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welcome to TTI if you are depressed and busy with life then watch this entire video to get the real fun and reduce your stress today we listen the most extreme water vehicles which can blow your mind so sit back relax and enjoy the video number 1 DC shew surfing bike if you are a bike lover then you must like to know how X game medalist Robby madam Addison celebrates his multiple victories in the motocross world record in he’s performing a miracle by surfing his bike on the ocean and probably before breakfast this is not a VFX effect or video manipulation guys it is surprisingly real this surfing miracle shockingly caught on world attention with a KTM two-stroke dirt bike outfit it with a real paddle wheel and a couple of gliders after some practice mado became king of the ocean and even waves became obedient to him number two whoa cards many of us know how cool it is to do Mario Kart and video games now this wall kart will surely impress you an awesome new watercraft that really handles like a go-kart the whoa car is now a full production cycle and patented design watercraft with mid-mounted outboard engines the whoa car is fast responsive and agile for ultimate fun it is highly stable and precise during instant 90-degree turns at high speeds with custom seating in automotive controls driving the whoa kart feels very similar to driving a car the design calls for a 70 horsepower motor it reaches the top speed of 47 miles an hour due to its lightweight feather-light construction the centrally located into position acts like a shock absorber so it’s a very relaxing ride inside it is available in one and two C versions number three water car Panther this is an awesome car that runs on both land and water this ready to rock sensation is without a doubt one of the most exciting amphibious sport vehicles on the planet with serious speed and 300 horsepower Honda Acura 3.7 liter v6 engines a fiberglass hole retracting wheels and powerful jet boat drive which makes it a real panther its top speed in water is 45 miles an hour if you live near plenty of water then why burn money on other SUVs just buy this and enjoy Panther for cruising the roads conquering giant sand dunes or taking hunting trips this will never disappoint you number four Jetlev flyer as we know some fictional characters can control the water flow and can surf on the water if you are fearless then I introduce to you the jet left flyer to enjoy your life limitlessly jet left flyer is the safest and most affordable way you can fly your own jet pack while the jet left flyer is water propelled and can’t be flown overland a fabulous day on the water is absolutely guaranteed this is a lightweight jet pack which consists of engines and related systems with an autonomous boat the boat unit delivers pressurized water through holes generating thrust by forcing the water through nozzles on both sides of the jet pack the resulting thrust can propel a 150-pound person up to 22 miles an hour this insane jet pack is controlled and powered by computerized fly wire technology which makes it easier to learn in less time after practice you will be able to perform outstanding stunts you can find it in marine resorts and you can enjoy it for fun number five platypus craft in the central part of this crazy vehicle there is a special moveable passenger section for ultimate fun it has the unique capability of moving above the water or up to two meters below water with the help of hydraulic arms surprisingly it is a hybrid vehicle of an electric boat and an insane submarine you can go underwater with or without diving equipment depending on how much you want to submerge with two electric motors this boat gives opportunities not only to enjoy the pleasures of sailing across clear waters but you can also go underwater to discover new diving sensations the average above water speed is 5.6 miles per hour its weight is 1,590 pounds with the maximum speed of 11 point 2 miles per hour number 6 Seabreacher this is a unique water vehicle which has never been seen before surprisingly it looks like a real shark being the hybrid of a submarine and hydro cycle this has high maneuverability despite its impressive length of 16 feet in weight of 1315 pounds its directions and movements is precisely controlled by mechanical fins similar to a shark a special 260 horsepower water jet engine makes it possible to perform simple tricks on the water and it can take turns instantly without any delay it can also go 5 feet underwater and jump more than 11.5 feet above water this boat can go up to 25 miles an hour underwater and up to 50 miles an hour above water during underwater operations its engine gets air for fuel burning with the help of a special air tube for better underwater vision it has external cameras with a deep penetrative lights which is connected to a monitor in front of the driver inside are too comfortable and shockproof sport seats which are available to protect us from any probable injury during water stunts number 7 alpha century this boat looks like a Batman sci-fi vehicle but in actuality its design is inspired by streamlined forms of fighter aircrafts inside there are comfortable seats for up to four passengers and it has a beautiful red colored interior with navigation and sound systems this fantastic boat is 22 feet in length and capable of reaching its top speed of 70 miles an hour which makes it the fastest luxury vehicle boat in the world thanks to its lightweight composite materials the weight of this beast is only three thousand six hundred forty pounds number eight hard drive marine LC seven if you are looking for a landing craft with a couple of unusual features then check out the LC seven from company hard drive marine which has a unique max gait landing system and a newly patented jacks cab this landing craft will pull itself up onto the beach and then push itself back into the water like a crawling crab the front part of the boat transforms mechanically and below it has crawling spikes which are used for a better attachment with land and to help load or unload these vehicles to truly enjoy the beauty of nature during vacations hard drive marine has great speed on water surfaces this cool boat has a modular wheelhouse which can move smoothly over 12 feet forward and backward its length is 30 feet which allows it to carry many things including big cargo and small cars Helicon – helicopter on water with futuristic abilities of boats well then I introduced to you hella cat a beautiful merge between a helicopter and a catamaran its creators main mission is to get publicity not only because of its unusual cool appearance but also due to its high speed and stability and highly unstable conditions it is designed for three people but it can accommodate up to seven people waterproof cabin design can prevent even a single drop of water in extreme conditions with help of special vinyl curtains which can be lowered or raised if necessary it only has two options for the engine either Honda or Yamaha Yamahas engine has 60 horsepower with 31 miles per hour while Honda’s engines is a bit more powerful with 90 horsepower and connects lra up to 44 miles per hour if you love different water activities then you’d like to know that it has special instruments and devices for fishing and diving it also has floating chairs special rod holders and even a net for fishing you can dive deeply under water from specially designed aluminum number 10 iguana 29 introducing iguana 29 from the French company iguana yachts the iguana 29 is an amphibious vehicle designed to go where no boat has ever gone before cruising elegantly in water one might think the iguana 29 is just an attractive yacht despite the boat weighing 2.9 tons or 454 stones its caterpillar tracks are powerful enough to propel the boat up a 12 degree slope its prices start from $300,000 and goes up to $450,000 for the top-of-the-range model caterpillar tracks are deployed in three seconds at the press of a button with the 300 litre fuel tank the boat has a range of 100 miles which one of these impressed you and why let me know your opinion in the comments if you are new here then feel free to subscribe and get updates and notifications by clicking on the bell icon why are you here get out with your friends and enjoy to reduce your work stress I’ll see you in the next video peace

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