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Welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of science and fun today we’re going to explore the countdown on some incredible and awesome inventions that will change the world so sit back relax and enjoy the video number 1 FX 2 robots a South Korean startup rainbow robotics has unveiled a huge robot it’s designed to make humans stronger and more mobile and it is tested at South Korea’s advanced Institute of Science and Technology its name is FX 2 and definitely it is inspired by some of the sci-fi movies well many people have some kind of fear towards artificial intelligence by considering this fact it is designed to enhance human ability rather than to replace us the machine is capable of carrying up to 70 kilograms including its pilot and thanks to its user-friendly design it is easy to control the robot looks like a big toy but surprisingly its arm is powerful enough to carry heavy weights well definitely you want this futuristic toy but it costs under 1 million dollars very cheap and affordable I can buy it number 2 the molle robotic kitchen are you tired of cooking foods then don’t worry introducing molly the world’s first fully automated and integrated intelligent cooking robot it is a robotic kitchen that knows everything about foods chefs and their recipes worldwide so not only can this robotic chef cook over 100 different meals for you but also it can clean up after itself – the way this machine works is by specifying the number of portions type of cuisine dietary restrictions calorie count desired ingredients and cooking method since the molle kitchen could essentially cook any downloadable recipe on the Anton now you can eat anything that you wish number three artificial heart scientists have developed a 3d printed soft silicon heart that closely resembles and functions like the human heart and could help save lives of people who suffer from cardiac failure though well-functioning artificial heart is a real necessity and about twenty-six million people suffer from heart failure worldwide while there is a shortage of donors hearts artificial blood pumps help to bridge the waiting time until a patient receives a donor heart or their own heart recovers the soft artificial heart weighs just 390 grams and has a volume of 679 cubic centimeters similar to real heart it has a right and a left ventricle though they are not separated by a septum but by an additional chamber that is inflated and deflated by pressured air and is required to pump fluid from the blood chambers thus replacing the muscle contraction of the human heart because fundamentally it works and moves similarly to a human heart number four neuro vehicle is your business going through a hard time due to competing with Amazon’s presence if yes then this is good news for you a new self-driving startup neuro vehicle which is founded by former Google’s way Moe engineers fortunately they focused on autonomous driving tech as well as autonomous delivery trucks the company has now come out of stealth mode and seeing an excellent opportunity for retail delivery in the small-scale commercial markets they believe that the use of such delivery vehicles could result in reduced vehicle use and emissions as well as traffic the neuro vehicle has the same size similar to crossover vehicles only feet wide and just 1,500 pounds number 5 air purifier maybe you are living far from the cities and you’re not affected by the city’s pollution but once upon a time living in the city of Jian was a life-threatening decision due to its extreme pollution but thanks to Chinese government’s right decision now this tower is the world’s largest air purifier it is approximately 100 meters tall this air purifier has significantly improved the city’s air quality as well as the health of local people the tower can improve the city’s hazardous conditions in the range of 10 square kilometers of the area by mass producing 10 million cubic meters of fresh and clean air every day for cleaning the air the polluted smog is drawn in the tower and then the fog goes through the scrubbing filters before it is released back into the atmosphere and you’ll be surprised to know that it uses a very very very low amount of electricity number 6 FCX one the two company Bell helicopter’s and Textron Inc lifted the curtain on their vision for the future of rotorcraft at heli Expo 2017 meet the FCX one a sleek silver bodied roto craft which consists of the futuristic morphing blades an anti torque system and artificial intelligence with augmented reality control for the pilot and a highly modular passenger cabin a new anti-torque system in the tail boom designed to change the safety noise and performance parameters of vertical lift aircraft forever this elegantly designed helicopter has hybridized propulsion system that combines advanced thermal engine cores for more control and simpler vehicle operations and maintenance inside there is a single pilot seat and an entirely new flight deck experience with the help of AI assistant and augmented reality number 7 Boros orion jacket we all want to go into space or maybe an adventure in Antarctica well my mom says don’t go there due to the extremely cold condition but fortunately accompanies solar technology developed this Oris or ryan jackets gloves and snow pants they are lightweight thin and comfortable for any activity or ryan jackets are thinner than similar high and thermal ski jackets comes in black and blue colors the gloves incorporate solar core aerogel and have a special technology which allows them to be self heating without batteries includes velcro cuff waterproof lining and a touchscreen capable of fingertips actually they use a special material film that stores our body’s heat inside and the cloth provides heat and whatever situation needed guys don’t tell my mother but I’m going to Antarctica number eight Stella V the solar team Eindhoven launched its five-person solar-powered family car the Stella V the car has been developed by students at the iDEN joven University of Technology it has 5 square meters of solar array and allows the car to be covered around 1,000 kilometres using the solar energy that is generated on an average summer day in Holland the car is 5 meters long and meters wide and waste just 375 kilograms it has a smooth aerodynamic body with a pretty curved roof and both tail shape it’s a maximum speed is 130 km/h it has an intelligent software that encourages the driver to accelerate and brake smoothly a parking navigation system and after all it can complete 3000 kilometres of distance just by utilizing solar energy that’s shockingly awesome on a 3,000 Commodore drive powered entirely by the Sun every last bit of energy can make the difference number 9 robot sorting system meet little orange the cutest warehouse worker the self charging robot that can sort 20,000 parcels in an hour inside the biggest Chinese courier firm the sorting robot carries parcels from the assembly line to departure gates one of China’s largest courier firms have started using them at a warehouse a team of 300 robots can sort up to 20,000 parcels an hour or 200,000 parcels a day once it’s fully charged this adorable machine can work eight hours non-stop this cute robot is inches tall 15 inches wide and weighs just 12 kilograms these robots are officially known as the hikvision intelligent sorting robot and is capable of carrying up to eleven pounds or five kilograms and can travel at a maximum speed of three meters per second they can find their direction with the help of QR codes or by using their built-in camera I think these robots not only could increase the number of parcels handled per hour but also they’ll improve the overall quality of the sorting process number 10 goes to Minotaur the robot was developed by the University of Pennsylvania to mimic animals that can run and jump over any rough terrain it does have an Achilles heel the seemingly unstoppable ghost Minotaur robot can’t be halted by ice the miniature robot which measures just one point three feet long that’s the same height as a small dog has the top speed of miles per hour when running it’s capable of performing handstands and opening doors using a handle it’s high torque brushless outrunner motors and functional leg design lets this machine run and jump over any challenging terrain these legs can also be used to manipulate the surroundings in so many ways and it’s also able to cope with uneven services due to sensors that help it detect different types of surfaces and it costs around ten thousand dollars for each unit thanks for watching what invention did you find as a blockbuster one if you are new here then feel free to subscribe and be my friend for upcoming videos click that small Bell icon I’ll catch you in my next episode peace.

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