15 Amazing transport vehicles

– [Glen] Whether you’re heading to water, blast off Or if you prefer to stay on the ground, One of these compounds will prove to be an explosion. This is Glen and today we have 15 cool crazy Land, air and sea vehicles for you. (Electronic music) – [Female voice] No. 15. – [Glen] The King of Role Cars, Ernie Adams, I love the original ’49 Mercury so much He decided to build his own from scratch. The original car originally James Dean In his rebellious movie for no reason, Soon it became a family name.

Adams introduced his first dwarf car in 1965 from the metal From nine different refrigerators cut into pieces His craft has improved from that day. His name is Rebel Rouser, It took just over five years to build this dwarf car It looks like it came straight Miniature factory line. Powered by Toyota 1290 cc engine and Toyota group, This car can easily cruise at highway speeds It tops at about 100 mph. Everything except mirrors and spotlights A hand by Adams with the utmost caution. Everything in this car looks exactly Like the original full size version. Because this was all done manually, You will not find one on any showroom floor. But if he makes one, you can also. – [Female voice] No. 14. – [Glen] Patriot Campers took the Toyota GXL Double cabins for the Land Cruiser which, let’s be honest, It is a beautiful car in itself, And make it in the off-road jungle king. The LC79 features almost a full foot of the extended chassis. R0H wheels with Mickey Thompson tires, Upgrade the suspension to 3800 kg, TJM barwork, front and back lift, Water tank and electric pump, Hema HN7 navigation unit, And GME UHF Radio.

And we haven’t even got all the extensions yet. You can get one of these built on your specifications And boy there are so many options. Additional features include 2X Xray 220 HID lights The 1200mm quad optical light bar, ARB Dual Compressor Kit, Programmable torque controller, JMACX coil conversion kit, Surface platform rhinoceros pioneer, This small umbrella includes a storage drawer, Storage cart, fridge, dog cage tray built in, The James Barrow Evo tent. You can basically live in this thing.

With the force behind the car And all the extras you can get, There is no stopping you adventure with this thing. Pricing for the LC79 Supertourer starts at $ 125,000. – [Female voice] No. 13. – [Glen] Sometimes described as jet skiing with wings, The A5 icon is a stunning example of diversity. With actual landing gear and Seawing platforms, You have a landing pad on the floor And also in the water.

Diversity does not stop there. Wings fold and plane can be easily Transported by trailer and trailer. The A5 icon comes with the Rotax 912iS sports engine, Supplying 100 horsepower to the plane. A5 was made with a spin-airframe, Making it safer for a new pilot. Because of the engineering of the plane, In the case of a booth, The body resists rotation while maintaining manual control Waiver at a safe rate. With space for two people inside the cockpit, This plane makes the perfect vacation car. It comes with quite a few small extras as well. There are storage compartments Placed inside Seawing platforms As well as running advanced lights for maximum visibility. It even comes with a parachute system If something unimaginable happens.

The A5 price starts at $ 200,000. – [Female voice] No. 12. – [Glen] A hunting trip during the day? there is no problem. A fishing trip at night? there is no problem. On camping water? there is no problem. Boat party all day and all night? there is no problem. The Formula 430 All Sports Crossover is envy All water craft because of its versatility. I mean, this thing has 32 cup holders It is amazing Equipped with four Mercury 300 Verado external motors With the option to upgrade them to 350 or 400 models, This boat will get you where you need to go With speed and style. ASC 430 has state of the art navigation system Built in the cockpit. It comes with full cabin accommodations Which are usually only included in the closed bowl bowls. It has two kitchens, one in the cabin And one under the canopy of the boat. For all the hunting fanatics, It comes with a compact live bait tank, Prep station for fresh fish Built-in storage for all your fishing, The Galleon fish box 75 is under the port side seat With fridge and refrigerator coil To keep fishing today nice and cool.

Pricing for this starts at a cool $ 1 million. (Rift bass) – [Female voice] No. 11. – [Glen] AERO-X is the next generation idea to navigate. By using tubular fans together, it can achieve maximum height About 12 feet off the ground. Fan blades are also attached In shroud for more safety. The AERO-X is about 15 feet long and about 7 feet long It has the capacity to carry two passengers. Inhale naturally a triple rotor motor Encourages fixed carbon fiber fans Auto grade fuel is running out.

