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All right welcome back I’m Robert breaker and it is 2019 all ready I cannot believe we’re already in the year 2019 this is exciting I’m surprised we’re still here to be honest with you I was fingers crossed hoping praying wishing that the Lord Jesus Christ would come back in 2018 any did not so we’re still here unfortunately but we’re still here amen we can still witness and tell people about Jesus Christ that’s what we need to do so I’m gonna start this new year this will be this first sermon for the new year and I’m gonna ask the question rapture 2019 now before I go there let me make sure I go ahead and put two more little question marks here because I want to make it very clear that I am NOT setting the date of the rapture I mean I’m not even gonna give you a day that the rapture could be but there are a lot of people out there who were Christians who are thinking you know this could be the year and I always looked at myself as like a reporter when I talk about these things and I just look at what other Christians what other people in the body Christ are thinking and why their thinking is they look at the timeline and they look at the Bible and you know it cannot be denied that we really are in the last days if we look at our Bibles and we look at the prophecy in the scriptures I really believe we’re in the last days so I always felt like well it’s not wrong to look at the Bible and try to guess when the rapture might be now you don’t want to set a date and say the rapture will be on such-and-such a day no we don’t want to do that and I’ve never done that I’ve always made sure that when I talk about things like this I’ve always been like a reporter well on the internet there’s a lot of scuttlebutt about this and that a lot of people are thinking possibly this day a lot of you and this is why and I’ve always felt like that was a smart thing to do because it makes you think and you know what else it does a lot of people told me it makes you get in your Bible it is wonderful to read your Bible and so that’s all I want you to do is think about Jesus Christ think about the day and age which we live and think about the rapture I think it’s very soon do I know what day the rapture is no no not at all I’m not about to set a date of the rapture that’s why I made him I put the three question marks so that nobody could say Robert breaker while he’s trying to set a date of the rapture yeah I’m not setting the date of the rapture I’m trying to tell you that there are Christians out there that are thinking that we are definitely in the last days they are thinking that the rapture could be very very very soon why are they thinking that well that’s we’re gonna look at today why they think the rapture could be soon and how fingers crossed it might be in 2019 then again it might not it might not be till 2023 or 2033 but I wanted to throw this out here because I watched some videos on YouTube and I talked to people and we read our Bibles and we’re looking at what’s taking place in the world and we’re going wow it just looks like it’s closed so could it be all right I’m not saying it will be I’m just asking the question could 2019 possibly believe the day of the rapture and if so why all right so let’s start in Isaiah 46 I don’t want to go too long today and I don’t want to go too in depth or in detail today I’d like you to study this out for yourself there’s a lot of good people on YouTube that are talking about this and they’ll probably give you a lot more information than I can so I’m just gonna throw it out there just to let you study it out for yourself but in Isaiah chapter 46 in verse 10 actually let’s start reading verse 9 isaiah remember the former things of old for i am god and there is none else I am God and there’s none like me amen thank God for God and then in verse 10 look what God says he does verse 10 declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do my all my pleasure God tells us that he declares the end from the beginning well these are the last days this is all the end time I’d like to study in time prophecy but God says from the very beginning he declares the end well beginning of the Bible is the book of Genesis so I’ve really been studying the book of Genesis lately and I’m looking in the book of Genesis and prophecies and things and I’m going huh this is quite interesting good God have have revealed when the rapture will be in the book of Genesis so I like to go all the way back to Genesis and go to the beginning and read the book of Genesis because I’m thinking man it’s it’s got to be there somewhere I mean I’m not gonna say that the rapture is there but at the same time God told us about when he would come the first time and it was in the Word of God so couldn’t it be in this the Word of God the second time when Jesus is coming so I’m going to look at Genesis and I’m reading the book of Genesis and in Genesis chapter 11 verse 26 we see something quite interesting and this is something a lot of people are putting out on the internet and it is interesting that’s why I want to throw this out here again I’m not setting the date of the rapture I’m just trying to show you what other people are pointing out from the Scriptures and you can take it or leave it okay I just think it’s interesting to look at and again not gonna go to in detail with it do what you want with it study