Upside-down Camaro this unusual car was first shown at the American Championship 24 Hours of LeMans ace in which cars with a non-standard design take part one of the brightest participants of the event was the upside-down Camaro this is basically an inverted 99 Chevrolet Camaro the wheelbase and the engine remained in place and the body and additional dummy wheels were placed upside down for racing the car is equipped with the not very powerful liter four-cylinder engine and a chassis from a 94 Festiva the engine power is about 60 horsepower car pool deville this car was invented and built by Duncan Forrester and Phil yka based on a 69 Cadillac DeVille they work for almost six years to create a real outdoor swimming pool on wheels it’s worth noting that even in this guise the car is able to move along the hallway reaching a maximum speed of 80 km/h in order to avoid the water filling the car bath at high speeds the Cadillac DeVille frame was significantly strengthened and the interior is completely sealed the water is heated by a heat exchanger which uses heat from the exhaust gases by the way this unusual car into the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest bathtub in the world barbegal oxo 1 this vehicle is a hybrid between a car and a bike this model was developed by Italian designer Giorgio Barba Gallo the one piece barber Gallo xo1 is a three-wheeled electric bike that uses an electric motor the power of the motor increases when the cyclist twists the pedals one full charge of the battery which is also removable is enough for 4 hours all 70 kilometers on the road the maximum speed of the barber Gallo XO 1 is 25 km/h among other features of the velomobile it has a full lighting system front and rear shock absorbers a small cargo bay and disc brakes on all wheels peel p50 this three-wheeled microbial motocross was released in the 60’s by peel engineering company the car accommodates one adult person with a small bag the p50 has only one door to the left and only one headlight the machine is equipped with a handle at the back to manually unone the car or drag it into a room the peel p50 is equipped with a 49 kilogram two-stroke dkw motorcycle engine with a power of horsepower it can reach a top speed of 61 km/h however it should be noted that the speed also depends on the weight and height of the person the engine is located at the front on the right side and is connected to a three-speed manual gearbox without a rear speed the boost the American company Ford decided to install one of its most modern EcoBoost engines on a skateboard thanks to a 1 liter gasoline engine the person on the skateboard can reach a speed of about a hundred kilometers per hour according to the creators of the device the EcoBoost skateboard EcoBoost can develop a higher speed but it might be dangerous for the person riding that device the three cylinder engine has a power of a hundred and forty horsepower and the maximum sort of this unusual vehicle is 210 Newton meters also there are versions with a reduced performance of 125 and a hundred horsepower so like the Canadian company electromechanical developed a new project the urban electric cars solo this is an electric car for one person ie the driver by removing the passenger seats the car became as compact as possible it’s three metres long and only one point two meters wide the electromechanical solo has a three-wheel configuration with two wheels at the front and one at the rear from naught to 100 kilometers per hour the electric car accelerates in about eight seconds and is maximum speed is 120 km/h 160 kilometers rrrow cycle one of the main features of this three-wheeled vehicle is its steering system when the frame is tilted around its longitudinal axis the front wheels move to the corresponding side thus the row cycle does not have a steering wheel the driver can also control the vehicle with his weight making the car more maneuverable for an even more comfortable use of the row cycle the dimensions of all elements and the angles of their inclination can be adjusted individually for each user some doors evie this fully electric model from sun doors electric cars a three seater car equipped with a variety of lithium-ion batteries according to the manufacturers they can be charged from a 110 or 240 volt outlet depending on the version the Sandow zv can travel up to 120 240 all 320 kilometers the car can reach a speed of 96 km/h in less than eight seconds sun door zv is designed for three people two of them in front and one in the back ampair one these startup company and pair motors has created a vehicle that’s according to the manufacturers is an affordable electric sports car for the city eminent designers from Audi Mercedes Benz and Ferrari companies participated in the design of the model of the heart of the machine is a tubular frame made of fiberglass in carbon the electric car is equipped with three wheels two front and one rear suspension is made on double wishbones and the ampere motor one can accelerate from nought to 100 km/h in eight seconds and its maximum speed is 120 km/h in the basic configuration the electric vehicle one does not have a roof or even a windshield if you want they can be installed as an additional cost outrider horizon designer jesse lee has created a three-wheeled electric bicycle that provides high mobility to fans of extreme sports with disabilities the outrider horizon is able to easily overcome dirt and grass descents and steep ascents and is controlled with a joystick and hand or foot pedals the tricycle can operate in different modes as well the electric mode uses only the energy of the batteries also the user can ride by rotating the foot or hand pedals themselves the traction modes there with the power of 1500 watts rotates the rear wheel of the outrider Rison which can reach a speed of 40 km/h a 48 volt high-capacity battery provides mileage without recharging up to 48 kilometers Blizz wheel this is one of the most portable electric vehicles in the world the device is fast foldable and can easily overcome with short distances it’s worth noting that in a folded state the thickness of the device is only seven point eight centimeters using Blizz wheel is pretty simple it’s enough to assemble it fastening and tightening the belts on the shoes speed control is carried out with the help of a controller mounted on the finger to accelerate you need to bend your finger and to slow the course just straighten it another control option is a portable controller with a joystick the control panel on each controller shows the current and maximum speed distance traveled and remaining battery life in addition the developers have created a special application for the smartphone which collects data from the controller and displays all the statistics on the screen horse-drawn hummer not so long ago 32 year old artist Jeremy Dean from New York purchased a secondhand 2003 black Hummer h2 for fifteen thousand dollars then he decided to change its appearance cardinally the artist divided the currents Irwin created a space for a cabman Jeremy removed the engine and turned the Hummer into a luxury carriage with harnessed horses as a sign of the struggle for the environment and in terms of comfort this unusual vehicle is equipped with all the elements that the Hummer h2 had there are wheel rims soft rear seats an acoustic system a DVD player and a GPS system guys it’s time to recharge your brain visit the channel brain time there you’ll find a lot of interesting and useful facts lots of positive energy and tons of useful information subscribe right now we promise it’s going to be really exciting you,


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