133 foot super yacht IAG – Serenity – walkthrough – by Dennison Yachts

Everybody it’s Ryan Alexander with Dennison yachting holding my phone in selfie mode like a true millennial would do I’m going to be taking you on a slightly different walk through than what we normally do I’m making my way up to the Sun Deck of a 133 foot super yacht that we will be showing you all the details of today we’re gonna switch back and forth in between this me giving you some more personal direct insights via my phone and the Select footage that you guys are used to see today’s boat goes by the name of serenity and I’m standing now on her Sun Deck [Music] so just a few key things about this boat before we get going cheese one hundred and thirty three foot long she’s built by IAG this boat was practically designed and built for chartered and I cannot wait to show you all the awesome features that she has to offer this boat is listed centrally with Kurt Boss heart I have done a ton of videos for Kurt now at this point and there is nothing that I can say about him that I haven’t already said other than he is someone who is absolutely worth your time working with and he takes every single element of his job incredibly seriously when we left the dock this morning and I finally got a bird’s-eye view of this yacht I couldn’t stop looking at it I thought about how cool the thumbnail was gonna look the type of thumbnail that a million people click on I noticed how well the city I lived in looked in the background and how the morning light flatters otherwise unnoticed intricacy with a name like serenity you better really bring it and nothing stacks up to her intangibles and miss sunrise spaces like this corner of the Sky Lounge are truly one-of-a-kind and that’s just one space then there’s the elevator servicing all four levels of this super yacht even her loaded Sun Deck she has a platform that was built for charter from the way that she welcomes guests to what she offers them all that to say when people are online looking at charter options this is a thumbnail they’re probably gonna click first and today we’re going to show you all six of her staterooms in virtually every other inch of motor yacht serenity [Music] our first stop on the sundeck is this space all of the way aft back here is an open seating area with three padded loungers that sprawl out under a pair of heavy duty canvas umbrellas and then over on the port side is a nautical structures davit forward is an awesome jacuzzi with a waterfall on the aft side seeing is this is the quintessential picture of luxury yachting it helps that there’s also plenty of seating between eight barstools immediately forward of the jacuzzi is the centerpiece of the Sun decks bar here in this wet bar is a sink refrigeration and an icemaker looking to the port side we see a Viking grill that’s just above a ton of dry storage at the forward end of all of this storage are a pair of margarita makers that have been installed on a lift allowing them to drop down under the counter when not in use opposite the grill is a wet head this means that not only does it have a vanity but also serves as a shower our next stop is this huge dinette soft green u-shaped seating wraps around three sides of an expandable dining table this is the perfect place for the whole family to gather together and end the day on a high note forward of this is the upper helm this is one of four helm positions on board and is decked out with almost all of the same features as the main lower helm a pair of comfortable helm seats face an array of electronics that can be closed up when not in use over on the starboard side and out from under the hardtop is a very simple seating area that butts up against the Sun decks glass barrier this area is most captivating at sunset opposite is another lounging space this one is a cocktail area facing the middle of the sundeck we can now see the elevator as it starts to make us way up here with access from the main deck by the galley in the lower guest companion way this novel addition makes the yachting experience even more exciting now turning our attention to the hardtop we see a pair of independently controlled searchlights a Faru no radar and a pair of satellite domes our next stop is one level down the bridge deck aft this is your primary outdoor dining space a lot of those formal meals that you’re used to seeing on shows like below deck take place here reason being this is a huge table that gives you more than enough space to sit for hours and swap stories the sophisticated feel up here is complemented by a gorgeous panoramic view and then there are a few other things that make this area great like this TV found for word on the port side and there’s even a wet bar that services this area in addition to a stainless sink and serving space below the bar is an icemaker as well as cold storage for dove this is an elegant set of stairs that leads up to the Sun Deck from here we’re gonna continue forward into the sky lounge through these floor-to-ceiling doors if you needed a single image to illustrate how Serenity’s interior is a notch above it would be pulled from here at night this space dives into an even deeper more calming vibe when the windows are blacked out you can see how each space stands out each with its own kind of magic first on the port side we arrive at the Sky Lounge bar with bar top