it out for yourself some more but it’s interesting in Genesis chapter 11 in verse 26 and Terah lived seventy years and begot Abraham Nahor and Haran Terah was the father of Abraham now over here the law starts with Moses we know that but before Moses there was a fellow named Abraham and Abraham lived about a few years before Jesus and so many years after Adam and Abraham had a father and his father’s name was Tara and the Bible says that Tara was seventy years old when he gave birth to Abraham I find that interesting because all throughout the Bible we have the number 70 reoccurring over and over again I’m going to show you some of those places about the number 70 because we are now in the 70th year anniversary of the nation of Israel back in 2018 they celebrated 70 years as a nation and they will celebrate that for a little longer so we’re still in that 70 year time period of the nation of Israel being formed in 1948 so today was 70 years old when he begot Abraham now if you go back and you do the math and that’s what’s so amazing about the Bible it tells you and Adam was so many years old and he begot so and they were so many years old when they begot so-and-so and we’ve got all this genealogy in the Bible and we can literally add up the numbers of how long it was that someone lived you know if you total up from Adam to Jesus Christ you get almost exactly four thousand years so that’s amazing how we can do a timeline in the Bible and there’s four thousand years from Adam to Jesus so a lot of people have done that and it’s a lot of work I hate math so I try not to but Bishop Ussher has has done some things like that and other people have done the timeline and Abraham was born if you do the timeline from Adam to Abraham Abraham was born I find this so amazing 1948 years after and so after Adam Abraham was born 1940 years or 48 years later now that’s if my math is right and I’ve looked that up on YouTube and different websites and everything if people concur that if you do the genealogy Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam and you look at that you say hmm well you come over here to where we are today and in 1948 Israel became a nation in 70 years later 70 years well that would put us at 2018 that’s where we are today and there’s something about that number seven but in that weird hell Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam then over here the Israel as a nation even though they were a nation back here you know in 70 AD why they were ceased to be a nation and they were kicked out of their land but here they were born as a nation in 1948 1948 when those two numbers are the same I find that so interesting and we read in the Bible that God declares the end from the beginning the Bible is like a mirror and one old preacher told me one of my Bible teachers actually in Bible school says the Bible is like a mirror everything that you see in the New Testament it’s like a mirror there’s there’s a mirror of that exact thing in the Old Testament and I find that very strange and very interesting and I think only God could write a book like that so 1948 so Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam and you go up to our time and we count our time from Jesus and 1948 while we have Israel and what is these Rael White’s the the children of Abraham the people of Abraham now this is what’s interesting to me the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 15 let’s turn there real quick Adam and Jesus while he talks about them and it says basically that Jesus is the second Adam in 1st Corinthians chapter 15 first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 22 for as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive now look at verse 45 and so it was written the first man Adam was made a living soul the last Adam was made a quickening spirit who was the last Adam Jesus so here’s Adam well guess what here’s Jesus Jesus is called the last Adam and so from the birth of Earth I guess the creation of Adam I don’t really say what you say birth from the creation of Adam to Abraham 1948 years from the second Adam Jesus Christ to the nation of Israel declaring itself a nation again 1948 years just mere coincidence right or could God be declaring the end from the beginning if this is the case then as we read through the book of Genesis we we look at the numbers maybe what we’re reading in the book of Genesis and how long somebody lived before he begot so-and-so and all these things maybe God is telling us now in the future there’s gonna be something happening as well and so I look at that and I said well that’s interesting Abraham the Bible says Abraham was 75 years old when he left when he left his land if you remember God told Abraham I want you to leave where you live the era of Cal DS and I’ve got a land prepared for you I want you to go to that land so if you take 75 and you add that to 1948 what comes out two comes out to 2023 well that’s interesting well over here nation of Israel becomes a nation in 1948 and here we are 70 years later well if we added 75 though to to this what we did end up just adding five what’s 8 and I feel up till 30 we get 20 23 if we’re looking at how old he was when he left the land why would you look at when he left his land after he was born well ok let’s take one nation became the Israel became a nation in 1948 let’s add 75 to that okay so here’s 1948 plus oh let me do it