1.Powerpoint animation video tutorial (1): how to use motion path, multiple animation on an object

I am showing you how you can add simple animation in a PowerPoint also showing here how you can add two consecutive animations on a sample object or photo or some smart object in PowerPoint and then go to insert tab click on the clip art just am I wanted to add a car here on this slide so just start stock art and here is car photos and now just clicking here and the car appears here I am closing the animation pane right now it will appear after a few minutes anyway so this is the car which I want to animate and it will go along a path that is called Motion Plus first I am just putting it away from the slide and then I am clicking on the animation tab and at clicking here add animation going down motion path lines here you can see that I’ll line here from top to bottom this is the green area stop and the red arrow is the bottom of the animation I am just clicking here and just dragging it a little bit just like this so this path appears when we’ll animate it it will go along this pot so just clicking on the preview and the car appears just like this and each the path is shown here these are starting this is the ending now I am closing the kliebert here and just clicking from the animation pane you will see that a line appears a picture for and something like this this is the animation slider actually and here you see that on click just I am after previous so after previous what it means it will appear after the previous animation here duration is two second delay is zero second duration two second means the whole animation will take two seconds now I am clicking the play button and you just seed you see this slider moves here okay you can right click here just click on effect options or timing you see that here is the auto reverse and if you check it you just see how it appears just I am clicking on this play button and you check it it is going in the reverse direction now clicking the stop button in here now right clicking here go to effect options and unchecking the auto reverse ok and now he just see that it stops here now my target is this car will appear here after moving along this line and it will go in this direction ok so I need to add another animation here just clicking on this object add animation going to motion path click on the lines ok and you see that our line appears here and I am just dragging it and you check it the line appear here and I am right clicking it effect options or something and go to the timing on click after previous just changing it this is the same as this ok clicking ok and it will appear here after this animation okay clicking it and click the play button this going there and this moving this direction now I want to change the path along the border and just dragging it in this way and dragging it more okay so when I’m just clicking here and clicking the play button just check it and it will go in this direction so I have added two consecutive animation one after another on the same object and I can add more other animation on other objects thank you

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