seating for four this is where you put in your order and complement the service behind the bar is plenty of storage for stemware and bottles there’s also a fridge an icemaker and even a meal a dishwasher that makes everyone’s lives easier looking to the starboard side across from the bar is a wide open space and an entire wall of storage something that comes in very handy on those week-long charters moving forward diagonally brings us to an intimate tabletop perfect for a game of cards in between hands you can open up these huge doors and step out onto the balcony for some fresh air or a cigar and then you can leave these balcony doors open if you want to bathe the rest of the room in light Ford of this is an airy day head something you never knew that you needed across from the day head is the best lounging space on board I love everything about this the large sofa purposefully Corden’s this area off from everything else going on here you can be intentional about how you make memories you can sit here in conversation or you can throw in a movie on cold nights you can even make use of this digital fireplace that radiates Heat myself I think this would be the perfect place to start your morning with a cup of coffee overlooking the city this bulbous viewing window is an amazing lookout point no matter at the port up here in the Sky Lounge there are a few things that I think are absolutely awesome and all of them are detail oriented there are things that you will see not only here but that you’ll see you down on the salon and throughout the rest of the interior first thing that I love is the wallpaper it you look closely you can see that this is actually not paper at all you can see that it is cross-grained with these inlays in it so the inlay grain runs vertically and the background grain so to speak runs horizontally leaving this guy around and heading forward into this companion way you can see the contrast of the wallpaper as well as this awesome flooring underneath you that has put up by LEDs and then on the starboard side here we come to a stateroom this is the upper VIP which most notably has huge windows that open the stateroom up to her surroundings on the aft bulkhead is a queen berth with a pair of nightstands on either side and then right next to the berth is storage and then on the forward bulkhead is a long desk below a TV this is right next to the entrance to her large stone finished ensuite head [Music] leaving here in passing the elevator we step into the captain’s cabin on the port side [Music] when you first leave here and step into the pilothouse your first stop is the captain’s desk where you make your most important plans and then this opens up into a compelling Mission Control Center finish nearly head to toe in black this wheelhouse means business everything here ties into the yachts great mechanical systems ensuring that you get where you need to go here at the helm we first set eyes on five multifunction displays that can be dialed in to show pretty much whatever you want in terms of navigation radar and ship systems below the monitors is the first of two cat engine monitors as well as a pair of searchlight controls next is a Simrad is a tee gyro compass that I was surprised to find costs over 16,000 dollars below this is a Simrad ap 70 autopilot and then finally we see her engine controls bow and stern thruster joysticks and her ABT track stabilization display facing the helm are a set of high-end crown limited helm seats after the helm chairs is a u-shaped seating area finished in red leather this is where the crew debriefs every morning on charter looking outboard flanking both sides of the wheelhouse are watertight access doors for convenience once you step outside the wing stations swing open and you can safely get her back on the dock like the other homes everything you need to get the job done is found right here another feature of the bow that’s more for crew and less for guests are for large boats and lockers up here found Afton centreline is a large u-shaped lounging area and then forward of this is a sizable Sun pad that can be configured in a number of ways with both seating and laying options next we step down to where we find the yachts tenders and ground tackle that are deployed and retrieved with the use of this davic surrounded by tenders is the winless setup that features a pair of Maxwell six thousands that raise and lower her anchors so we’re leaving the BAU now and we are on the starboard side these steps behind it take you up to the bow we’re lead you down to the main deck we’re now on the side deck the thing that I love about the side deck is the width it’s just wide enough that the crew can take those big fenders make their way forward and app makes docking really easy the window work on this yacht is a huge part of her character part of what catches your eye the simplicity of this side deck is complementary but it’s not entirely tame if you look closely you can see a faint blue accent light running below the stainless this blue lighting continues around the stern in the form of underwater lights these are a bold choice for an otherwise grayscale exterior and I love how well these work running along the outside of the swim platform are stainless stanchions that can be removed when this turns into a dive platform you can also tie your tinder off here to both port and starboard