this way so it makes sense 1948 plus 75 that comes out to 2023 now what if this is a big what if I’m not saying the rapture will be in 2019 but what if the rapture was in 2019 2019 rapture question mark all right let me just try to put two more so no one will say that I’m dating the rapture because I’m not I’m asking a question a possibility 2023 all right we know the tribulation is seven years that’s what I believe a lot of people say no I don’t believe that nowadays yeah a lot of people have a pasta size but that seven years is divided into three and a half and three and a half the first three and a half years of the tribulation the Jews are in their land all right what would 2023 be if the rapture is in 2019 all right you got 20 21 22 and 1/2 20 23 by 2023 would be the middle of the Tribulation Period what happens according the book of Revelation in the middle of the tribulation this is when the Antichrist comes in and sits on earth on his on the throne in the temple and he tells people I am God and then all the Jews have to flee the land they have to flee into the mountains of Judea and they have to flee from the Antichrist have to leave their land in order to be protected by God hut sinner I see 75 years old when he left his land 75 years after 1948 would be 2023 if the rapture was in 2019 why it’s almost like the exact same thing is happening over again Israel get out of the land because the end of Christ is taking it over now I’m not saying this 100% that I believe this but I find this very interesting that there’s some people on the internet that are saying well I think 2019 to rapture and I see this coming to pass and I see this that and the other thing okay why do you think that the rapture could be in 2019 well because this is the 70th year anniversary of the nation of Israel now God works with the number seven very often remember what happened or there’s several things that have happened historically in 2018 that to me had just made me go WOW and make me think we’ve got to be close all right the first thing is the embassy moved to Jerusalem in 2018 Trump told Israel I’m moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and so he basically on 2018 the actual 70th anniversary of Israel he basically said I’m declaring that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem and that was a big deal for those 70 years that Israel was a nation since 1948 they didn’t even have their capital in Jerusalem their capital was in tel-aviv and all of a sudden celebrating their 70th year Trump says Israel your capital is Jerusalem and I see that and I believe that so much I’m moving our embassy there that’s your capital city now is that prophetic well many a Christian has said yeah that’s that’s pretty sure prophetic and I think it’s pretty interesting and you just look at that and go have whatever okay if you want to whatever that then you help yourself but there’s something else that took place in December of 2018 that to me is incredible I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it in 2018 there was a feast called Hanukkah okay Hanukkah Hanukkah according to the Jews is a festival of lights all right Hanukkah the festival of lights it’s also called the feast of dedication okay now Hanukkah of the year 2018 fell on the Jewish calendar December 10th our feuding December 2nd to December 10th Hanukkah is a feast of eight days no Christmas Christians who celebrate Christmas celebrate one night well the Jews they celebrate celebrate eight nights in their feast of dedication the last day of Hanukkah of 2018 was December 10th now you know what happened on December 10th some people have heard about this and a lot of people that I know that are Christians they’re talking about this and they’re just like wow do you know what happened on December 10th this is insane it’s stupid and other people that I know that are Christians they haven’t heard a word and they’re like what what are you talking about it’s interesting to me how some Christians can see it and say this all fits in with Bible prophecy and others look at it go wow that means nothing okay well let’s see what I want to do is just get it out there so you know about it all right it could be something it could be nothing but it seems to be pretty interesting December 10th in Jerusalem the Jews got together on December 10th and they built the altar and they dedicated the altar they dedicated the altar the altar the Jews did this the altar the Jews got together and they invited all these different nations and they said all these different nations come and watch us dedicate the altar who did this the juice and I’m watching it you can go to youtube and look it up and there were people that are standing there recording it they built an altar actually built it up kind of on a little ramp and it kind of goes up like this the ramp and they went up there on this ramp and they did a dedication and they dedicated the altar after almost 2000 years since 70 AD being cast out of Israel and not being able to offer sacrifice on the altar they did that and they got some wood and they put some firewood up here and I watched them they they set it on fire now what this is is the Jews wanting to rebuild their temple and there’s a great desire in Israel for the Jews to rebuild their temple which is what they desire to do and you know what the Bible tells us that that will be taking place that the