made Jewish holy sites garbage dumps took Jewish gravestones from the Mount of Olives and used them to build bathrooms there wasn’t one United Nations condemnation nineteen years later the six-day war breaks out miraculously Israel wins and regains ancient capital of Jerusalem Israeli soldiers for the first time walking the streets of Jerusalem since the time of Rome this is what the world has been trying to undo ever since the six-day war now let’s look at the big picture that was over 3000 years of history there are all sorts of powers and claims on Jerusalem so the question is in the last 4,000 years how many nations have had Jerusalem as its capital with a possible exception of that little Crusader Kingdom that lasted less than a century and questionable in 4,000 years only one nation has had Jerusalem as its capital the nation of Israel to find out how you can receive more of Jonathan’s teachings to receive special free gifts or get in touch go to hope of the world that org or call toll-free 1-800 use schewe one that’s hope of the world org or call 1-800 use schewe one that’s twenty hundred nine three seven four eight two one you can also get more at Jonathan Cahn’s Facebook page or write us direct at hope of the world bouts one one one one Lodi New Jersey zero seven six four for us a hope of the world is dedicated to the goal of spreading God’s Word and salvation to every land and people to do this by spreading the word throughout the world and sponsoring compassion projects to the most poor and needy around the earth to get in touch or have a parting God’s work just right to hope of the world box 111 New Jersey’s zero seven six four four USA or go to hope of the world org or call 1-800 use schewe one that’s one eight hundred nine three seven four eight two one …

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