10 Things PowerPoint Beginners Want to Know How to Do

Hello ladies and gentlemen 10 things PowerPoint beginners want to know how to do I will teach you how to insert text and shapes in your PowerPoint slides next I will show you how to add some cool pictures and videos to your PowerPoint slides in this case you can see John snow from The Game of Thrones let me play this video a little bit for you so you can see it’s really a video ok John Snow the bastard next I will show you how we can add some cool photo background like this one next we will look at some simple PowerPoint animation that you can do next I will show you how you can set awesome slide transitions as you can see you have quite a big choice of slide transitions next I will show you how you can arrange objects and how you can align objects these two skills are quite essential for you if you want to work in PowerPoint effectively yeah next I will show you how to add some beats and music to your slides in case you need some music next I will show you a handy tip how to remove a background from a photo let’s say you have a skateboard photo with some white space and you don’t need that white space and there is a way how you can remove that white space in PowerPoint and I will show you how to do that as well next I will show you how you can add free icons to your slides icons are really a cool graphic elements that I encourage you to use in your slides because they really add some cool you know a feeling to presentations and finally I will show you how you can add charts to your PowerPoint presentation so let’s get started with the first step which is how to insert text boxes and shapes into PowerPoint slides so first of all let’s zoom out a little bit by clicking this minus sign at the bottom of this window let me select all of the objects so you can see these are two text boxes a rounded rectangle this is another object I think it’s called a call-out so let’s move all of these guys to the side now I will show you how to create them so go to insert tab choose text box drag a little bit and now you can type anything one for example this is a text box so drag this bubble so you can have a more space for your text box it is set to create a second text box you can go you can do the same procedure go to insert and choose text box or you can just copy the existing text box so ctrl-c and ctrl-v I have a little program which shows all of the keyboard keys that I am pressing so look at the bottom-right corner of the window if you want to follow the shortcuts that I’m using so usually a slide has a large text which is usually a slide title and beneath it there is usually some smaller text so let’s give it a sizes of 25 and this smaller text is usually a subtitle or just the you know a few sentences which explain the main idea of what are you drink to what are you trying to say you know on this on this current slide so not just some text so let me let me just copy it a few times that I have to type it okay and if you want to Center your text and inside of the text box so just select text box and go to Home tab and choose this button and it will Center all of your text this one as well and if you want to align these two text boxes to the center you just select both of them go to format align and align Center here you go we will look at the alignment possibilities a little a little bit later and more detail but it was just a quick tip for you so next how do we add shapes it’s pretty easy go to insert click on shapes and choose this case I want to show you how to add rounded rectangle okay and you have this yellow bubble you can drag it and you can control how round your rectangle will be let’s reduce the size of this rectangle now we can choose a fill that we want but for example we really want to have the color as for example this this text box this dark gray color so you can choose eyedropper and just click over here and it will copy the exact color awesome let’s reduce it a little bit and you can double click inside the text box I mean this rounded rectangle and you can write there anything you want okay right here double T yes let me just set the font to open sans light okay awesome font okay so let me select all of these three objects align them to the center once again okay and you can make you know a button out of this rounded rectangle if you want so it’s pretty easy for example if during presentation you have in one of your slides you have a button and you want if for your audience you know if you want to direct your audience to your website for examples you can just add a hyperlink to that rounded rectangle so select the surrounded rectangle go to insert and choose hyperlink and here you can type in your company address click OK for example a YouTube and as you can see let me just demonstrate in action so as you can see this button is already active and if I click it a YouTube page should open yep here it is okay so let’s get back to presentation so yeah the first step is completed so now we know how to insert text boxes and shapes you can click on shapes and explore all the possibilities so you know what kind of shapes you have in your arsenal no okay so the next thing or the next thing that I’d like to teach you is how to insert pictures and video to your slides so let’s delete this photo in this video here is just a two text boxes which are grouped I’ll explain you what’s grouping grouping means that basically you have to select for example two objects so you first select the first one hold down the shift key select the second one right click and click group a grouping gives you a possibility to easily move objects or to example set different color and so on so we know just for management purposes grouping text boxes is useful stuff so we just just keep it in mind so how to insert pictures so one way to insert pictures is going to insert tab clicking on pictures and finding a picture on your computer and then clicking insert the next method I’m using is first of all finding a picture that you need on internet and just right-click on the image choose copy image go to your presentation and just ctrl V boom let’s click on the minus sign to zoom out or just hold down the ctrl key and use your mouse wheel as you can see the photo is very very big so let’s hold down the shift-key and reduce this this photo okay so as you remember the photo was rounded so how do you round the photo in in PowerPoint it was a circle so we have to click on a photo click on format’ go to crop crop the shape and choose oval and if you want really a perfect circle you have to go to crop once again aspect ratio one to one click on this boom you can adjust the positioning a little bit click on crop and here go you have your cropped picture beautiful okay and how do you add videos go to insert choose video use on my PC and here you go you have your video you can reduce the size of the