Jews will rebuild their temple because that’s when the Antichrist comes in and sits in the temple and declares that he is God so there must be according to Bible prophecy a rebuilt temple in Israel December 10th 2018 they dedicated the altar now the Jewish authorities would not allow them to sacrifice an animal right there so off site they sacrificed an animal they killed an animal and then I watched them they brought a part of that animal I think it was a hind leg that they brought and they brought that hind leg and they threw it on that altar and they burned it up and that was the Jews saying we dedicate our altar again to God because the intent is we’re going to rebuild the temple now you go back to the Bible and I want to talk about 70 the number 70 it is incredible how often we see the number 70 you go back to the Bible in the Bible we have two books in the Old Testament the book of Ezra and the book of Nehemiah Ezra and Nehemiah Ezra and Nehemiah were Old Testament prophets who were in tivity when Israel went into captivity they went into captivity for 70 years in Babylon and so they’re in captivity for seven years and they come back after the seven years and you read the book of Ezra and you read the book of Nehemiah and in the book of Ezra it’s all about rebuilding the temple and the book of not Nehemiah is all about rebuilding the walls of Israel so they come back after the 70 years and they rebuilt in Ezra chapter 3 why let’s just go there real quick the first thing that is Rand the Jews do when they come back after 70 years and it’s history repeating himself is that what the Bible is it’s a book of prophecy it’s not just past history it’s it’s prophetic future history but that’s what I’m kind of seeing in the Bible in his reach after 3 what was the first thing that is reduce Eze then stood up just Josh Joshua well that sounds like Yeshua he seduced Jesus instead of just sua the son of Jose onic Jose Zadok and his brother and the priest of zerubabbel and the son of shell off TTL and his brother and builded the altar of God of Israel to offer burnt offerings thereon as it is written in the law of Moses in the man of God now look at what they did in verse 10 and when the builders laid the foundation of the temple of the Lord they said the priests of their apparel with trumpets and it continues to tell you what they did historically back here the Jews went into captivity for 70 years after those 70 years of being out of their land being dispersed the first thing they did when they came back was before they built their temple they dedicated the altar they built the altar and they dedicated that out here we are 2,000 years later in 1948 Israel came back into their land after being dispersed they got to stay there for 70 years but nobody recognized them and they didn’t even have their capital in their nation of Israel in Jerusalem until 2018 and then in 2018 they rebuilt up their altar and dedicated the altar exactly like what Nehemiah did and Ezra did so are we seeing a repeat of history if that’s what they did first they dedicated the altar and then rebuilt the temple what should we expect to take place or to happen in 2019 if they dedicated the altar in 2018 and that’s what Ezra did before he built the temple why I’m just looking at this and I’m going well then if they’ve already dedicated the altar in 2018 but in 2019 they should rebuilt the temple so that’s my idea Matt’s my thought if we are literally seeing history repeat itself then we’re gonna see in 2019 the Jews rebuild their temple now I don’t know that for sure I’m just I’m speculating okay like I said these are things that people are saying and wondering if this could be how it happens but it is so amazing how often we see things in the Old Testament and how they mirror future events in the new testament how often we see the words the number 70 and how they’re 70 after 70 years of being in babylonian captivity they did this the Jews rejected their Messiah Jesus was born 70 years later they’re cast out milena here we see Israel as a nation 70 years and you know just mere coincidence that they dedicate the altar and all over Israel they’re talking about we’re gonna be real build the temple next because before we can rebuild the temple we had to dedicate the altar just like Ezra did back then coincidence or could we be seeing the Bible coming to pass in the tribulation coming to pass soon well before the Jews can get in their temple worshiping in their temple what do we need to see the rapture of the church see the church leaves so that God can go back to dealing with the nation of Israel and they’re going to be dealt with in that time now here’s what I’m finding interesting and I’m just gonna throw this out before I get to the other verses on the number 70 but in Daniel chapter 9 and verse 2 we read this okay Daniel chapter 9 and like I said I’m not gonna go to in detail with all of this stuff I just don’t have time but in Daniel chapter 9 and verse 2 Daniel reads this thusly Daniel says this in the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years where of the word the Lord came to Jeremiah the Prophet that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem so the Book of Daniel is a book of prophecy and I’ve talked to you before about how the Book of Daniel was written and we talked about the 70 weeks or the 490 years in that prophecy of 70 weeks and again I don’t