our Shore power connections right next to the stairs of her euro transom the coolest part of the stern is the Z lift built into the swim platform the ship’s engineer uses a remote control to arrange the hydraulic platform in a number of useful configurations we’re in the middle section becomes steps to lower the platform gets in the water a really cool detail back here is the name board and you open the door itself you can see the letters of the name board that are backlit they actually spill over the door to make up really really cool feature built into the transom is a garage that doubles as a beach club went on charter this garage comes in very handy when trying to store a tender see Bob’s and other watersports toys on the starboard side of the garage is an ice maker as well as a refrigerator moving all of the way inside there’s a huge waterslide life vests storage as well as storage for dive tanks there’s even a compressor for filling those tanks [Music] to either side of the garage our mechanical spaces this is what we find on the starboard side and this is what we find on the port side a pair of see recovery water makers fire suppression system in an Atlas Shore power converter and then we come to the engine room as we continue forward serenity is powered by a pair of Katzie 32s each of these generating 1,800 horsepower just outside of the engines are two Northern Lights 99 KW generators there are two other great features found down here as well one of them being an Alfa Laval fuel polishing system this helps ensure that only pure diesel is running through your high-performance engines the second is aft on the starboard side and it’s a workspace for the engineer when it comes to performance numbers she has a cruise speed of 15 knots and when she’s all in she has a top speed of 17 knots when serenity is underway she looks incredible whether in the early sunlight of the morning or in the more harsh afternoon Sun now exiting the mechanical spaces let’s pick up on the main deck aft I like a lot about the general flow of this space for example how the bar and dinette are a step up from the rest of the aft deck this part of the main deck has a lot of dimension and look at how this space comes to life in the early morning light as far as everything we find back here her deck gear is found on both sides right next to a pair of boarding doors looking to the middle we see a huge alfresco dinette that can comfortably seat 10 around a durable hardwood table next we come to the bar wrapping around the front are five barstools and whoever is tending the bar has at their disposal a sink a fridge and an ice maker looking to the portside or stairs that lead up to the bridge deck aft but from here we’re gonna move forward and look at the salon having filmed hundreds of boats it can sometimes feel like a salon is a salon is a salon but this salon I say with excitement is different in several great ways first of all it has that same separate lounging area just like we saw up in the sky lounge this area has a huge view of the outdoors unobstructed by the side deck gunnels and second notice that there’s no visible TV here in the salon the same goes for the staterooms by the way most of the time when you aren’t using it a TV is a little bit of an eyesore here the TV can’t be seen until it drops down from the ceiling another byproduct of putting the TV and the ceiling is that it can be a lot bigger than one that you can only install in a cabinet or on a wall this design gives you the best of both worlds and then looking over to starboard is a staircase that gives you access between here and the Sky Lounge just forward of this are a pair of armchairs in front of stretching windows forward in the salon is the formal dining elegantly styled with stout seating and a large glass tabletop next we’re gonna continue forward on the portside and check out the galley our first stop is where the dishes get done in here you have a large sink and a pair of meal a dishwashers below a large window facing inboard we can see the elevator that opens up on both sides allowing you to pass through to the main deck foyer there are a few other appliances in this immediate area including a coffee maker that’s just aft of an ice maker and a large fridge freezer moving further forward still we arrived at a very chef forward galley in addition to a ton of storage all around serenity chef has every tool they need to make great meals for your guests the bulk of the appliance is found in here starts with this large glass cooktop that sits next to a countertop grill these rest below an industrial hood for added ease of service there’s a discreet door that offers the crew access into the master for private service there’s a small dinette in the forward starboard corner right next to a TV when guests aren’t on board this is where the crew can gather and put together their punch lists next let’s take a quick look over the crew resides at the foot of the stairs we first come to the laundry center this is where the ship’s three washers and dryers are put to good use and there’s even a private entry into the guest accommodations that we’re gonna cover a little bit later facing the other way we can see a walk-in double fridge freezer offering the option for both freezing and cooling just forward is the crew mess and lounge area finally there are three cabins with bunks down