The whole car is made of carbon fiber, Fiberglass composite and Kevlar To ensure safety and strength. AERO-X design allows to be tried Similar to driving a motorcycle. This allows the movements to be intuitive While driving the car in three dimensions. Optimized for rugged environments such as farms and farms And underdeveloped areas with no roads, Dirt and debris are not a problem For fan or motor blades. Because of the three dimensional operating area, Not recommended for mountainous areas Or anywhere the height changes quickly. Pre-orders are now available And the price is expected to be about 85,000 dollars. – [Female voice] No. 10. – [Glen] This is a minimalistic helicopter It is one of the lightest manned helicopters out there.

It is only 20 feet long, Mosquitoes provide air performance, Reliability and ease of flight. Mosquitoes are made of aircraft grade aluminum To maximize weight savings Without reducing strength or safety. The entire engine package weighs only 70 pounds, Overweight savings even further. The main rotor is controlled From the floor mounted joystick and control mixer. Tail rotor is controlled by foot pedals. The 64-horsepower compact drive allows mosquitoes To hit maximum speeds of up to 70 mph While it consumes five gallons of fuel every hour. The maximum range is 60 miles A cruising speed is 55 miles per hour. While usually flying an expensive hobby, Mosquitoes make them a little cheaper, It only costs $ 20,000. – [Female voice] Number nine. – [Glen] While this seems more appropriate To get the wasteland after the dreadful from the streets of your city, Deville Alston is a force to reckon with.

Produced by the same company That made 5,000 horsepower a superpower, Her percentage speaks for itself. With a 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine, Sixty Deville pumps, huge 700 hp And it goes zero to sixty in 5.8 seconds. It has six full steering wheel and independent suspension. The tires are all on military rims And the car has seats for up to six. Devil Stone comes standard With adjustable height suspension, Two inches forward and backward, Front and back cameras, Night vision display on front and back, Custom interior and exterior color options. The most useful feature of a car It is that everyone on the road will get you out of your way. Pricing on this one starts at $ 450,000. – [Female voice] Number eight. – [Glen] and Rokon Trail-Breaker It has been around since the 60s The surf has been making ever since. The original world and the longest producing product Four wheel drive motorcycles, Rokon has been delivering performance For a longer period than some of their passengers were alive.

The Breaker Trail has unparalleled versatility For work or leisure activities Because of its light design, Wide tires for any terrain, The ground clearance is high for driving over obstacles. The Trail-Breaker delivers traction feet for sure With tires and lots of tensile strength Thanks to the all-wheel drive system. Torque is superior to the all-wheel drive system Trail-breaker allows pulling up to 2000 pounds. Small 208 cc engine propelled seven horsepower Motorcycle is allowed to travel up to 35 miles per hour.

The price in this one is modest $ 8,000. – [Female voice] Number seven. – [Glen] Innovators at the NASA Johnson Space Center, In cooperation with the auto partner, The MRV robotic vehicle units have been developed for a short time. The car is completely electric And he has no mechanical connections to pay, Steering or brake systems. Instead of the driver depends on the input control It is converted into electrical signals It is transmitted by wire to the engines in the car. MRV is powered by four independent wheel units Called electronic angles. Each wheel can rotate 180 degrees on the steering axis. You could literally pay 180% off to the side Parallel car park downtown. MRV was made to identify and develop new technologies That can be applied to future Rover campaigns. While those technologies will be applied in the future Rovers, Now, we get to reap the benefits One of those new technologies is in MRV.

While the MRV will not be on sale any time soon, Could you license the technology used in MRV And create your very own. – [Female voice] Number six. – [Glen] Seabreacher is an adrenaline junkie A best friend on the water. With its design similar to Crazy Mash A fish and a fighter plane, Looks won’t be the only thing that catches your eye. Half submersible, the Seabreacher is capable From diving under the water They mount quickly, penetrate the surface. The clear acrylic canopy allows the pilot and passengers A clear view of everything above and around them. A second underwater display port It gives you see everything underneath as well. Unlike traditional boats, Seabreacher works more like a plane With control of pitch, roll and yo. This allows the ship to carve left and right, Jump over or dive under the waves And even do barrel rolls under water. Seabreacher was designed with Self weight distribution. The wing and engine weight are all located low in the ship So even if you find yourself upside down, Will quickly roll around to the right side up.