have to talk time to talk about that but how there’s one week missing so there’s been only 483 years that really took place and so there’s a final year our final week and this is what we call Daniels 70th week and scholars have always said that that week is a week of years but here Daniel says 70 what 70 years of term upon my people well if you go back to that teaching of the 70 weeks 70 weeks are summer talking my people verse 24 and we say well that’s a week of year so we’ve always made that into a 490 year prophecy and I think that’s correct but in the Bible many times there’s one prophecy that God gives that can apply to two or three different things so there are some people on YouTube that have done this okay now this is what I’m just throwing out there I don’t say I believe this that’ll say I don’t but I do think it’s kind of interesting and we’re gonna find out in a couple of weeks anyway ever that’s is right or wrong so you know that’s why I waited so long to do this because I’m just throwing it out there as a huh I wonder but here’s what’s so interesting okay way back in September a lot of people are still talking about the September 23rd 2017 sign in the heavens and I said well that looks like something but what could it be I don’t know it could be something it could not who knows what if it was assigned to Israel what if that sign was to Jews hey Jews get ready here comes the 70th year the next year 2018 God says I’m giving you in advance a year before juice watch what’s going to happen you know why the Bible says the Jews seek after a sign but the Greeks seek after wisdom so signs in the Bible are for the Jews so could revelation of twelve sign September 23rd 2017 and if you don’t know what I’m talking about we’ll look up the videos on that could that have been for the Jews and tell the Jews get ready I’m coming back to deal with you very shortly and it could be so a lot of people have theorized and that’s all this is that the 490 the prophecy of seventy weeks of Daniel wasn’t just 70 weeks of years the 70 weeks they say what if it was literally weeks what it was what if it was four hundred and ninety days all right so we’ve got one final week okay let’s make it four hundred eighty three days so what they did is they said let’s go to September 23rd 2017 and let’s add four hundred and ninety days to that and I guess they’re looking for the date of the rapture by doing that okay what is it supposed to mean well if it’s a sign for Jews and it’s for Jews to know hey get ready your temple is going to be rebuilt within this time or whatever so when you do that when you go to September 23rd if you add four hundred men I’m running out of room but if you add four hundred and eighty three days to September 23rd it takes you to January 19th 2019 if you add the four hundred eight ninety days all total and you say why are you sure I had four nineteen to begin with because Daniels prophecy has divided up he says now in the last week for week is seven days then the last week than this but if you do 490 days it comes out to January what January 26 2019 okay so there’s some people to do this I don’t know if you should I don’t I’m just showing you what people are saying what people are thinking what people are trying to do to try to figure out could it be that the rapture is coming because boy God seems to be really doing something with Israel Israel seems to be seeking God seems to be serious about coming back to him and they think the way to come back is through the sacrifice of animals which isn’t right it’s the one sacrifice of Christ that saves but they don’t see that see they’re blinded so the only thing that you knows is the Old Testament so he’s thinking I got to get back to God through the Old Testament so they’re rebuilding their their altar and they dedicated it they’ve already done that and that’s the prerequisite to build the temple and we see that in the Old Testament before they rebuilt the temple back here in the time of Ezra they dedicated the altar so 2019 is here you know what I think is gonna happen in 2019 and I could be wrong but I’m read my Bible but I’m looking at what’s happened historically I’m going huh I’m pretty sure that 2019 is when the Jews are gonna be rebuilding their temple yeah if I’m wrong great I want to be your honk in it because uh I’m ready to stay here a little longer and keep preaching and teaching the Word of God I mean that’s important this isn’t the kind of stuff that I talk about often but I just want to show you I thought that was a big deal but there are people out there they’re saying a brother breaker what we think and I don’t know if I can go along with this but they think what if the prophecy of Daniel was 70 weeks and that was a week of days not a week of years and at the September 23rd sign was God saying now count 490 days from that and if you do that you come to January 19 2019 or January 26 2019 somewhere in that time period well that’s only about three weeks away now is there anything to that probably not except for the fact that there’s a super Blood Moon on January 20th through the 21st there’s also a total lunar eclipse on January 20th to the 21st you go all the way back to what 2014 or something and they always started talking about these blood moons and how these blood moons show up and there was a tetrad of blood moons or something and and a lot of Christians have been looking at and