here accommodating six crew members include the captain’s cabin and you can sleep eight crew our next stop is the main deck foyer just forward of the salon you first see the reoccurring design features like this under lit flooring but what makes a statement in this foyer are the hush details that you don’t make note of at first like these decorative inlays found everywhere tying the surrounding spaces together so starboard is a side deck access door which is directly opposite the midship elevator is there any more bold statement you can make than an elevator on a yacht on the port side are stairs that lead below decks we’ll come back to this now before we step into the master we arrived at the owners study this area can be closed off and it gives you a quiet place to check a few things off of the list and then we step in to the owner suite proper the on deck master has a lot to brag about starting with beautiful symmetry that’s what this whole boat has been about so far all the right lines tying it all together center line is a king birth that rests opposite a forward bulkhead which is home to the entertainment system looking now to the starboard side let’s take a look at one of the two master balconies if the elevator is the statement piece of the interior these balconies are the statement pieces of the exterior these fantastic protrusions add a whole new life to this yacht the way that these doors work here and the master is forward of the optional bonsai tree you have this panel and it gives you a few different options so we are going to pass half full and hit full open so you can lock and seal those doors but once you press that the doors slide open offering you an incredible view for other balcony is on the portside right next to an interior lounging space forward in the master is the ensuite we are now entering the her side of this almost entirely Jade private spa it has a vanity with a pair of mirrors in a window allowing for natural light and then in the corner there’s a dressing table where you can take your time in bored our shower and head stalls and then next we emerge on the his side of the ensuite behind the four doors are separate closets one on each side of the ensuite as we leave the master we are going to head down this flight of stairs here and check out you lower guests staterooms when you first step onto the landing you have a mirror that you see first as well as the elevator that services every single deck of the up first we’re gonna step into the starboard aft stateroom which has a king birth the birth rests below three large whole side windows so light is never an issue in here like you’ve come to expect these lower guest staterooms have plenty of storage just in case a guest brings too many suitcases a really nice touch throughout the staterooms is how all the storage opens and closes you notice that there are no drawer pulls or handles just soft touch and open same goes for under the bed you just push it and lock it into place but perhaps the coolest are these handles you can’t see which doesn’t and you have access to your storage also note that you don’t see a TV that’s because the TV is in the overhead just like we saw in the salon all of the guest staterooms on board tie into the same ship’s entertainment system that has run through this launch port so for example if you want to watch TV you just turn on the satellite TV it gets that going if you wanna listen to music Apple TV whatever it is you can control it from right there and now walking around the other side of the bed where there was no TV the TV magically drops down roof as you can probably tell this space opens up into the room right next to it that’s because the partition wall between them is actually a large pocket wall that slides away this port side stateroom also looks different than the last one despite being a nearly mirrored layout that’s because all the furniture in this stateroom can be rearranged a few different ways aft in these staterooms are separate on Suites next we’re gonna move directly forward on the port side to the next guest stateroom this one features a queen berth facing towards the windows this time below the window next to a hanging Locker is a long comfortable bench after this is where you find the desk one of which you will find in every guest stateroom for the moment that inspiration strikes beyond that is the ensuite probably my favorite on board despite its simplicity and then in the opposite side of the hole is her sixth and final stateroom it shares most of the same characteristics as the last stateroom it’s got a seat but smaller it also has a desk with a great view it even has the same ensuite the difference is this discreet door where the crew can pass directly from their area into the staterooms for service so there you have it motor yacht serenity I had an awesome time showing you around a very cool boat if you have any other questions that I haven’t answered about the boat you can reach out directly to beard boss Hart if you want to get on board reach out to curve boss Hart you would love to set that up for you and as always we do our best to respond to as many comments as we can let us know what you thought of today’s walkthrough and be sure to check out the hundreds of other videos that we have just like this one Thanks [Music] [Music]

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