Pricing on this one starts at around $ 80,000. – [Female voice] Number five. – [Glen] If you plan An expedition to the Arctic Circle, You may want to bring this tank vehicle with you. Evacuation of Arkktos craft was originally made For Arctic offshore oil platforms If anything goes wrong. But since then it has been used In many different rescue fashions. The ARKTOS evacuation craft can carry more than 50 passengers On board and can cross many different types of terrain. The vehicle abandoned the wheels of the track system, Not only to increase mobility But also to increase passenger seats By eliminating all plug-ins Comes with a standard driving range.

Each track is powered on its own 260 horsepower Cummins diesel engine. On the floor, the motors are connected by hydraulic motors ARKTOS propulsion to speeds of up to 10 mph. While in the water, the ship is working I like jet skiing with a water plane Combined with a 360 ° steerable nozzle. It pushes the craft at speeds of up to six knots. The tracks, covered by the spikes, Allow Arkkt to traverse any type of icy terrain The climb is 34 degrees inclined.

The price tag on this one is getting up there. About 3 million dollars. – [Female voice] Number four. – [Glen] It’s a spot, It’s futuristic, And fly. And Blackfly is another breakthrough innovation On a personal trip. The future is now. And with enough luck, Aviation vehicles will be everyone’s mode of transportation. Being all electrical, Blackfly does not cause emissions during use. Not only that, it also comes with vertical takeoff And the landing system so you can wake up in the air And back down to the ground Even with limited room to maneuver.

It also has cruise control If you prefer to stare out the window Just enjoy the ride. It has takeoff and landing assist system And if you feel really disappointed, She has the advantage of returning home Where it will take you home and the land itself. Blackfly controlled by intuitive joystick system Multiple assistants for the pilot is unstable. It achieves lift by eight fans Mounted on the front and rear wings. Standard comes with ballistic canopy The need must arise to save. Low power sliding mode So we hope that you will not have to guaranty. Pricing was not released on this aircraft But they say it will be comparable For the price of the new SUV.

– [Female voice] Number three. – [Glen] During a period when aerodynamic knowledge It was still new and art was a deco style everywhere, Orly Ray Courtney took 1934 Henderson Streamliner KJ motorcycle and handcrafted model A pneumatic shell that is completely covered by a motorcycle. Motorcycle upgrades He didn’t stop at the amazing design. 10-inch wheels and high-profile balloon tires appeared Sourced from the aircraft industry To give him a silky smooth ride. The modified chassis and hydraulic brake included The modified KJ Henderson fork in the front And independent modern rear suspension. He has a dashboard like a car, Big headlamps that move with driving, And a shaky back screen deflected from the air On the chest of the knight. This one of a kind motorcycle will be very difficult To get a contract because he spends most of his time The Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, New York. – [Female voice] Number two. – [Glen] Although it may sound like Jawas About to jump and start searching for spare parts, This is not sandcrawler.

It’s JL421 Pondkadunk, Or just dunk for a short time. This thing is built like a tank And certainly not the legal street in most countries. But then again, who will stop this little tank? Dunk is one of an armored type Land Cruiser recreational tank. It can carry up to five people Internally or on the roof. You can try it inside Or from the open position position through the hatch. It comes with a 1000-watt sound system So everyone can hear your mobile tank party Miles before he sees you. Of course, the system lost the influence of Peru technology With optional missile pods. Outside the car is covered with light armored steel Providing you with ample stray blaster fire protection.

Lucky for you there is no need To travel in deep space for tatooine for one of these. It can be found on amazon starting at $ 20,000. Before we show you our number one pick, Don’t forget to comment below Please let us know which one of these vehicles Your next adventure will jump. – [Female voice] Number one. – [Glen] Jet-powered glider is built for anyone It must be one of the most elegant ways to get around. With a jet engine a glider take off, After achieving sufficient height, Engine shutdown It can fly as a glider is not supported. It’s only seven feet long but has a wingspan of 32 feet.

You are a glider pilot from a vulnerable position in the center. A simple shift as your weight shift And use a few knobs to control the rudder. Under your place, there is a jet engine. With great separation From the walls of the engine pod In order to allow better cooling And prevent excessive fire hazards, Most gliders are made of fiber-reinforced plastic With a wooden skeleton, Making something fairly light, weighing just 150 pounds. Gliders can reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour And his passenger weight limit is around 110 pounds. Unfortunately for us, There are no plans for this glider to be mass production, Nor are the charts freely available Because of the associated safety risks With inexperienced pilots. – Guys, this is Cassie. Hope you guys enjoy this video. Let us know in the comments below What I found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done this yet, Be sure to hit the bell notification Next to the subscribe button To stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you guys next time. (Live music) .

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