going wow look at that and what’s weird is they always seem to show up on a Jewish feast almost like there was some God somewhere that had a people that he chose and called them the Jews Israel and told them you come worship me on certain feast days and he set up those feast days based upon the moon and it just so happens that he had a calendar in heaven and that these moons always showed up on the days that he predetermined you know kind of proves that there’s probably a God in heaven yeah probably it’s funny because you look on the internet about these blood moons and this lunar eclipse tianjin uary 20th to the 21st and they’re calling it a super blood wolf moon you ever heard that before they always coming up with new names for the moon it’s a blue moon you know once in a blue moon well that’s a blue super Blood Moon well now that’s a super blood a wolf moon I don’t know what a wolf moon I don’t I don’t even know what that means a wolf moon but that’s what they’re calling it I know the Bible says that the Devils like a wolf he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will and you know what’s interesting the Jews all over in Israel are excited because they say we’re going to accept our Messiah soon and they’re all saying the Messiah is coming the Messiah is coming well if you know your Bible if you know the words of Jesus if you know what Paul tells you he says that they’re going to accept the false messiah first and when the Jews accept their Messiah they’re gonna accept to the Antichrist it’s not really gonna be Jesus and halfway through the tribulation then they’re gonna see we were duped that guy’s not the true Christ and then they’re gonna have to flee and they’ll be protected for three and a half years so if you’re reading your Bible and you’re scratching your head you’re going wow all these things seem to be coming to pass really soon so is the wraps are gonna take place in 2019 I don’t know I’m not saying it will but it’s interesting to me as I read my Bible as I look at current events which is amazing that during the feast of dedication they built and dedicated their altar in Jerusalem after 70 years I’m starting to scratch my head and go man could we be that close could Jesus be coming that soon could 2019 finally be the year that Jesus comes sure would be nice now quickly I want to get through this the seventy all right this number 70 shows up a lot in Scripture let’s look at some places let’s go to Isaiah 23 Isaiah 23 God’s dealing with Israel and it seems like he puts them through stuffs for 70 years then he goes back to dealing with them and oftentimes when he goes back to dealing with Israel then he goes to destroy their enemies Isaiah chapter 23 and verse 15 is one of the verses in which we see the 70 years thing Isaiah 23 15 and it shall come to pass in that day the tyre shall be forgotten seventy years according to days of one king after the end of 70 years so tyre Singh is a harlot taking harp go about the city the harlot that has been forgotten makes sweet melody singing many songs thou mayst be remembered something that should come to pass after the end of 70 years that the Lord will visit tyre and she’ll turn her to her hire and shall commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth and her merchandise and her hire shall be holiness to the Lord it shall be treasured nor laid up for her merchandise shall be for them that dwell before the Lord – eats officially and for durable clothing well that sounds exactly like revelation 17 when in the tribulation time we’re told in the book of Revelation that God will destroy Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth and in 1 what and quickly it will be destroyed in her merchandise and everything else so usually after the 70 years that God does something he starts putting out judgment towards those that are against his people Jeremiah 25 is another 70 years so I’m I’m not setting the date of the rapture I’m just reading my Bible and one thing I read in the Bible is that God says he declares the end from the beginning so we know what’s going to happen in the end in the last days because God declared it in the Bible the Bible is a book of prophecy and so I look at the beginning to try to figure out the end but also I’m looking at current events and I’m looking at this number God is a God of numbers there’s a book in the Bible called the Book of Numbers and there’s this reoccurring dream of God doing something for 70 years and then he goes and he saves Israel and destroys their enemies after 70 years Jeremiah through 12 Jeremiah through 12 we see another 70 years look at what God says this whole land shall be a desolation and an astonishment and these Kings shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years so you’re gonna pass when seventy years are accomplished that I will punish the king of Babylon but we’re told in the Bible that after the rapture during the Tribulation Period that’s when God destroys Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots quite interesting and verse 13 I will bring upon the land all my words which I’ve pronounced against it all even all those written in this book which era might have prophesied against all nations well the Bible teaches the rapture then the tribulation which God goes back to dealing with his people Israel’s of all the time of Jacob’s trouble Jacob is Israel and then in Armageddon