10 Filmora 9 Tips and Tricks Every User Must Know

in this video I will show you nine tips to get the most out of your meringue whether you are a beginner or even if you have used film or online for a while if you are new to my channel my name is James and I create video and tutorials to help you to leverage tanks so that you can create greater impact in your life tip number one is to start playback or preview quality and this prevents legs from English and it is especially useful if you are doing your initial cut right at the bottom here just under the preview window you can select whether you want a full half quarter or even one it lower resolutions who have pixelation during playback however when you export your video will be based on the full resolution of your original video the next tip is actually setting photo duration for slideshow videos this is especially useful if you want to turn slides into videos for example if you set your project settings to 30 frames per second what you want to do is to make sure that if you want 5 seconds you multiply the 5 seconds by 30 and you get 150 frames and that will give you 5 seconds for each photo so let me show you what happens for example if I drag this photo onto the timeline let’s put it here you’ll notice that it is exactly 5 seconds long and you can actually see it from this timer over here next now back to the preferences you may also want to set this as well to show the split button or show the split button on the timeline playhead so what this means is that your playhead will have this button here if you do not want this button what you need to do is to go to your preferences and click on no and this pattern goes away now the purpose of the button is to help you to split videos much easier all you need to do is just to click this and then you have a split over there and the good thing about this is that you can actually move this button up and down so that it doesn’t block your view and once you have split it you can actually easily move your Clips around the next step is a key on the performance if your computer have a graphics card you may want to enable GPU acceleration this will enable hardware acceleration for video rendering and playback as well as video decoding as well so this have you render your video must faster now while you’re here as well you may want to also go to the folders here and this is where your folders are set where your videos will be recorded videos will be kept and if you want to change any of the temporary settings you can set this here the next step is actually crop to fit photo and video now you have this photo here which is actually not the aspect ratio of 16 overnight or not widescreen so you have the black bars over here all you need to do is right click and click on crop to fit and then tomorrow I will actually automatically crop and fit it to the frame size it works also for videos as well all you have to do is do the same step and you will have a video that is crop exactly to ensure that you have a clear title here what you can do is actually select the title and then add a color behind it so let me hide this so your height is this will be your mom or title and this title is actually the default title that you can find however on some screens you want to make sure that your title stands out more what you can do is to add a color another track at the color and that color once you adjust the opacity you can have a title that stands out and still a lot of people to actually look through your title the next tip is the timer here now this time my head doesn’t just I show you where your playhead is located you can actually use the timer to set the duration for your titles for your transitions as well let’s say you want your titles to be 5 seconds long and I’m gonna type in 32 and you’ll notice that the playhead will jump right to here so if you want to stretch out your title all you have to do is strip put your leave your playhead and then you can actually change the duration of your clip so it would be exactly 5 seconds long so this is how you make use of the timer a preview render now depending on the clip the more online suggests that you preview render your video so that your playback will be smoother and that is actually a very good feature over here however what you need to know is that preview render actually generate files on your computer and over time it may actually clone your computer what you want to do is go to file and delete preview render files and that way you actually clear all those unnecessary files from your computer bonus tip from our online has keyboard shortcuts this allows you to use function line saving cutting splitting and many others without even using your mouse in the links below I’ve created a PDF you can download you can print it out so that you can refer to it easily when as you are editing with film or online that you can even copy projects even faster if you wanna get started with filmora check out my review and tutorial here as well they will show you some of the key things that you can use with film or online I hope that you enjoy the video if you has helped you to consider subscribing and clicking down the notification bell as well so that you will be notified whenever I release a new video


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