video as you can see it’s black it’s not showing anything there is an option in in PowerPoint you can actually yes you can set poster frame which which sets you know which sets some picture to a video so it’s not black okay so here you go so here go you have learned how to insert a picture and how to add video to your to your slides so let’s keep on the next thing I think beginners would like to know how to do is how to add some cool photo background for your slide so let me delete this one and show you how it’s done from the scratch so first of all let’s go to a website where we can find some cool photos like unsplash.com let me copy this photo copy image let’s go back to our point zoom out ctrl V to paste scrap one of the corners of the photo reduce it drag it in somewhere in the center of the slide let’s zoom in and to cover your whole slide with a photo it’s quite useful to know what is the dimensions of your slides so go to view click slide master click slide size and as you can see I have 16 to 9 now I can crop my picture to aspect ratio of 16 to 9 and after I do it let me just put this photo at the corner at one of the corners now I can just drag it I can drag this photo and it will nicely cover the whole slide beautiful and you can send your photo to back so that you don’t hide your other objects that you have on your slide and here you go this way you can this way you can create a photo background for this line and you can play with your photos as well a little bit you can flip your photo horizontally and you can flip it vertically and this way you’ll get the effect that these canoas canoas or kayaks it looks like they’re floating in the air pretty awesome ok so the next step the next step is animations so how do we add animations to objects in powerpoints so there is a tab called animations next click on animation pane and when you click on an impatient animation pane you will see all of the animations that are assigned to this slide so as you can see we have some green green color animations yellow red so what does these colors mean so green green color means entrance entrance animations so your objects fly in or something like that now from top from bottom just fly in then you have yellow color from emphasis for example they just can rotate for a little bit or something and the red color means the exit animation so they fly out or they just disappear or fade out or something else you know what what you choose so let me play this whole sequence of animation from the start so see entrance emphasis and exit beautiful so let me just delete all of these animations so I can do it from the start so first we need for this text box to appear so we select this text box and let me go to add animations and choose float in let me preview how it looks as you can see it floats in from the bottom and I would like it to float down from the top looks something like this okay I was cool in PowerPoint is that you can select one text box so one object and choose this animation painter and paste this animation to another object and as you can see we have pasted this animation another thing you have to understand in animations in general is when you want your animation to start for example okay this this one is going to start on click when I click the mouse but the second one I think should start with with previous so it means when I click the mouse both of these text boxes will start their animations so let me show you boom as you can see they start at the same time and put this bottom text box let me choose float up let me let me play from the start boom sound it like this okay now for the PowerPoint logo let me choose a shape as well start with previous as you can see that duration for this first two was one second so let me set one second here as well so the duration is the same and for the effect it’s going to be out and circle okay duration one second let me show you how it looks like beautiful okay just I guess out it should be out okay okay okay so if we want to add some additional animations to not do an object for example PowerPoint logo already has this entrance animation but I would like to add some emphasis to this logo so I choose this PowerPoint logo able to add animations and I choose for example this one spin okay so first of all let me set that it will start after previous so it means after all entrance animations have completed only then emphasis animation will take place let me set the duration to one second so let’s see what we have boom beautiful okay and after these all animations are completely completed let’s add some exit animation so once again select the logo add animations choose in this case for example let’s choose random bars doesn’t really matter and yes after previous to let you see what we have spin and exit okay so let’s add exit animation to these guys as well random bars with previous animation random bars with radius okay so let’s preview entrance emphasis exit beautiful let me demonstrate on full screen so as you remember the first animation will start on click so I have to click click beautiful okay so now you’re familiar with the basics of the animation and you can explore in more detail yeah just explore it just play and you will learn more about it next thing is slide transitions it’s light what is it first of all what’s a slide transition slide transition is animation which takes takes place when you go from one slide to another so let me demonstrate you as you can see when I switch from this light this light the transition is quite subtle you know it’s just fade animation so from one slide another and in this case the slide transition is set to fracture as you can see it’s fracture animation so it looks like the window is smashed you know and yeah to set the slide transition you have to first of all select a slide go to transitions and here you go a bun here you have a bunch of slide transitions that you can choose from I usually choose a fade transition because it’s more you know subtle but of course you can choose something more more dynamic like I don’t know curtains curtains if you really like the transition you can click apply to also it will apply to all of the slides but you can leave it of course only for a specific slide like this so let’s check out how does it look like okay curtain animation yeah so just explore explore at your own time at your own pace all of this in different slide transitions that’s pretty pretty awesome okay so the next step is how to reign objects and how to line them in PowerPoint because you know sometimes you want for example this object to be in front of everyone else so just select object go to format and click on bring forward and choose bring to front and here you go this one will be in the front and for example this one wants to be in the front so click click like this and for example you want to hide this small you know this object I mean