Jesus returns and destroys the nations so we’re seeing this this theme taking place over and over again in the Old Testament 70 years and they God destroys the evil nations Zechariah and saves his people Zechariah 75 let’s go to the book of Zechariah and in Zechariah chapter 7 verse 5 we see another time that the Bible mentions this 70 years I think there’s something to this now the question is what well that’s why they want to get to in detail I want you to fall in love with the word of God and start reading it study it for yourself I can’t give you everything amen you need to get in God’s Word yourself but on Zechariah chapter 7 verse 5 says speaking to all the people of the land and to the priest saying when he have fasted in more than the fifth and seventh month even though seventy years did you all and all fast unto me even to me when you did eat and when you did drink did not you eat for yourselves a drink for yourselves should you not hear the words which the Lord had cried by the former prophets when Jerusalem was inhabited and in prosperity and the cities thereof round about her about her when men inhabited the south and the plain and look at verse 9 thus speaketh the Lord of hosts say execute true judgment and show mercy and compassion every man to his brother and on and on and on he’s talking about these 70 years and you can continue reading there the rest of that if you want but there’s four passages in which we see this 70 years Daniel 9 isaiah 23 Jeremiah 25 Zechariah 5 70 years so we look at Israel today God said that they would be scattered among the nations and because of that then that would be his judgment on them then he would bring him back into their land and then he would deal with them and they’ve been there now for 70 years now here’s an interesting verse chapter nine ninety and verse ten psalms ninety ten and a lot of christians they know this verse by heart at least I hope they do a lot of them think that this verse could apply to the last days and even to the rapture most most possibly Psalm chapter 19 verse 10 again it mentions 70 Psalm chapter 19 verse 10 the days of our years are threescore years and ten what is threescore will a score is twenty so three score big twenty times three what is that sixty sixty and 10 is 70 so the day of our years are seventy and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years what would that be eighty so if reason of strength n be eighty yet is their strength labor and sorrow for it is soon cut off and we fly away a lot of people look at that and say then that’s a prophecy of of the rapture the coming rapture and that in the last days what did Jesus say he says this generation shall not pass in a generation is about seventy years or maybe even eighty years so between seventy eighty years is a generation and Jesus said when you see these things come to pass and we’re starting to see some of those things that Jesus was talking about he says when you see those things come to pass know that that’ll be the last generation so from 1948 to 2018 that’s seventy years but if it be by strength eighty years well eighty what would live to be eighty someone that made it through the tribulation so from that to 2028 that would be your up to eighty years and then it says we fly away well we’d be flying out at the rapture so it’s an interesting verse so some people have tried to apply this I don’t know all I know is in the Bible you see this reoccurring thing of 70 years 70 years 70 years and I saw probably the most amazing thing since I’ve been alive on December 10th 2018 when Israel after 70 years of being a nation rebuilt that altar and they dedicated that altar to God that shows me that they’re just about that far away from rebuilding their temple and I’m seeing history repeat itself because Ezra Nehemiah after 70 years in captivity while then they came and they first built the altar then they built the temple so I’m expecting to see the temple built soon now will we either efficiency the temple built no the rapture might take place first and then they build the temple immediately thereafter I don’t know if we get to see them rebuild the temple but either way if they rebuild the temple in 2019 and then that’s for them that’s their dispensation the tribulation then that means the rapture is got to take place and it’s got to take place soon now I’m thinking about all this and I’m reading my Bible and I’m getting my own little ideas in my head and theories of what the raptures on this day one of the raptures on that day but you know what I’m not sharing them with you I have an idea when I think what day the rapture might be but I’m not even gonna tell you what it is because it’s not important what is important is that you know we are close we are in the last days and it could be in 2019 and I hope it is but if it’s not well let’s just keep on keeping on telling people the gospel getting people saved that’s what it’s all about because time is short but here’s my theory I’ll just give you a little quick theory here I’m not gonna even set a date but I thought it was interesting in the whole world was talking about 2012 2012 2012 and they even made a movie you know 2012 the end of the world but the Mayans said it wasn’t the end of the world it said it was the beginning of the end it was the beginning of of some new time or something well 2012 if you take 7 years and add that you get 2019 well