we’re ordinary cars won’t pass all-terrain vehicles will easily cope because their purpose is to pass the sale where it’s impossible to pass the principle we’ve compiled the selection of the most advanced all-terrain vehicles of various types and purposes that are available for purchase for expeditions for hunting for sand rally and finally / entertainment primarily designed for offroad use ATVs or altering vehicles are motorized vehicles meant to scratch your recreational itch so check out our list of best all-terrain beasts number one chirp ATV one of the main considerations behind the chirps design was that it had to be easily repairable the manufacturers worked hard to produce this vehicle that could be fixed almost anywhere with with few tools and minimal expert knowledge the vehicles transmission and suspension lack many of the traditional elements found in other ATVs but is incredibly reliable the ship makes use of the bare minimum electrical appliances in fact the engine of this ATV can function wholly without any electrical equipment every tire on the ship has an 80 liter volume imparting the vehicle with a displacement capacity of over 7,000 pounds this means the vehicle can easily move in the water and the hermetically sealed interiors remain free from any leaks the ship can stay afloat even when it lacks all four wheels or has no tire pressure at all number two frontier 750 Scout 8×8 by Argo manufactured by Argo the moderately priced frontier series 750 Scout is an amphibious ATV with the 26 horsepower twin cylinder EFI fan cooled engine that offers you the versatility entertainment and power you need to tame the roads in any season the vehicle runs on clean dependable power and despite its size offers extreme maneuverability the vehicle command to zero turn radius to overcome the harshest of terrains the tires of this atv are low pressure with steel offset rims the paddle design helps propel the vehicle forward through the water while the optimized traction is perfect for making your way through hostile off-road environments number three burr lack amphibious ATV Russian engineers dreaming of autonomous auto expedition to the North Pole are testing a unique amphibious six wheeler that could carry up to ten researchers to the planet’s extreme and bag enabling the first ever trans Arctic journey on a vehicle powerful enough to carry you all the way to the North Pole safe and sound the six wheeled Berlocq resembles an armored personnel carrier and with good reason this atv was initially a BTR 60 armored fighting vehicle but was modified to become an unrecognizable yet efficient vehicle thanks to a three ton load capacity this monster can easily carry ten people and the body comes with heavy insulation on the water the vehicle floats using a propeller and its hull noses for defined to make it possible to push through drifting ice burl acts diesel engine is not excessively powerful but chosen primarily for fuel consumption efficiency number four shamans eight-wheel altering vehicle this driving off-road give you a thrill are you up for more challenging terrain then say hello to Russia’s best 8×8 contribution to the market shaman amphibious ATV meant for serious off-road travel this vehicle can hold up to nine passengers and do everything from floating to rolling to climbing the model offers different drive modes including thruster mode and crab mode on land the shaman can attain speed up to 44 miles per hour while it’s water speed is miles per hour the underside of this vehicle features a hermetic boat shaped frame that prevents water from getting in as a safety measure high-performance pumps have been added within the frame that eliminate water at 53 gallons a minute number-5 hagglunds bandwagon 206 track vehicles the hagglunds bag van 206 has been designed to carry you across any terrain be it rocky outcrops or marshes or Boulder filled trained or roadless country sides designed for harsh northern climates this vehicle can handle any terrain type and finds use in pipeline construction forest firefighting ambulance work crew transport relief work tourism and remote site work the ATV puts minimal pressure on the ground and glides easily across road surfaces attaining speeds of nearly 55 km/h being an amphibious vehicle it can be driven directly into a shallow pond or lake the steering gear features a servo which imparts flexibility during tight turns even fully loaded the vehicle as a turning radius below 27 feet the vehicle needs little maintenance and gain operating expenses are minimal the hill climbing and traction properties of this vehicle are worth mentioning number six ripsaw eb-2 this handcrafted ATV was conceived for extreme public and off-road recreation the base platform that the vehicle is developed upon is military grade and as possible the quickest dual track ever manufactured do the combination of a 600 horsepower Duramax engine and allison automatic transmission the ripsaw IV – is capable of reaching speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour the Hermetic hull comes in an aerospace grade aluminum variant that provides flotation capabilities the vehicle is quite light for its category weighing only 8,000 pounds number 7 ting ER track s 580 V the United States may have a few amphibious track vehicles but nothing like the Tinker track s 500 this 68 horsepower 4-cylinder continuously variable transmission and fibia vehicle may be the pinnacle and off-road exploration the tigger track s 500 uses 20 inch reinforced steel tracks to crawl over any surface from sand to snow and everything in between thanks to plenty of ground clearance and advanced suspension the tikar is able to easily climb over downed trees and rocks without throwing its occupants off number eight Polaris rampage track ATV this amphibious vehicle gets his power from a 1000cc Polaris RZR engine enabling it to reach top speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour the vehicle relies on a standard steering wheel to control its dual track rotation you can attach a shipping pallet on the rear if you want some extra gear for tackling rough terrain the interiors are fully heated and enclosed making you feel safe and comfortable in icy conditions what’s more charging ports are included for electronics like laptops number nine ghe o rescue rescue is the ideal solution for transportation medical support and fire extinguished capabilities on all terrains and in all weather with off-road solutions borrowed from racing and with a close to competition philosophy the performance version rescue is in fact despite their truck look a very capable all-terrain solution rivaling with any small racing equipped sports car rescue can outperform in most of situations two-seat off-road cars with the difference that it can do with 11 people on board the heavy duty transmission with lockable axles is powered by engines that can be on petrol performance version 342 500 bhp or diesel 218 bhp or 304 bhp for military use the engines can have extra electromagnetic and water protection number ten BVS ten Beowulf altering tracked vehicle a product of Sweden’s BAE Systems hagglunds this amazing ATV features an innovative unprotected platform that draws upon earlier iterations of this model the bv 206 the bv 206 s as well as the bv s 10 the vehicle is completely configurable and provides improved tactical and strategic mobility it can be transported across long distances via air or sea this modern vehicle combines the best in economics and commercial automotive technologies to deliver an ATV that provides unparalleled crew support along with minimal maintenance issues the company sticks to the time-tested chassis and powertrain and creates a flexible cabin that offers a new-age user interface and design solution thank you for watching subscribe to our channel to see more exciting videos…

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