send it to back so just click send to back so that’s pretty straightforward yep okay so the next thing is align and then align function so for example we have many objects and you want to align them into the line so just select all of them click align and you can choose you have many different objects object you can align them to the left align them to the right these objects you know are square so you don’t really see the difference between aligning to left and right but if one object would be not square something like this then you will see a difference for example that’s a little right right left okay and another thing is for example okay you have all your objects in line but you want to have equal spaces between between the objects and you can do that as well go to align and click distribute vertically and boom you’ll have equal spaces between all of the objects so that’s really useful okay so the next step is how do you add music to your presentation if you need it so the you know that the method is pretty the same as with the videos and pictures go to insert find audio choose from your computer find your music clip insert it and here you go you have your music and you can set your music you know clip to start on click or you can set it automatically so when you go to the slide it will start automatically or you can click only then it starts so depends on how you like it okie-dokie so the next thing is how to remove a white space for example from a photo so let me demonstrate so you have your photos and white white background so then go to format and click on this button remove that groan so let’s drag let’s drag a little bit the size so we get our skateboard and then just click on keep changes and boom you’ll get your whitespace removed and sometimes this techniques works very well sometimes it doesn’t it really depends if there is a good contrast between the object and the background for example if there would be some landscape you know landscape and a bicycle so it would be really hard to remove the landscape and to have only the bicycle so yeah because there are many colors but when you have something like this like a white background and some object with really contrasting colors then you should get good results of course the number ways to install GIMP GIMP programs so it’s alternative terms of the Photoshop and you can crop out photos and GIMP and then insert those photos into PowerPoint so that’s that’s another way to do it okie dokie and the next step is how do you add icons so these are just two pictures of icons and let me show you a website where you can find nice beautiful icons I go usually to flat icons calm here you can find free icon sets so let’s for example choose this one essential set and let me show you how to insert an icon to a PowerPoint slide for example you like this one so click on this eye symbol and you have to choose EPS format free download and let’s not forget to credit the author show folder okay and you just drag your EPS icon onto the slide okay and when you insert an icon eps icon into PowerPoint as you can see it has some rough edges no so what you have to do is you have to click select the icon right click it select group and ungroup then some some notification will pop out just select yes well in most of the cases you’ll have to group it again okay and here we go as you can see you have all of your all of the objects that make up the logo I mean the icon and here I don’t know there is just a few layers some blank layers we can delete them and you have your icon as I have shown you previously you can group it group boom and you have your icon as you can see you can stretch it you can if you want to resize and do not lose the proportions you just hold down the shift key and this is how it goes and if you want to change the fill of the of the icon so it’s pretty straight straightforward just select the icon go to shape fill and choose for example any color that you want and what’s cool about icons that come from EPS format that you can set fill and you can set outline so let’s say no gives you more possibilities so as you can see all of the icons here at the left corner so I made these icons with the same method that I just showed you and yeah that’s awesome okay so the next thing that PowerPoint beginners would like to know how to do is how to add charts of course charts are maybe not so how to say very interesting as videos but yeah maybe your boss told you you know just insert some numbers man you have to insert some numbers so what you do you go to insert tab and you choose chart so simple as that you know just select a design of the chart that you like example column chart click OK here you’ll have your here you’ll have Excel table you can you know adjust the category names you can just the values column headers all of the stuff that you need and you can of course adjust that design of your view on the chart so as you can see there’s some planted designs to choose from let’s choose this one and let’s align a little bit so so it looks so the whole screen more or less oh my god okay so let’s see what we have okay so yeah these oh yeah let me let me let me just send this chart back ya know now it’s right beautiful so let’s go to the to the start of the presentation so we have learned how to insert text boxes and shapes how to add pictures and videos how to insert a photo background we looked how to how animations work in PowerPoint so animations is really awesome stuff you know you can do a lot of love lots of complicated stuff complicated I mean complex yeah you can add some awesome slide transitions now you know how to reign objects how to line objects you know how to add music let’s play music you know how to remove white background from your photos you know how to add cool icons there are plenty of many many many icons on on online so just choose what you need and just insert them and use them it’s really really cool and awesome and of course you have learned how to add charts so thank you for watching this video I hope that beginners have learned at least ten things or even more and I think that advanced users might have already learned a thing or two or just it was a good you know good good chance to remember some things and if you want to learn or or look watch some more advanced stuff so please watch my videos over here as well I encourage you to check out PowerPoint Pro videos he’s my friend on YouTube and he does amazing stuff on his channel as well he draws icons in PowerPoint so yeah it’s possible as well you can draw icons yourself and yeah he does amazing job please check him out and yes thank you for watching this video it was a really huge pleasure for me to create this video and I hope it was it was a pleasure for you to watch it as well so yeah thanks for watching and see you in the future woohoo you

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