that’s that you’re wearing now and if this tribulation seven years you had seven to that then what do you get you get 2028 now why would I want to add two sevens well Jesus says or the Bible says of course we know Jesus is God and so Jesus was the one that’s filling these these prophets with the Holy Spirit making them speak but he says he declares the end from the beginning so I’m reading through the book of Genesis and in the book of Genesis you got a guy named Joseph and Joseph goes into captivity and it becomes a slave in Egypt and he’s given this dream of seven good years and seven bad years so the seven good years come first and then in bad years and in those seven good years the guy in charge is the Pharaoh so 2012 was really the start of something and the seven good year started in 2012 then that would be the seven good years are over in 2019 you know they’re already saying all over the news how they expect there’s going to be similan rest in 2019 and a global economic collapse at 2019 and bad things are coming be prepared for an evil awful bad 2019 I don’t know I’ve heard them say that pretty much every year for the last five or ten years but if the rapture was in 2019 2012 would have been seven years those would have been the seven good years probably weren’t that good for some people but compared to what’s coming if the rapture was in 2019 the next seven years are gonna be the worst the worst it’s a it’s interesting Obama got in power in 2008 so in 2012 he was president you know what they called Obama the American Pharoah in the time of Joseph one Joseph was second to Pharaoh I think it’s kind of interesting 1938 if you go back and you look up times Man of the Year 1938 it was Hitler wonder what it was seventy years later well seventy years later would have been 2008 guess who the man of the year was 70 years later Obama anything to that that’s 70 years thing a lot of people in that time of Hitler they all said Hitler’s the Antichrist Hitler’s the Antichrist well they were just off by 70 years or so you know but isn’t it interesting so could Obama have been a type of the Pharaoh and Joseph was was under him and in and under Trump if you will Israel was was friends with this and they were protected during this time but they won’t be protected in the next 17 I don’t know all I know is there’s a lot of stuff in the book of Genesis and God says he declares the end from the beginning so a lot of those types in the Old Testament our types of future coming events I don’t think that can be denied and just as we saw Israel rebuild their altar and dedicate that on the feast of dedication that’s an exact repeat of what Hazra did seventy years later after he they left Babylon they rebuilt their their altar and dedicated it and here we see that thing repeating after they dedicated the altar then they rebuilt the temple so could the Jews be ready to rebuild their temple very very shortly they can yeah I’m thinking it’s possible and I’m hoping that it is I don’t see why the rapture can’t be in 2019 I sure see it’s a good time to with everything that seems to be happening you see 2018 was when Israel started to celebrate the 70 years well it’s gonna be a year so as we go into 2019 we’re still in that 70th year and when is their new year start I don’t know but until that new year starts on their calendar we’re still in that 70 year period so a me time would be a great time for the rapture to take place could it be in September again some people say well it has to be on the Feast of Trumpets because the last Trump is the rapture could be could be we have a Pentecost rapture could be I don’t know so I’m not setting the date of the rapture but I am looking at what’s taking place in Israel I am looking at numbers I am looking at things happening in the beginning and God said and I read you the verse God says he declares the end from the beginning and we’re seeing a repeat of the things that happened at the beginning it’s starting to look like hey these are the same things that are happening here in the end and I just really blew my mind Abraham was born in 1948 after Adam his rule was reborn again as a nation in 1948 after the second Adam Jesus Christ I look at these things and I’d say you know there’s got to be something to it I’m not saying the day their apps should all be in 2019 I’m just hoping and hoping it will be but if not hey B 2020 2021 20 22 23 whatever it is I’m ready to go cuz I’m saved how about you are you saved the Gospels first Corinthians 15 1 through 4 please read it the gospel is all about how that Christ died for our sins he is the sacrifice for our sins and were saved by faith in what he did for us when he died on the cross in our place were saved by trusting his blood see the Jews still miss that they still think we’ve got to have the blood of animals in order to be forgiven and they’re rejecting Jesus they need to come to him and his sacrifice for salvation so there it is I hope that’s been a blessing to you like I said there’s a lot more stuff I’d like to get into to go more in detail but I tried to make it kind of as much as possible as little detail as possible in the hopes that you’ll do some further study maybe you’ll send me some emails with more information that’d be awesome but fingers crossed let’s hope the Lord comes soon thanks for watching we’ll see you next time.

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